Rustenburg - On the 14th of April 2018 Rustenburg celebrated our club's 50th charter anniversary with a formal dinner, awards and candle ceremony.

The event was held at The Deck and was well attended by local business and health care professionals as well as past, present and future District Governors of district 410B. Also in attendance were past presidents, past members, present members and friends of Rustenburg.

'"This milestone would not been possible without recognising past presidents,members and community leaders who have been involved with Rustenburg lions Club." said club president Tom Engela.Five people were given awards in recognition of their contributions in supporting projects of the club  throughout the years.

District Governor Ian King thanked every club and community member for making a difference in the lives of other people in our community and elsewhere through the largest service organisation in the world(1.45 million members worldwide).

In the candle ceremony 50 candles were lit in recognition and honouring each of the presidents that led Rustenburg Lions Club in the past, including the present president.

Rustenburg Lions Club would like to express its appreciation to each and every person and business that had and in future still will open their hearts so that it was and will be possible for us to help others in our community.


Rustenburg, 12th of March 2018 - Little Mihla Engelbrecht, a cancer warior from Rustenburg was a very happy girl last Friday when she received her special Warriors wig from Lion Alana Mitchell from Rustenburg Lions Club.

Lion Alana made the Warrior Wig herself as part of Rustenburg Lions Club's Pedeatric Cancer Awareness project. Mihla's mom, Shani Engelbrecht said she is sure that her little girl is going to wear her new Warrior Wig when she visit the hospital this week. "It makes you feel so good to see what joy such a little gift can make to a girl that has to deal with so much trebulations." said Lion Alana.

We wish Mihla and her parents Rudo and Shani Engelbrecht all the best with all the treatment Mihla still has to go through this year and pray for a speedy and complete recovery.

If you know of any other little cancer warriors in Rustenburg, please contact Lion Alana at to see if we can bring some joy in a similar way to other children going through the hardship of dealing with cancer.


Roodepoort - On Sunday, 11 February, Rustenburg Lions Club were privileged take part of the whirlwind tour of dr. Naresh Aggarwal (India) , International President of Lions Clubs International (LCI) where he and International Director Hastings Eli Chitti(Zambia) visited the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens to be given a tour of the "Lions Sensory Trail" Legacy Project that the Lions clubs did as part of our organizations centennial year celebrations.

This project was a joint effort by all 7 Lions clubs in Zone 1 of District 410B, of which Rustenburg Lions Club is part of.

The purpose of this trail is to give persons with poor or no sight the opportunity to experience and gain knowledge of our indigenous plants. The project entails having ropes running along footpaths next to certain indigenous plants with a knot tied to the ropes at specific points where a person will have access to a stainless steel Braille printed information board regarding the plant that the person can then touch and feel if he/she reaches over the rope. There is also a book written in Braille available from office at the entrance to the WSBG that blind persons can use to get more information regarding the plants in the "Lions Sensory Trail".

The 4 District Governors of Miltiple District 410, DG Geila Wills(410A), DG Ian King(410B), DG Ken Toward(410C) and DG Tillie Nel(410D) were also present to share in this short tour of our organizations International President.

In our organizations centennial year we have already served more than 200 million people worldwide.

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