Club Projects

Pancake Breakfast and Children’s Halloween Costume EvertThis is an annual event held on the last Sunday in October each year for the past 50 years (2017 is the 50th anniversary. In addition to the Breakfast there is a costume judging contest by age group and raffles for various donated baskets.  We will want to announce the date and time of the event and as we know from whom we receive donations of baskets.  Prior to the event we will have pictures form the prior year’s event and following the event we will upload replacement pictures.

Easter Egg Hunt.  Each year we sponsor a free Easter Egg Hunt on the grounds of the Joseph Edgar Middle School in Rocky Point.  We post a date and time for this event plus two “rain” dates because the event is held outdoors and the weather has been an issue many times.  There are many children (usually over 100) who participate and the Easter Bunny is available for picture taking opportunities. All the children receive candy.  There are many pictures available each year.  We will leave the pictures from the prior year until the next event at which time we will update with pictures from the most recent event.

Lunch with Santa.  An annual event held just after Thanksgiving on a Sunday at a local restaurant in the Rocky Point area where individuals are invited to purchase tickets to participate in lunch with Santa.  Santa is available during the event for individuals to take pictures of their child/grandchild/other with Santa.  We have several pictures we take each year and, as with the Easter Egg Hunt, we will keep the pictures from the prior year until the current event and then replace them with more recent pictures.

Fourth Grade Foresters a/k/a Earth Day (formerly Arbor Day).  An annual event coordinated with the fourth grade teachers and principals from the four school districts in our service area (Mt. Sinai, Miller Place, Rocky Point and Shoreham/Wading River).  There are approximately 1,000 fourth grade students in the four districts and the Lions Club purchases a sapling for each of the students.  They are delivered to the individual classes and there is a presentation ceremony at each school where the Lions Club representative and many times a local politician will make a brief speech about the history and significance of Earth Day.  This is done during the school day and the public is not invited. Sources at the schools applaud the event as a significant teaching tool for them.  We have pictures taken at the presentation “ceremony” and in some cases pictures of posters and/or thank you cards prepared by the students.  We will want to cover the event with pictures and a narrative of what we have done and the reactions of the educators to the program.

Food Drive(s).  Each year the Club conducts one or more food drives at local supermarkets with the resultant food being distributed to the various food pantries in our service area (St. Louis de Montfort in Sound Beach, St. Anslem’s in Shoreham, St, Anthony of Padua in Rocky Point, Trinity Lutheran Church in Rocky Point and North Shore United Methodist Church in

Wading River).  We ask for and receive the assistance of the local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops and other youths in our service area.  We will want to announce the date and locations and times of the food drives and show pictures from previous events and change the pictures following each event.

Annual St Patrick’s Day Parade.  The Rocky Point Lions Club participates in the annual parade.  Pictures of the Club members and their families will change each year.

Lions International PosterContest.  Lion Laurel is asked to write a blurb telling how we participate ant what we would like to include in the web site.

Paint and Sip Community Fellowship event.  The Club organizes a Paint and Sip event on an irregular basis.  The Club charges a fee to cover the expense of the event which is conducted by a person and/or organization with experience in this arena.  The event is a community social event where participants enjoy fellowship, food and wine while following instructions to reproduce on canvas a preselected drawing.  The site will announce the date, time and place of the event along with instructions how to register and pay for the event.  Photos of previous events and participants will be posted and updated as new events are conducted.


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