Educational Scholarships


The Ridgely Lions Club


Educational Scholarships


Ridgely Area Students


These scholarships are available to high school and home school senior graduating students who reside in the Ridgely area code 21660.

See your scholarship counselor at school .





Ridgely Lions Club Scholarship

Application Form




Date ___________________


Name______________________________________Phone Number_____________________



                        street                                       city                              state                             zip


Personal Email Address__________________________________________________________


Name of School ___________________________County/State__________________________


The scholarship counselor is asked to complete and initial the following:


Cumulative academic average ________ Attendance percentage ________


SAT scores:                 Verbal__________ Math________


ACT scores:                Verbal__________ Math________


Other requests:

  • a listing of extra-curricular activities that include involvement with leadership, service, academic honors and teams:
  • a typewritten essay describing your educational goals;
  • a recommendation letter from one of your teachers, a guidance counselor, or mentor from school, community, team, organization and/or Church.


Please list names, addresses and phone numbers of three references preferably a teacher, employer, mentor, moderator or coach.











Please forward completed application and other requests to

Ridgely Lions Club Scholarship Committee at P.O.Box 143, Ridgely, MD 21660



















Dear scholarship applicant,


Thank you for your interest in the Ridgely Lions Club scholarship opportunity for Ridgely area 21660 students. The scholarship committee encourages you to complete the application form that includes an essay and other information regarding your academic accomplishments and extracurricular activities. You are commended for your desire to continue higher education and the Ridgely Lions Club would like to assist you in pursuing that goal.




Three one thousand dollar scholarships will be awarded to high school and home school senior graduating students based on a number of qualifications found in the scholarship application form.







Marlene C. Tennier, Chairperson

Ridgely Lions Club Scholarship Committee




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