In 2010 the Ridgecrest Lions Club created the "Ridgecrest Lions Charity Foundation Inc. (FEIN 27-3171052)  in order to better serve our community.


Ridgecrest Lions Charity Foundation Inc. was organized exclusively for charitable purposes as specified in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The specific purposes of the Foundation shall be to:

 ·         Provide eye care to needy and otherwise underprivileged citizens of the Ridgecrest community not covered by insurance or social welfare programs;

·         Provide public education on the leading causes of preventable blindness, such as glaucoma and diabetes;

·         Promote and/or sponsor positive outlets for the local youth’s energy, thereby promoting the sports and healthy lifestyle, preventing juvenile delinquency and creating opportunities for giving back to the community;

·         Encourage attendance at the local community college through scholarships for first year students;

·         Promote community and national pride through activities centered around celebration of our Country’s Independence and classroom programs related to our national flag.

The Foundation inherited most of the programs from the Ridgecrest Lions Club.  To realize the projects, we need to attract funding via contributions from local businesses, foundations and private donors, and thus established 501 (c) (3) status would allow the Foundation to provide greater benefit to the community.


 Currently the Foundation has undertaken the following groups of activities:

 Ø  Eye Care Community Project

Ø  Scholarship Program

Ø  Activities for Youth

Ø  Promotion of Community and National Pride

Ø  Fundraising

Ø  Other Key Activities


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