Since 1925, when Helen Keller challenged the Lions International Convention to become the "Knights of the Blind in the campaign against darkness," Lions have given the highest priority to sight conservation programs. A Lion invented the "white cane" and Lions started the first school for guide dogs for the blind. The Reno Host Lions Club is a member of the California/Nevada Lions Eye Foundation and the Lions in Sight Foundation. Together with other Lions, they join in the success of Lions Campaign SightFirst, an international program to raise monies to eradicate curable and treatable blindness around the world. See "Eyeglasses Collection."

Lions sorting and boxing eyeglasses at the Reno Eyeglasses Recycling Center

Reno Host Lions have had strong ties to other community organizations. Reno Host Lions formed the Reno Community Chest, now the United Way Campaign of Northern Nevada. Lions recently served as President of Junior Achievement and Ronald McDonald House. The Club counts one District Judge among its membership.

Reno Host Lions have always been strong supporters of service for children, our future. They have provided for the establishment of several Reno children's parks, including the park near the Moana Swimming Pool. Reno Host Lions have always sponsored speech contests for area high school students and the Reno Host Lions Club is always in the lead in its support of Junior Achievement and other youth programs.

Major ongoing projects of service to children and teens are treated in separate pages of this website. See"Adopt-a-School," and "Reno Host Leo Club." Other important activities include: Lions Camp Dat-So-La-Lee and annual Student Speakers Contest.

Camp Dat-So-La-Lee

Lions Camp Dat-So-La-Lee
Lions Camp Dat-So-La-Lee is a major service project of Lions District 46. This camp for children 9 to 10 years old from disadvantaged households os held each June each year in the Lamoille Canyon of the Ruby Mountains near Elko. The idea for the Camp was originated by two Reno Host Lions and has been helping kids enjoy the great outdoor for over 20 years.

The Reno Host Lions Club sponsors campers each year and has given generously to the facilities with their personal time as counselors and cooks to serve the campers. The campers enjoy the great outdoors, crafts (telescope making, tie-dying), games (archery, BB gun shooting contest, rock throwing contest, scavenger hunt), nature walks, and learn things (how plants generate oxygen, how soil erodes)! What a great time!

Student Speaker Contest

District 46 has been sponsoring the Student Speaker Contest each year with offering College Scholarships to any High School Student, including foreign exchange students, grades 9 through 12. 

The purpose of the contest is to provide an opportunity for competitive public speaking among students on a subject of vital interest to the contestants, as well as to the American people as a whole.  To stimulate self-expression and independent thinking; and To consider the means at our disposal of meeting the present and future world problems.

There are three levels of competition and awards. 

Club Contest: The club shall present $75.oo to the winner and $25.00 to each finalist

Zone Contest - The district shall present $125.00 to the winner only

Region Contest - The Student Speaker Foundation shall present a $1,250.00 Scholarship to the                                       winner only.

District Contest - The Student Speaker Foundation shall present a $5,000.00 scholarship to the                                     winner only.

Teachers will be given a booklet that will explain the rules of the competition.  

For more information about how your students can participate please send an email to:




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