Members Of The Reedsburg Lions Club 09/15/19

Bob Anderson  Bob Fusch Adam Kaney  Clark Pettersen 
Mike Anderson  Gary Fusch  Joe Ketter  Todd Polk
Tim Becker  Bill Gant  Lou Kirt  Bill Ratajczyk 
Glenn Bethauser Mike Gargano  Dan Klahn  Ross Retzlaff 
Richard Blakeslee Bob Gavin  Keith Klipp  Bob Roloff 
Steve Blakeslee  Jim Gerlach  Mark Kvernen  Jack Roloff 
Barry Borchert  Terry Geyman  Myron LaRowe  Dennis Rose 
Gary Botsford  Jerry Griffin  Wally Luepke Dick Schulenburg 
Steve Broton  Bill Gronley  John Matol  Matt Scott 
Steve Burmester  Doug Gurgel  Harlan Meyer Paul Shie 
Don Carrig  Tom Hatch  Jay Mittelstaedt  Jeff Steel 
JR Colvin  Chris Hebel  Kurt Muchow  Matt Stieve 
Bill Courtney  Kevin Helmeid  Harlen Olson  Al Stout 
John Delmore  Joe Hennessy  Dave Pawlisch  Reggie Tourdot
Scott Ethun  Tom Holtz  Sam Peterssen Bob VanMeeteren 
Dick Fish  Derek Horkan  Phil Peterson  Gary Woolever 
      Steve Zibell 
65 Members      


The Reedsburg Lions Club welcomes new members of the Reedsburg Lions Club.  Membership in the Reedsburg Lions Club is subject to approval of the Board of Directors. Our dues pay for all of our administrative expenses, which enables our club to donate all the money we raise at our fundraising events to be diected to the needs of individuals and charities in the Reedsburg area and support Lion's programs.

Through membership in a Lions Club, people not only have helped those in need, but have the opportunity to develop personal relationships and gain leadership skills. 

Invitation for Membership

Return to any Reedsburg Lions Club Member or mail to

Reedsburg Lions Club P.O. Box 262, Reedsburg, WI. 53959



Name: _______________________________________


City: _________________________________________

State: _________ Zip Code: _____________________

Email: ________________________________________

Home Phone: __________________________________

Work Phone:___________________________________

Sponsoring Lion (optional): ________________________

Birthday: _______________________________________

Were you a former member of a Lion Club?___Yes ___No

If so, which club?__________________________________

Reason for joining or re-joining___________________________












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