Handy Chapel Donation on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2018


Christmas Party 2015






Chili Supper 2015





Halloween Party 2015



Annual Club picnic on August 24, 2015. "German Style"







Chattahoochee Valley CC, family and friends at Redlands picnic




Lion President Tom presents CMU scholarship recipient Emily Robbins with a certificate for a $1,500 scholarship for next school year.  Emily will be a senior majoring in Chemistry.  Congrats!


Halloween Party 2014

Devil or Angel?

Devil or angel?

Geisha girl

Hop Sing counting his yen

Witches of Redlands Community Center?

Fred (Tom K.) receiving honor from VDG Dennis Pulley

Lion Coop getting 35 year pin

Dancing the night away (Don and Bernita just celebrated their 60th anniversary)

Lion Chuck get his years of service pin

Hiding out in the kitchen

Getting ready to party!

Hope this isn't a nightmare!

Here kitty kitty kitty

Jims here!

Wait, gotta fix my nose!

Pres Cat in the Hat talking with Lion Wilbur


Food Distribution

Lions helping at November's food distribution in Grand Junction








Halloween Party Photos

October 24, 2013

Lion Jim Landis and Don Dove in their "Prize Costumes" (appologies for sideways view)


Lion Carrie and Karen

Pretty gal Cal and Sheriff Marlene

Lion Russ and Barbara














Scot clan Wells (don't look under there)

Kaye and Tom (I think there's a flask under that hat)

Reg and Denyce (Is the light bad or are they that pale?)

Jim J. taking bets on the next game

Lance and Peggy (wonder where that axe has been?)

Lion Don waiting for his next victim

Madame President Cal (I think he was trying to click his red shoes together to go back to Kansas)












JUCO Club Picnic on May 25, 2013

Central Alabama Trojans



Winter Park Convention Photos

May 2-5, 2013

Hosted by the Fraser Valley Lions Club


Arriving on Thursday after a train ride from Grand Junction  ( Courtesy of Fraser Valley Lions (FVLC))

(Courtesty of FVLC)

(Courtesy FVLC)


Hospitality Room sing along (FVLC)

Hospitality Room (FVLC)



Registration Desk (FVLC)

PDG Don Dove and Lion Bernita (Photo Jim Landis)

Judge DG Dave Parker and Lion Camp Dan Smith (Jim Landis)

(Jim Landis)

International Director Donal Knipp with DG Dave (Jim Landis)

Fraser Valley Lions President Peter Kerswell and DG Dave (FVLC)

Lion Wayne Wells receiving Tail Twister award (woopie cushion) from DG Dave (Jim Landis)

































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