April, 2018     Thank you to Stratham Family Eye Care for all of their help with the OKS eye screening referrals.  It is with great pride and gratetitue we acknowledge all of your wondeful support.

March 22, 2018    Extra special THANK YOU to Universal Electric for installling the electicity for the upcoming ELECTRIC OPENING door at the Ray-Fre Senior Citizens Center.  Your particiaption in our endeavor to assist our Seniors is greatly appreciated.  Hope to see you at the  OPENING.


February, 2018     Thank you to Sara Gates for letting the Lions visit the "End 68 Hours of Hunger" facility and allowing us to promote your cause.  You have done an outstandiing job and we hope to assist you in getting more volunteers, food and funds.  Raymond Lions applaud you and your never ending work.


January 19, 2018     Thank you to Lamprey River Elementary School, Nurse Anderson Coordinator, PTO members Wendy, Brady, Carla and Shawna for their support and help with our OKS program.  Also thank you to Dist. Gov. Sam Longbook, Dave Turcotte, Janice Roux, Janice McCabe, Deb Moran and Nancy Lynch for their help in testing the students.  The student also deserve a thank you for their participation in the program.  Looking forward to next year.  


January 2, 2018         Thank You Janice Roux for setting up the Lions "Spot Light" table at Peoples Bank in Raymond.  It is great exposure for our Club and hopefully will reach many people in our community.

January 2018             Thank you to Jeff Richards for his continued assistance to people in need of medical equipment (at no cost).  Jeff has provided equipment to 40 people in the short time he has established this wonderful service (Oct. 2017).



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