Ramsey Lions Club

Box 771

Ramsey, MN 55303

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The Ramsey Lions Club is always looking for people who have a desire to serve their community through the activities of the Lions Club. Send us an email or just stop in and visit one of our meetings for information on becoming a Lion.


Ramsey Lions Club July 2017-June 2019 Officers & Board of Directors

President                       Lion Frank Frederick

1st Vice President        Lion Randy Bettinger

2nd Vice President        Lion Mike Beach

3rd Vice President         Lion Dale McKusick

Secretary                       Lion Julie Strauss

Treasurer                       Lion Sue Witbeck


1st Year                          Lion Rick Marano                                     

2nd Year                         Lion Donetto Marano                                       


Tail Twister                   Lion Sue Witbeck

Asst. Tail Twister        Lion Randy Bettinger

Lion Tamer                 Lion Rick Marano

Asst. Lion Tamer             Lion Steve Welch

Gambling Manager         Lion Tom Strauss

COO                                 Lion Frank Frederick


































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