Quad Town Lions Club Accomplishments and Continued Services

      We have a small club whose members work hard to serve for the greater good of all. 


       Please contact us if you have an interest in joining our organization

  •  Donated over $1,500.00 to local food pantries & continue to donate.
  •  Donated $1,500.00 to International Lions Sight   I and Sight II.  This is a world wide sight program to help prevent blindness.
  •  Donated to local children and adults for eye exams and glasses and continue to donate.    
  • Performed over 1500 eye screenings and will continue to perform screenings to local  children to eradicate and prevent blindness.
  •  Donated over 1000 pairs of used glasses.  Will continue to collect and donate glasses.
  • Donated money to North Country Association for the Visually Impaired.
  • Donated money to Camp Badger, a camp for children who are visually impaired.
  • Donated a propane fireplace to the LBSH  Senior Citizen Housing Complex.
  • Donated and continue to donate to the Tri Town Christmas basket fund.
  •  Donated and continue to give Scholarship money to St. Lawrence Central graduates.
  • Donated money to St. Lawrence Central Academic Banquet and continue to donate.
  • Donated money and volunteered time to help build a playground at St. Lawrence  Central Elementary School.
  • Co-sponsored a jamboree with the Tri Town Chamber of Commerce for the victims of “Katrina”.
  • Adopted the “Les Fowler” Baseball sign at St. Lawrence Central School
  •  Donated and continue to donate to local youth activities in need: basketball programs, Boy Scouts, Lions Youth Band, “Christmas on Ice”.
  •  Donated money and volunteered time to help build a “Habitat for Humanity” home.
  • Donated to the “Haiti” fund.
  • Sponsor an annual Lion’s Cub picnic.
  • Donated $10,000 for Construction of a a Picnic Area behind the Tri-Town Arena along the banks of the St. Regis River.




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