1950 – A Year to Remember
Harry Truman was president and our military was once again called into service, this time to fight a “Police Action” in Korea. Development of the H-bomb begins and the government starts distributing plans for home built fall-out shelters. Civil defense shelters, marked with the blue on yellow CD signs, are restocked and Tuck & Cover drills are begun in schools.
The average annual household income was $2,992. A 1 lb loaf of bread cost $.14, pumpkins sold for a nickel each, a gallon of milk cost $.82, first class postage was 3 cents, the top model Ford went for $2,262 and the exorbitant price of a new house was $14,500. The top songs were The Tennessee Waltz (Patti Page,) Goodnight Irene (The Weavers,) Mona Lisa (Nat King Cole,) Harbor Light (Sammy Kaye,) and Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy (Red Foley.)  The top movie was All About Eve, taking three Oscars at the Academy Awards. Other big screen features included Sunset Boulevard, Born Yesterday, The Asphalt Jungle and Harvey. While on the little screen, for those houses that had TV, people watched Your Show of Shows and Your Hit Parade. Both The Jack Benny Show and The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show made the jump from radio and Truth or Consequences began its 38 year run.
The New York Yankees beat the Philadelphia Phillys in seven game to win the World Series. It was the last all-white World Series ever played. The Cleveland Browns beat the Los Angeles Rams on a field goal late in the 4th quarter to win the National Football championship. And under the coaching of Gene Ronzani, quarter back Tobin Rote, with backs Billy Grimes and Tony Canadeo, lead the Green Bay Packers to a 3-9 season.
Also in 1950, 28 men from Prospect, Wisconsin, sponsored by the Waukesha Noon Lions Club, petitioned the International Association of Lions Clubs to be chartered and sanctioned as a Local Lions Club. On February 10, 1950 the association approved their application, issuing a charter to the Lions Club of Prospect on April 11, 1950. 
The first slate of officers was:


Matt Richdorf
1st Vice President
Phil Boehm
2nd Vice President
Don Elger
3rd Vice President
Warren Cook
Milton Peterson
Roland Rafel
Lion Tamer
Harry Wielebski
Tail Twister
Royal Martin
Henry Kay Jr.
Francis Boehm
Kenneth Rindt
Other club members included:


Glenn Elger
Carlos Meyer
Theodor Schober
Howard Fleischmann
Frank Nolan
Adolf Strand
Frank Foster
Ervin Kandzora
Jack Radtke
Edgar Radmer
Erwin Strand
John Wagner
Noel Martin
Sanford Martin
Harvey Rindt
Harvey Weston
Phillip Wilcox



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