Lions of Illinois Foundation Fellows

Lions of Illinois Foundation’s highest level of recognition bestowed is Fellow. The LIF Fellow is presented to any person, Lion or non-Lion, who donates $500 to the Lions of Illinois Endowment Fund.

The Foundation Fellow is a means of showing commitment to the Lions of Illinois Foundation and to its vision of creating a permanent vehicle for the delivery of programs and services to the visually and hearing impaired. It is tangible evidence of a dedication to establishing a lasting legacy. 

Most often a LIF Fellow is a way for others to honor a person's dedication to their club, community, Lions District, Lions of Illinois Foundation, and/or Lionism in general. For those who wish to contribute more that $500 or to begin a program of giving, there are 25 levels within the Foundation Fellow with special awards at levels 5, 10, 15, 20, & 25.

The Prospect Heights Lions Club is proud to have 12 Foundation Fellows among our current and previous members.  

These are our Prospect Heights Lions LIF Fellows:

Robert Bonneville -1997

Bud Eirich - 1997,1998, 2002

Brad Vallem - 1999

James Esczuk - 2000

Rodney Pace - 2001

Ashley Thielsen - 2001

Shel Mazursky - 2002

Mark Toll – 2003, 2017

Todd Hoffman - 2008

Tom Petersen - 2011

Ken Piedlow - 2011

Chuck Lansing - 2018

Lions Club International Foundation Melvin Jones Fellows

The Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) recognizes donations of US $1,000 or more to the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF). This award is named for Lions Club founder, Melvin Jones. These donations are the backbone of LCIF, providing 75 percent of the foundation’s revenue.

This Fellowship Award (LCIF) is the highest level of recognition bestoed on Lions & non-Lions who embody humanitarian ideals consistent with the nature and purpose of Lionism. When bestoed by the club on one of its members, the recipient becomes a model of the exemplary service to his club and the community for which it serves. There are 54 levels in the Melvin Jones Fellow. 

The Prospect Heights Lions Club is proud to have 20 Melvin Jones Fellowes among our current and former members.

These are our Prospect Heights Lions Melvin Jones Fellows:

Bud Eirich 1994

Robert Hanetho 1995

Eugene Wiecek 1995

Ken Piedlow 1995

Joseph Lesniak 1996

Thomas Petersen 1996

Peter Losurdo 1997

Edi Eirich 1998

Glen Thorp 1999

Edward Toll 2000

Pete Rodgers 2001

Wendell Sampson 2002

Shel Mazursky 2003

James Esczuk 2004

Robert Dalton 2006

Judy Mazursky 2007

Brad Vallem 2008

Todd Hoffman 2009

Mark Toll 2010

Ray Schild 2017


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