Fishing Weekend 2 to 4 March,

The club hosted 13 young fishermen of witch 7 are partially to totally blind and the rest assisted them throughout the weekend. 






Mystery Dinner 11 Feb 2012




Blind Bowlers 5 Feb 2012




We hosted the Zone Meeting at our club on 29 Jan 2012



Blood Drive 21 January


DG Jacqui Hocking attended our GM on 19 Jan 2012 


Gunners and Engineers Memorial (GEM) Village

Founded 1985 GEM village was developed by the Gunners and Engineers' Associations to accommodate retired Defence Force members (SANDF Veterans) who have served our country with self-sacrifice and distinction.



GEM Village is one of the few centres that caters for the SANDF aged living on state pensions. Many of the residents cannot afford meals and medication and Centurion Service Centre provides preventative medical care and raises funds for food. They need all the assistance they can get. Collection tins are placed in various shops in Centurion and surroundings to raise funds. Please look out for the tins in shops. This money is used to buy food for the residents.








Jill and Jean, two of our hard working Lions Ladies collect food from shops in the area and distributes it to various needy settlements in the area. Among other they  supports GEM Village with food on a weekly basis. A lot of the food is donated by Midstream Estate's Spar. Our sincere thanks to their generosity and willingness to serve the community in this very special way.









On 24th December the Lions Lady Louise arranged for food parcels for GEM Village to make the Christmas experience that much more enjoyable to the residence. Braai meat packs, salads, cool drinks and bread rolls were purchased and delivered to the GEM Village Committee for distribution among the residence. Eldoraigne Village Spar generously contributed to the cost of the food and our gratitude and thanks for their contribution and assistance in making this Christmas more enjoyable for the GEM Village residence.  







Bela-Bela Feeding Project


As part of our social ambassador's projects a joint feeding project with Warmbaths Lions Club was undertaken on 11 December 2011. This project was part of our club's commitment to assist the Warmbaths Lions club with projects in their community. Nine Lions accompanied by five Lions Ladies and Zone Chairperson Meredith Wilter attended.


The project was very well supported and about 150 under privileged children received sweets packs, gifts from the toy run, hot dogs, cool drinks and pop corn. Throughout the day love and attention was given by both Lions Clubs and the local organisers.


All leftover gifts (about 75) as well as leftover food and sweets were left with the local community organiser for handing out to under privileged children that could not attend the day. The two social ambassadors and all the lions assisting are very proud of this successful project that brought happiness to so many children.


A sincere thanks from the president of the Pretoria South Lions Club to all involved who made this day so special for so many needy children. The spirit of Lionism was truly demonstrated on the day.


Golden Girls Knitting

The golden girls knitting is a circle of friends who come together regularly each week on a social basis. Jill Dixon, one of our Lions Ladies, organised the group of friends to knit jerseys for children in winter and comforting toys the rest of the year. Last year the girls knitted round 250 warm jerseys and have more than 80 comfort toys ready for distribution to abused and distraught kids. The toys will be distributed at part of the child protection drive by the Silverton Police running the protection and rehabilitation program across the city.  The picture shows Jil and Lions Lady President Louise with the comfort toys:



The two weeks before Christmas Jill Dixon wrapped gifts at the Irene Shoprite as a fund raiser to buy wool for the Golden Girls Knitting ladies. She collected more than R2000 for this purpose..



Christmas Cakes Sales

Lions Christmas Cakes are now available for sale from Lions Clubs Nationally at only R65 each. These cakes are a favourite among adults and kids and also make wonderful corporate or staff gifts.

Baked by Albany Bakeries, each 1kg cake sells for R65 (you would struggle to bake your own cake at this price) and funds raised through the sale are used by local clubs for community projects aimed at assisting the needy in our communities.

To place orders from your local club please see For orders in Pretoria South you can email at the President Jannie Coetzee or the rest of Pretoria please email Ian Scott We will try to deliver as soon as is practical. The more cakes you order the more motivated we are to deliver it quickly








Lions Operation Brightsight







Lions Operation Brightsight, a project of Multiple District 410 – Southern Africa, was established in 1976, when it was realized that many underprivileged sight impaired citizens were in desperate need to obtain spectacles at minimal cost.

Our club is actively involved in providing spectacles to those in need and who cannot afford the full cost. The project is run by our oldest member Lion Ian Scott. The past few years we have been runner up for the most prescriptions fill in the year amongst all the clubs in SA.












Leamogetswe Safety Home



Tiqwa Concert   23&24-Nov-11

Tiqwa School

on 23 and 24 November 2011 the club sponsored 11 Lions and Lions Ladies to attend the Tiqwa School Concert. In the words of one member "It's awesome and everyone must experience it!" The club also sponsors some of the expenses of a student by donating R1,000 each month. The school is very dear to us and we are pleased to assist the school in this very small way.



Background to the School

TIQWA believes that every child should be given a chance to develop to their own full potential in life.

The modified phases are for children unable to follow mainstream or specialised syllabuses. Using a developmental approach by placing only five to eight children per educator, each situation is assessed from a strength base perspective which is entered into looking at the positive. Six care givers and educators are employed at TIQWA. The tuition techniques practiced at TIQWA provide intensive individual therapeutic tuition for children with learning disabilities and brain dysfunction. Many children are learning disabled and are unable to progress in special or remedial classes. No pressure or expectations is placed on the learner to compete and no year-end failure. The learners are not placed in grades but are clustered according to their capabilities and are developed at their individual levels. TIQWA gives every child the hope of becoming a literate, independent, self-assured and employable member of society and has built up a successful record of accomplishment of children returning to mainstream education.

This empowerment is developed through: Specialised dual medium therapeutic methods Small classes for individual attention Physical exercise programmes including daily gross motor and sensory motor exercise Modified phase syllabus encompassing English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, life skills, art activities, music therapy, cooking and horse-riding. Development of social skills Occupational and speech therapy Educational outings School preparedness Annual School Concert Country atmosphere A high level of consideration is placed on life and social skills. Further skills are developed through speech and occupational therapies. Skills developed are:- To improve the quality of live of mentally and physically disabled children. To strengthen their muscles, co-ordination and improve body movement. Improving gross, fine and hand-eye co-ordination. Stretching of muscles and mobilizing of muscles and tendons Improving the child’s self-image. Normalising balance and equilibrium reactions. To improve feeding, speech and alternative communication. To assist and empower parents with home-based programmes to improve the child’s social functioning in his/her environment


Christmas Cakes Iced     26-Nov & 3-Dec

Throughout South Africa, Lions Clubs sell Christmas Cakes towards the end of each year as one of our fund raising projects. For a number of years the Pretoria South Lions Club has joined together with the Cake Decorators’ Guild to decorate some of these cakes with Christmas themes to increase the value of the cakes, and to increase our profit.

This work by the Lions Club and the Cake Decorators’ Guild is all done free of charge and ALL the profit goes to Charity.


We normally run this project over the last Saturday in November and the first Saturday in December. The ladies make all the decorations beforehand and then, on the actual days, we have a form of “assembly line” where the cakes are mounted on boards, covered with marzipan and then fondant icing, and then decorated. The whole process is carried out in front of the public, which creates interest, and it enables the people to chose their own decorations and watch their cakes being decorated. (They can also order them, do their shopping and then collect the cakes afterwards.)

We usually set out about 10 or 12 tables in a large square with the ladies sitting on the inside, the Lions selling from the outside, and the public walking around watching the whole process.


Hospice Sungardens      26-Nov

Each year the we assist with the Sungardens fund raising where we prepare egg and bacon rolls for sale to the public.

Sungardens Hospice offers a programme of specialized,  palliative care to patients with progressive, far advanced, incurable disease. We also offer support to their families. The majority of out-patients are visited in their homes by experienced, specially trained nursing staff.

We offer this service to communities in the Pretoria area (which includes Mamelodi). Please see the list of areas that we operate in. We are a non-profit organization and receive 95% of our funding from corporate donors, sponsorships, donations as well as income generated by our charity shops.

Hospice recognises dying as a normal process and neither hastens or postpones death.  We recognise grief as a normal response to loss and support the families during the bereavement period.

Toy Run              27-Nov


The club participated in the toy run by working in the bear and cool drink sales caravans. This entitled us to a portion of the toys which will be distributed amongst many underprivileged children in and around Pretoria and Bela-Bela.


The first Toy Run was staged in Johannesburg in 1982 by the Italian Motorcycle Club in an effort to uplift the image of motorcyclists by encouraging them to help nderprivileged children. Since then the Toy Run has gone national and an estimated 70 000 motorcyclists take part in mass rides to more than 25 locations around the country on the last Sunday of November each year. More than 40 000 motorcyclists are expected to take part in the Johannesburg event, starting out from six different venues around the city between 08:45 and 10:00 and riding to the MTN Expo Centre. They will use the N3 and N1 highways and will provide an amazing spectacle for onlookers.












Carrols by Candlelight

On 13 November the club invited several retirement homes to join in on our annual Carrols by Candlelight sing-along. A pastor/reverent leads the events with a Christmas message and the Salvation Army accompanies the singing of carollers. This project brings lots of happiness to a lot of elderly people who seldom get the chance to go out, particularly at night, and they all look forward to it.

A BIG “thank you” to each and every one for your participation in making our Carols Project such a big success last night. We know that the old folk really enjoyed it and we sincerely appreciate all the help and co-operation. The Lions Ladies in particular deserve our thanks for all the lovely eats. This is a treat that many of the old folk look forward to every year. The presents/prizes were also a great hit and we want to thank everyone who contributed to this. 

All in all we think it was a good project thanks to all of you.

 Weskoppies pre Christmas Lunch

On Sunday 19 November we held our annual Pre-Christmas lunch for our adopted ward at Weskoppies. It was a fantastic day and thanks to all who made it such a memorable occasion for the patients

Visited to the Warmbaths Lions Club in Bela-Bela

On 12 October the Lions Club of Pretoria South (LCPS) visited the Warmbaths Lions Club in Bela-Bela as part of our Ambassador’s project to visit other clubs. Our two social ambassadors, PP Johnny and PP Ian, arranged for a group of lions from Pretoria South to attend the Warmbaths Lions Club general meeting. After the meeting a lovely meal was served by our hosts and good fellowship was shared. As charter club of Warmbaths Lions Club in Bela-Bela, LCPS committed to assisting in a feeding project in Bela-Bela on 11 December. The clubs agreed to grow our relationship and strengthen our long standing relationship.

The Midyear Conference in Tzaneen was a blast. Nine of our club members and their partners attended and the pictures speak for themselves!!!!

2011 World Service Day Project, a Mad Hatters Tea Party

On Sunday 8th October, our Club entertained the residents of Phyllis Robertson and Nonyane Homes for the Disabled for our On Sunday 8th October, our Club entertained the residents of Phyllis Robertson and Nonyane Homes for the Disabled for our 2011 World Service Day Project, namely a Mad Hatters Tea Party. 

There were approximately 60 residents and staff in attendance. Wesley was his usual best in getting the residents to participate in the sing-a-longs and a big 'thank you' must go to him for once again assisting the Lions Club of Pretoria South in another successful project. 

The majority of the people in attendance had made a big effort in making and wearing hats, as can be seen in the photographs attached. Prizes were given out for the various categories such as biggest, smallest and most creative hats present. Once again there were prizes for all, even the staff. Once again it was a great pleasure for all the Lions and Lion Ladies to experience the joy in seeing how much all the residents enjoyed the afternoon.

The following must be thanked for supplying prizes, Lion Ian, for the two men's wrist watches and the wallet, Lions Lady Elna for a number of ladies gifts, Lions Lady Ann for one of the ladies gifts and Lions Lady Shelley for all the rest that she collects over the months. Thank you also to all the Lions Ladies for the preparation of the eats and for serving them and to all the Lions who attended and assisted on the day. A special thanks must go to the management of Phyllis Robertson who granted us permission to hold the project in their hall. Once again I must thank you all in making this project so special for those who attended. At the end Stephanus, the manager of Phyllis Robertson Home, thanked the Lions and Lions Ladies for giving up their Saturday afternoon to come and entertain them. He then called up one of the residents to hand over a traditional present that they present to various organizations who come and help them. One of the photo's is of the presentation of the mural that was painted by one of the residents.




At the recent Induction of the Incoming Lion President Jannie Coetzee, the Caretaker of the Pretoria South Lions’ Community Centre, Mr Elias Mofokeng  received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Outgoing Lion President Dave Cousins, for his loyal and dedicated work.  He has worked tirelessly for the good of the Club and the people who use the Community Centre for a broad variety of reasons and functions.  His hard work, loyalty and dedication has not gone unnoticed, and his ready and willing smile is recognised by all who use the Hall.










The highest award any Lion can receive from Lions Clubs International is to be made a “Melvin Jones Fellow”.  This award is named after Melvin Jones, the founder of Lions Clubs, and it is recognised world-wide, and is treasured by anyone who receives it.  This honour was bestowed on the Immediate Past President, Lion Dave Cousins at the end of 2½ years as President of the Pretoria South Lions Club, and was presented to him by Past Council Chairman Lion Tony Scheffel, at a moving ceremony held at the Lions Community Centre.








The LCIF Honor Roll, commonly known as the Melvin Jones Honours Roll, is an honour normally granted to Lions and members of the public in recognition of dedicated and outstanding humanitarian service, usually over an extended period of time.  Lions Lady Shelley Cousins, of the Pretoria South Lions Club, was recently the proud recipient of this award.









The Incoming Lion President Jannie Coetzee, of the Pretoria South Lions Club, was Inducted recently by Past Council Chairman Lion Tony Scheffel. 

Lion President Jannie has brought some new ideas into the Club and the Meetings have taken on a very relaxed atmosphere.  The Board Members are all active in their respective portfolios and we expect a good year for the Club.







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