Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors are the President, Immediate Past President, Vice President(s), Secretary, Treasurer, Lion Tamer & Tail Twister, Membership Director, and all other elected directors.  The Board of Directors shall have the following duties and powers:

  (1) It is the Executive Board of the Club and is responsible for the execution, through the Club officers, of the policies approved by the Club. All new business and policy of the Club shall be considered and shaped, first, by the Board of Directors for presentation to and approval by the Club Members at the General Meeting.

  (2) It authorises all expenditures and shall not create any indebtedness beyond the current income of this Club, nor authorise disbursal of Club funds for purposes inconsistent with the business and policy authorised by the Club Members.

  (3) It has the power to modify, override or rescind the action of any officer of the Club. 

  (4) It ensures that the books, accounts and operations of the club are audited annually or, at its discretion, more frequently and may require an accounting or have an audit made of the handling of any Club funds by any officer, committee or member of the Club. Any member of the Club in good standing may inspect the audit or accounting upon request at a reasonable time and place. 

  (5) It appoints, on recommendation of the finance committee, a bank or banks for the deposit of the funds of the Club.

  (6) It appoints the surety for the bonding of any officer of the Club.

  (7) It does not authorise, nor permit, the expenditure, for any administrative purpose, of the net income of projects or activities of the club by which funds are raised from the public. It shall submit all matters of new business and policy to the Board Members for study and recommendation to the General Meeting.

  (8) It appoints, subject to approval of the Club Members, the delegates and alternates of the Club to district (Single, Sub, Mid-Year, Multiple) and International Conventions.

  (9) It maintains at least two (2) separate funds governed by generally accepted accounting practices. The first fund to record Administrative monies such as dues, tail twisting fines and other internally raised club funds. A second fund is to be established to record Activity or Public Welfare monies raised by asking support from the public. Disbursement from such funds is to be in strict compliance with item (7) above.

  Club President - Alna Jackson

The Club President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Club who presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the Club. The President issues the call for regular meetings and special meetings of the Board of Directors and the Club, and appoints the standing and special committees of the Club while co-operating with chairpersons to ensure regular functioning and reporting of such committees. She sees that officers are elected as provided for by the constitution and by-laws, and cooperates with, and is an active member of the District Governor's advisory committee of the Zone in which this Club is located.

Club secretary, PRO and Membership Chairperson - Lindie van Wyk


The Club Secretary is under the supervision and direction of the president and the Board of Directors, and is the Liaison Officer between the Club and the District (Single or Sub and Multiple) in which the Club is located, and the Association. The Secretary: • Submits regular monthly membership reports and other reports specified by the association • Submits upon request reports to the District Governor's cabinet including copies of monthly membership and annual activities reports • Cooperates with and serves as an active member of the District Governor's advisory Committee of the Zone in which the Club is located • Has custody of and maintains general records of the Club, including minutes of Club and Board Meetings; attendance; committee appointments; elections; member information, addresses and telephone numbers of members; members club accounts • Arranges for issuance, in cooperation with the Teasurer, of quarterly or semi-annual statements to each member for dues and other financial obligations owed to the Club, collects and turns dues over to the Club Treasurer and obtains a receipt • Gives bond for the faithful discharge of her office in the sum and with surety as determined by the Board of Directors.

The PRO liaises with newspapers, radio stations, etc. for Club publicity. The Club's Website & Facebook pages are also managed under this portfolio

The Membership Director is the chairperson of the Membership committee. Her responsibilities include: • Developing a Club membership growth program and presenting the program to the Board of Directors for approval • Encouraging the recruitment of new qualified members at Club meetings • Ensuring implementation of recruitment and retention procedures • Preparing and implementing member orientation sessions • Reporting to the Board of Directors ways to reduce the loss of members • Coordinating with other Club committees in fulfilling these responsibilities • Serving as a member of the Zone level membership committee. 


Club Treasurer  - Patricia van Wyk



The Club Treasurer shall: • Receive all monies from the Secretary and deposit the currency in a bank or banks recommended by the finance committee and approved by the Board of Directors • Pay the Club’s obligations authorised by the Board of Directors. All checks and vouchers shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by one other officer, determined by the Board of Directors • Have custody of and maintain general records of Club receipts and disbursements • Prepare and submit monthly and semi-annual financial reports to the International Office of the association and the Board of Directors of this Club • Give bond for the faithful discharge of her office in the sum and with surety as determined by the Board of Directors 


1st Vice President and Service Chairperson - Tabeth Rashiri


The Service Chairperson, implements impactful service and fundraising projects, increasing service project engagement of members and elevating awareness of Lions' collective impact in fulfilling global humanitarian needs.

The Tail Twister promotes harmony, good fellowship, and enthusiasm in the meetings through appropriate stunts, games and the judicious imposition of fines on Club members. There shall be no ruling from her decision in imposing a fine, provided, however, that no fine shall exceed an amount fixed by the Board of Directors of the Club, and no member shall be fined more than twice at any one meeting. The Tail Twister may not be fined except by the unanimous vote of all members present. All monies collected by the Tail Twister shall be immediately turned over to the Treasurer and a receipt shall be given.


2nd Vice President and LCIF Coordinator - Hlekani Maweya

The Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) Coordinator in a club, serves as ambassador for LCIF in their club. Share LCIF stories, motivate fellow Lions to support LCIF, and enable LCIF to advance its humanitarian work both locally and globally to create a better world through our foundation

Club Director - Joyce Wilcocks


With a wealth of experienc as a past club president Joyce was selected as Club Director in an advisory and support function.  L Joyce is an active member of the club and has experience in coordinating large and successful fundraisers as well as actively participating in all club events.


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