Please continue to collect items, email if you have a lot and need to unload.  We will have another collection event on Saturday October 19th at the Prince Albert Hall for everyone.   Brock's of Port Perry has graciously been collecting and donating shoeboxes to us for this great effort!

The Port Perry Lions collect the following items to be responsibly recycled:

  • All brands of toothbrushes, toothbrush heads, flossers, floss pics, floss boxes, toothpaste tubes and caps
  • All brands of disposable razors, disposable razor blades and plastic packaging of these items
  • Personal care product containers including deodorant containers, hair gel containers and more
  • Pens, markers, highlighters and other plastic writing instruments
  • Printer ink cartridges, air care cartridges, packaging from disposable wipes, trigger heads, air care product containers.
  • flexible coffee bags
  • used Brita filters, packaging and Brita products (no other brand)

We have registered with for the free collection of these items.  These programs have been sponsored by manufacturers and retailers.  When we have a boxful, we will send them to and they will forward them to super recyclers, who will convert them into plastic pellets. The plastic pellets are then sold to plastic manufacturers that will melt them into new plastic items such as lawn furniture, buckets and more.  This decreases the need to make new plastic from petroleum, thus reducing the size of the plastic monster that is crowding our planet.

The Port Perry Lions also collect:

  • Used but working cellphones – we give them to shelters to be reused for those in need
  • Your old eyeglasses, frames and hearing aids – they are refurbished and sent out to medical missions in developing countries, changing the lives of many with the gift of improved sight and/or hearing
  • Poptabs and beertabs – our District of Lions (50+ clubs) collect them for the aluminum value.  We send the $’s to the Lions Foundation of Canada for the Dogguides program.  Helps costs of raising the pups that will enhance the lives of others.
  • Prescription bottles – We are temporarily suspending collection due to volume received to date - we will keep you posted!  The Durham Blue box program now recycles them as well.
  • Gently used and new footwear of all sizes and kinds.  They are sent to Soles 4 Souls progam sponsored by Bioped Canada.
  • Milk bags - outer bag only please!  These are woven into mats by Kawartha Missions and sent on to Haiti and other warm climate countries.
  • Now also collecting plastic bread & milk tags!  We send them to: Fondation Clermont Bonnenfant    check out their website:


Scugog Lions HELP



Three clubs working together - Port Perry, Blackstock and Greenbank Lions lending out wheelchairs, walkers, commodes and other health equipment to those in need.   Call us if you are looking for a product - short or long term. (Formerly the Oddfellows' Humanitarian Programme)

1-365-800-0019  (leave a message and we will call you back)

Pick ups and drop offs

Tuesdays 2-4 pm, Thursdays 3-5 pm

By Appointment



  • Scugog Family Day Event - February 2023
  • Coldest Night of the Year Walk for North House - 2023
  •  Assisting with Port Perry PetValu Dogguide Walk of Port Perry - last Sunday in May
  • Helping non-profit groups like North House, Port Perry Scouts and BBBS with their fundraisers  & fun events (walks, concerts, open houses)
  • Scugog Lions HELP - Health Equipment Loan Program
  • Food Drives for Operation Scugog
  • providing road marshalls for the Scugog Santa Claus Parade


   Eyeglass Recycling For Sight

We collect used eyeglasses (and now hearing aids) from optometrists, pharmacies and other locations in Port Perry.  They are shipped to Calgary, refurbished and redistributed to those in need in developing countries, greatly changing the lives of others.  Please drop off your old glasses and hearing aids to your optometrist/pharmacist for us.

Pop Tabs and Pull Tabs for Pups 

We collect this aluminum and the funds are sent to Lions Foundation of Canada Dogguides.  Dogguides of Canada train and supply applicants in need of service dogs.  There are now seven types of dogs they train; Canine Vision, Hearing, Seizure Response, Service, Diabetic Alert, Autism Assistance and Trauma Support.    These are raised, trained and provided to successful applicants at no cost to the recipient.  More Info at: Please contact: if you can help us collect more tabs or drop off at PetValu in the Smart Centre plaza.



Message In A Bottle 

We provide a medical information program through local pharmacists and EMS.  A small pill-type bottle to be kept in your home (refrigerator) keeps pertinent information regarding your health and medications.  Emergency responders would know that this information is there via a sticker on the back of your front door, be able to access that if they are responding to an emergency for you at your home.  Valuable information that could save your life.  These bottles are provided to our community free through our club. Check your local pharmacist or contact



COMMUNITY SUPPORT GIVEN TO:   (Service, funding or promotion)

Local school community councils, Operation Scugog (Foodbank), 1st Port Perry Scouting Group, Port Perry Angels,  Big Brothers/Big Sisters, North House, Lions Clubs Camp Kirk Foundation, Scugog Shores Museum and more.


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