• Scugog Shores Museum Pitch-In  April
  • Road Toll in May (funds raised used for serving the community)
  • McHappy Day participation for Grandview Kids
  • PetValu Dogguide Walk of Port Perry - last Sunday in May
  • Canoe the Nonquon River for Scugog Shores Museum - June
  • Diabetes Awareness and Screening Promotion - November
  • Santa Claus Parade


   Eyeglass Recycling For Sight

We collect used eyeglasses (and now hearing aids) from optometrists, pharmacies and other locations in Port Perry.  They are shipped to Calgary, refurbished and redistributed to those in need in developing countries, greatly changing the lives of others.  Please drop off your old glasses and hearing aids to your optometrist/pharmacist for us.

Pop Tabs and Pull Tabs for Pups 

We collect this aluminum and the funds are sent to Lions Foundation of Canada Dogguides.  Dogguides of Canada train and supply applicants in need of service dogs.  There are now seven types of dogs they train; Canine Vision, Hearing, Seizure Response, Service, Diabetic Alert, Autism Assistance and Trauma Support.    These are raised, trained and provided to successful applicants at no cost to the recipient.  More Info at: Please contact: if you can help us collect more tabs or drop off at PetValu in the Smart Centre plaza.

Caps For Camp Kirk 

We collect beer caps from local pubs, legions and residents.  These are diverted from landfill and the funds are collected towards the Lions Clubs Camp Kirk Foundation.  The Lions clubs in our district, which covers most of Durham region, parts of Haliburton and all of City of Kawartha Lakes, own a camp in Kirkfield.  Over the summer months, this camp is used by the Friends of the Learning Disabled for children with learning disabilities including autism.  The camp has been in operation for over 27 years.  Funds from our clubs and the beer caps help towards maintaining and upgrading the facilities.  The camp is a life-changer for many of the children that attend, giving opportunity of personal growth and confidence.  We are very proud to be part of this! Contact: for collection details!

 Message In A Bottle 

We provide a medical information program through local pharmacists and EMS.  A small pill-type bottle to be kept in your home (refrigerator) keeps pertinent information regarding your health and medications.  Emergency responders would know that this information is there via a sticker on the back of your front door, be able to access that if they are responding to an emergency for you at your home.  Valuable information that could save your life.  These bottles are provided to our community free through our club. Check your local pharmacist or contact to find out more!


COMMUNITY SUPPORT GIVEN TO:   (Service, funding or promotion)

Local school community councils, Operation Scugog (Foodbank), 1st Port Perry Scouting Group, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, North House, SICA, Port Perry Pickleball Club, Lions Clubs Camp Kirk Foundation, Scugog Shores Museum and more.


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