The following list has Lions Club awards presented to our members.

Lions Club International  Foundation  
 MJF/PMJF         Listing Multiple District 19    
District 19 H   BRITISH COLUMBIA  
Melvin Jones Fellow  MJF Completion Date  
PORT COQUITLAM (7959)      
KEN ALLKINS (884487)    10/19/2015  
JACK GIESBRECHT (884488)    5/24/2006  
GORDON R GRAVES (884490)    11/21/2013  
WESLEY T. HENDERS (2193908)    2/16/1994  
ANNE M HUNTLEY (1051036)    5/12/1997  
JACK M. SILVIUS (2193904)    9/30/1992  
RICHARD SIMONSON (889876)    5/4/2018  
RYAN SHAUN STOKES (1087392)    5/8/2001  
SEPTEMBER STOKES (1087393)    5/24/2000  
Lions Foundation of Canada  
Award Type Date   Recipient  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Al Niaj  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Bob Hefflefinger  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Byron Nixon  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Earle Ramgren  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   George Wing  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Gord Graves  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Jack Giesbrecht  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Jan Silvius  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Jean Mabon  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Jim White  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Ken Allkins  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Ken Spain  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Richard Simonson
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Roy Hartley  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Terry Rogers  
LM (Life Members) 1/31/1996   Wes Beese  
LM (Life Members) 9/12/1997   Vivian Gullickson
LM (Life Members) 3/11/1999   Bill Pittmann  
LM (Life Members) 3/11/1999    Brenda Pollard  
LM (Life Members) 3/11/1999   Dianne Graves  
LM (Life Members) 3/11/1999   Gerry Williamson
LM (Life Members) 10/9/2015   Avery Henry  
LM (Life Members) 10/9/2015   Carole Treloar  
LM (Life Members) 10/9/2015   Kat Evers  
LM (Life Members) 6/15/2021   Elaine Sturhahn  
LM (Life Members) 6/15/2021   Patti Easterling  
LM (Life Members) 3/31/2017   To Named  
Award Type Date   Recipient  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 1/31/1996   Terry Rogers  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 5/23/1997   Ken Spain   
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 9/12/1997   DG Don Kirkpatrick
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 9/12/1997   Ken Allkins  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 4/15/1998   Roy Hartley  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 11/27/1998   Byron Nixon  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 11/27/1998   Jim White  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 9/21/1999   Gord Graves  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 9/21/1999   Richard Simonson
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 12/10/1999   Ruth Roberts  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 11/8/2000   Jan Silvius  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 2/22/2002   Gord Roberts  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 6/16/2003   George Wing  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 6/13/2005   Elaine Sturhahn  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 6/13/2005   Gunter Sturhahn  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 5/31/2006   Dianne Graves  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 5/31/2006   Richard Jewell  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 5/31/2006   Vivian White  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 3/31/2010   Karen Madill  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 11/20/2012   Theresa Huculak  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 2/23/2015   Steve Daugherty  
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 6/23/2017   Alec (Sandy) Marshall
SFA (Judge Brian Stevenson) 06/25/2023     Patti Easterling  
Award Type Date   Recipient  
MF (Memorial Forest) 4/9/1999   President Jensen  
MF (Memorial Forest) 11/8/2000   Lion Ramgren  
MF (Memorial Forest) 2/24/2004   Ken Spain  
MF (Memorial Forest) 2/24/2004   Ron Healey  
MF (Memorial Forest) 6/15/2007   Lion PID Burrell Hardan
MF (Memorial Forest) 6/15/2007   Lion Wes Beese  
MF (Memorial Forest) 5/30/2008   Charles Saunders
MF (Memorial Forrest) 5/30/2021   Gunter Sturhan  
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