Golf Tournament, Western Night BBQ and Dinner Dance, 50s 60s Sock Hop Dinner Dance, White Cane Days, BBQ's for Art Festival and Corvette Car Show at the Lighthouse Park

We use funds raised for many projects.

Some of the current ones are: Vision services financial support for those unable to fund treatment in the local area, The Conklin Center, Florida Lions Camp, SE Guide Dogs, Florida Foundation for the Blind, N. Florida Lions Eye Foundation, Leader Dogs. In our District 35-O, we support the Diabetes Project, Project Right to Sight, the Hearing Project, and the new Youth Scholarship Foundation. We also contribute to the mid-Florida Braille Association and the Camp Winona diabetes Scholarship program. We also financially support  Scouting, Ponce Inlet Children's Programs, the local Police Athletic League and plan to install a Braille Trail at a new Ponce Inlet Park.  We support Halifax Urban Ministries (HUM).

What is HUM

Halifax Urban Ministries (HUM) is a non profit (501c (3)) organization whose prime mission is to prevent homelessness in eastern Volusia County by providing at risk families with food and emergency assistance to help keep them in their homes and off area streets. Last year, HUM provided over 16,000 food packages to needy/homeless families and served over 150,000 hot meals to homeless individuals. It also provides financial assistance in the form of rent, utility payments or emergency travel assistance.

In January 2010, HUM added the STAR Family Shelter to its base of operations. The STAR Family shelter is a 24 room, 94 bed family sensitive environment facility for homeless families and children. Through partnership with the Halifax Medical Center, Halifax Behavioral Services and Early learning Coalition’s GAP program, STAR families have access to basic medical and behavioral care as well as a high quality after school program for children.

Completed Projects


January 15, 2011 - Western Night
The Ponce Inlet Lions Club held their annual Western Night on January 15, 2011. This dinner was to raise money for charities i.e. sight, hearing, diabetes and guide dogs. After a great dinner of B-B-Q ribs and pulled pork topped off by banana pudding for dessert we danced into the evening to the music of Double Trouble (Jim & Debbie).
Mary McConnell and Steve Smith won the best Cowgirl and Cowpoke contest. Cowpoke Steve Smith challenged one person picked by a random drawing to lasso his stuffed steer. Jean Balthazard from Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. was selected and she had 3 chances. If she completed this challenge Steve would donate $500.00 to the Ponce Inlet Lions Club, she did it on the second try. Congratulations to Jean for being such a great sport and thanks to Steve Smith for his donation. 
Thanks to all who attended and helped the charities that are supported by the Ponce Inlet Lions Club. The event netted $1225.00.  The next Lion’s event will be the sock hop on April 2, 2011.
December 5, 2010  - Lions Christmas Party
A good time was had by all.  There were 34 Lions present, the net return to the treasury was $72.32.
There was a table for Lions to jot Holiday notes on cards to go to folks at a local hospice, to which many responded with personal notes.  Unwrapped new toys that were age appropriate for children 5 - 11 years old were stacked under the Christmas tree by members as they came into the room.  These toys will be provided for the needy children at Longstreet Elementary School on Peninsula Dr.
We sang Christmas carols after a great buffet style dinner, where many enjoyed talking and continuing  friendships and common interests as Lions.


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October 22nd and 24th, 2010 White Cane Program

 The Ponce Inlet Lions Club has been involved in the White Cane Program for the last nine years.   This project has volunteer Lions members standing outside local businesses at their entrances, asking for donations to this very worthwhile program.  100% of the donated money goes to help people who need eyeglasses or hearing aids. 

According to Charlie Spitzfaden, the Lion leader this year, the Lions club of Ponce Inlet tries to schedule a White Cane Event at least twice a year.  The last event was held October 22nd and 24th, 2010, at the Walmart store and raised about $1000 for the program.  There are usually two to four shifts of people involved, two persons at each exit.  The next White Cane Event is scheduled for March, 2011.

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October 16th, 2010 - Pancake breakfast at Down The Hatch.

Message from our President, Lion Jeff. "First, we had a large number of Lions that participated which gave us visibility in the community. Secondly, we elected to serve each guest that came to the function which was very much appreciated by our guests and demonstrated our motto "We Serve".  Thirdly, the venue was beautiful and finally, we learned a lesson that we could have made more if we had advertised the event more and sooner. Kudos's to all Lions that participated (see list below) with a special Kudo to Lion Simone and her staff that helped us make it as successful as it was.

The results: 65 tickets @ $5.00 = $365.00, donations or tips $15.00.  Total $380.00


Jim Hinson      Harzel Dauksis  Bill Dauksis             Stan Dembkoski  Jeff Follmer  Tom Gannaway
Jan Gregory     Kathy Griscom   Simone Johnson    Jenette Jones       Don Kraska  Mayhar Okhovatian
Jim Volz            Janet Sage         Shirley Okhovation  Wayne Olive          Bill Wester    Pat Wilner
Barbara Larsen

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October 8th-9th, 2010 - Thanks to all who worked the Garden Club event. Special thank you to Lion Barbara Larsen who stepped up to be Project Leader on Sat. Also thank you Lion Shirley O who turned the dry chicken into a wonderful chicken salad.

Lions Barbara Larsen
Charlie Spitzfaden
Tom Gannaway
Ellie Osborne
Pat Wilner
Kathy Griscom
Stan Dembkoski
Jim Irvin
Shirley O

Friday sales-----------$160.00
Sat sales---------------$174.00
Total -------------------$334.00

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Antique Boat Show:
Ponce Inlet Lions Club coordinated this event with Down the Hatch Restaurant.
The event was all day Saturday, October 2, 2010 at Down the Hatch Restaurant  
Lions participating: Shirley and Mahar Okhovatian, Tom Gannaway, Jeff Follmer, Don Kraska and Jim Volz. Tyler Okhovatian, son of Shirley and Mahar, also helped.
Lion Simone Johnson, owner of the restaurant, provided significant facilities support to the Club’s operation during the Show.    
The P.I. Lions Club performed all parking functions for the Antique Boat Show and asked for a donation to the Lions from all those that wished to park. The Show was a first time event for the restaurant that brought sellers and buyers together to sell or trade antique power boats. A swap meet of old and new nautical items was also conducted on the restaurant’s property adjacent to the boat show.
The Lions leaders for the event were Lion’s Jeff and Simone and the purpose was to increase awareness of what the Lions are all about as well as increase patronage at the Down the Hatch.        
The Club was allowed to keep all the proceeds of the parking function which resulted in over $1,000. raised for the Club’s administrative and service funds.
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