Lions attended the university of Plymouth to present funds raised in memory of Lion Philip Greenwood into Brain Tumour Research.

Lion Phil had served in all 3 Plymouth Lions Clubs over his 25 year service

Lion Pam Greenwood and her two sons Anthony and Michael Greenwood 

Presented £800 to Professor Oliver Hanemann, Chair in Clinical Neurobiology and Samantha Davis, Alumni Engagement Officer.

Also in attendance were Lion President Bob Dight, Lion Jeff  Horgan and Lion Jill Owen





The second part of funds raised during the Christmas bucket Shake was presented to Plymouth Young Carers at Honicknowle Youth Centre. Receiving the cheque for £1200 was Senior Professional Youth Worker Kerry Powell- Tuckett and 4 young carers from Lion President Bob Dight along with Lions Ian Hill and Pam Greenwood. 


Lion President Bob presents £1200 to James Walbank Bereavement Services Manger Jeremiah's Journey. This was money raised during the Christmas Bucket collection .

Also present are Lion Treasurer Jeff, Community Service Chair Lion Pam and IPP Lion Jill.




Lion George Poad presenting a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of The Lions Club of Plymouth for the kind and generous donation made by  the Physically Fabulous Keep fit and dance groups Pomphlett .
The donation was made towards the regular Soup Run, carried out by the Lions for the homeless in Plymouth. 

January meeting saw Lion President Bob Dight presenting long service chevron to Lion Alan Clifford 15 years and Lion George Poad 40 years .Congratulations from all the members on their achievements 


The Lions Club of Plymouth have been honoured with the joining of Lion Nuwan Fernando as an Associate Member from the Lions Club of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, who is here in Plymouth to further his career opportunities. 

The Plymouth Lions Club President Bob Dight exchanged pennants with Fernando to commemorate the joining. Fernando kindly provided the Plymouth Lions Club with an indication of the works being carried out by his Mother Club in an effort to enlighten them of the differences and likenesses being administered on the other side of our world.    

Quote - “A lot more than support you think”!

Since our formation, Lions Club of Moratuwa has organised hundreds of events raising funds for many charities and needy cases in Moratuwa and the Sri Lanka. 

We assist community both District and Country. All funds raised for charity go to charity and all administration expenses are paid by club members however, we will always welcome a sponsor!

Apart from fundraising, we offer support by organising community-based projects. We annually supporting school children in Moratuwa (Sri Lanka) by providing foods, books, uniforms, shoes and clothes to their parents. On the same day we conduct medical camp in the school for them.

Also, we annually clean Elders Home in Panadura & provide Musical event and served with vegetable soup in the evening to their 50 number of mother & fathers.

Also, we conduct Blood Donation Camp, Plant Trees, Dengue awareness programs, Diabetic awareness programs, Donate Spectacles & many more”.

Upon completion of his presentation Lion Nuwan Fernando answered many questions, particularly in connection with the 2004 Tsunami which the Islanders had experienced. He also gave gifts to each Lion member present at the meeting.

It is hoped that Lion Nuwan Fernando will become a permeant member of the Lions Club of Plymouth early in the forthcoming New Year.


The Lions Club of Plymouth were at Devonport Park Fair on Sunday 11th Sept with a stall trying to raise funds for local community charities and deserving cases by selling ‘Soft Toys’ and encouraging people to enter, have a throw in ‘Tin-Can Alley’, plus some simple table top games such as opening an envelope from a selection with some containing £5.00 or £10.00. Despite the small number of attendees this year, the total monies raised amounted to £185.46.
Should you be interested in joining the Lions Club of Plymouth in raising funds for Local Community Charities or performing a service to help feed the homeless or generally assisting local people in need of your help, then please contact:-
Club Secretary Lion Ian Hill by email
or Membership Secretary Lion Phil Barnicoat
The Lions Club of Plymouth, following their worldwide motto of “We Serve”, and the club’s intention to serve mainly the local community, acted quickly when aware that the Plymouth Food Bank had a good number of empty shelves.
 The Lions Club of Plymouth President Bob Dight accompanied by Community Service Chair Lion Phil Greenwood and wife Lion Pam, with the agreement of all club members presented Rachel Javan, warehouse co-ordinator, with a cheque for £500.00 to purchase more food items.
 The money donated was raised by public contribution to many fundraising activities held by the Lions Club of Plymouth for use within the local community.
Plymouth Foodbank helps people who are in financial crisis by providing them with much needed food (plus toiletries and cleaning items), a listening ear and useful support. Over 140 different agencies can provide clients with Foodbank vouchers. Short term provision is given, with each food parcel containing enough tinned and dried food for a balanced diet for 3 days. During the month 1st July - 1st August this year, 883 people were served, two-thirds of them adults and one-third of them children. This provided 7,947 meals.
The Foodbank relies on donations of food, toiletries and money. Last week alone they spent £3,000 of donated money to supplement donated goods. There are still some empty shelves in the warehouse. Donations can be taken to Plymouth Foodbank, The Oasis Project, 28 Manor Street, Stonehouse, PL1 1TW.
For more information please contact 01752 254981 or follow them on Facebook or twitter.

 L - R: Lion President Bob Dight, Lion Phil Greenwood, Rachel Javan, warehouse co-ordinator, and Lion Pam Greenwood.

District Governor Lion James Mathers presented IPP Lion Jill Owen her past President pin at August meeting 




The Lions Club of Plymouth held their annual Presidential Handover Luncheon at St Elizabeth’s Plympton on Sunday 25th June 2023. The event was attended by 23 Club members and guests.
The Outgoing President Jill Owen welcomed the members and guests and thanked all members for their support with the fundraising projects and for their assistance throughout the year in the various activities involved in caring for the local Plymouth communities such as the soup-run and the collection of unsold food from various bakeries at the end of each working day and transporting to the homeless hostel in Milbay. Other activities have involved the donation of various items of medical equipment plus the refurbishment of a room for expectant mothers at Derriford Hospital. She was proud of the achievements the club had made during her period as president.
Past president Lion Jill proceeded to award the incoming president, Lion Bob Dight with the club’s presidential chain of office, newly purchased for the occasion of the club’s 60th Anniversary due within this presidential year.
Newly Appointed Lion President Bob Dight thanked Jill for her stewardship of the club through what has proved to be a very difficult period, mainly due to the after effects of the Covid pandemic and higher cost of living index. He indicated that he had been president on two occasions over the past twenty years of his membership of the club and is confident of the club’s future because each member has become a friend and he knows that we stand together and can be relied upon to help each other in times of need as well as serving the local community of Plymouth, as is the Lion motto ‘We Serve’.  



Lion Michel presented Lion President Jill with a book about Morlaix, with an inscription to mark today's special reunion.

True friendships - Entente Cordiale.


In 1974 the Lions Club of Plymouth twinned with the Lions Club of Morlaix, Brittany. Twinning known in French as ‘Jumelage’. There were memorable visits and exchanges for many years, but eventually it sadly came to an end.
This weekend, however, a group of 11 members and wives from Morlaix came
 across on the Brittany Ferry to rekindle old friendships and make new ones. The two clubs enjoyed a sociable lunch at Staddon Heights Golf Club today (Sunday 28th May). Lions Club of Plymouth President Jill Owen welcomed the Morlaix Lions and expressed the hope that the two clubs might meet annually. She invited the Morlaix Lions to Plymouth for its 60th Charter next year, and members of the Plymouth Lions are hoping to visit Morlaix next May. The two clubs will then be able to celebrate 50 years since their initial twinning/ jumelage.
Lion Michel presented Jill with a book about Morlaix, with an inscription to mark today's special reunion.
The event was made possible by an initial enquiry last year by Lion Ian Hill to which Lion René and Lion Ghislain's responded due to their long relationship with the Plymouth club, and Ghislain was thanked for organising it. Lion Loik impressed everybody with a message in both Breton and Cornish!
Afterwards everyone gathered on the lawn outside Staddon Heights for a group photo.


Prayer The Lions Club of Plymouth President Jill Owen presented a donation of £250.00 to Controller Catherine and Biker Emma of Devon Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service (Devon Blood Bikes) at the clubs recent Business Meeting.
 Devon Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service (also known as
 the Devon Blood Bikes), has served the people of Devon since 2009.The charity is made up of a team of trained volunteer riders and drivers, call handlers and fundraisers operating out of Honiton. They are all dedicated to providing a 24/7, free, service supporting the NHS to deliver blood, medical samples for testing, plus medication and patient notes. The service also transports medical equipment and tissue samples to other NHS establishments throughout Devon. The volunteers deliver essential supplies to patients’ homes, donor breast milk to the county’s neonatal units and medical supplies and blood to the air ambulance service.
To contact Devon Freewheelers go to their website or Facebook Page



Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other form of cancer, yet as an area of research it receives just a fraction of the funding of other cancers. 

Last week The Plymouth Lions (Lions Clubs International) presented the University with a donation towards the University of Plymouth brain tumour research.

A huge thank you to them and all the organisations – big and small – who play their part by donating to this important research.

L to R – Nursing Sister Kathy Crean, Play Specialist Sue Rodgers & Lion Roy Russell

Derriford Hospital Children’s Wards have taken delivery of the much needed ‘Panda Warmer’ which is an innovative piece of equipment to include a number of technological devices to ensure the wellbeing of newly born children, this vital piece of equipment has been partly funded by the Lions Club of Plymouth.

The Panda Warmer provides a warm and safe environment for the new-born. The
 all-in-one, integrated solution needed to help babies go home healthy. All the
 tools are in one place, making it easier to have the clinical confidence to give
 babies the seamless care they need

The highest and most prestigious award possible within the International Lion Organisation is that of the Melvin Jones Fellowship which has been awarded to Privileged Lion Raymond Peter (Jim) Shipton for his unwavering dedication to Humanitarian Services within the Lion community as a member for more than 45 years. Ray (Jim) was inducted into the then Plym Valley Lions Club from 1st April 1986 and was president on two occasions, he was a very active member of the club and was a main instigator of many activities to include the Saltram Fair which will be remembered by the majority of older generation Plymothians, after the demise of the Plym Valley Lions Club in December 2014 he became a member of the Lions Club of Plymouth where he has still been actively involved in many fund raising activities supporting mainly local charities and worthy causes. Ray (Jim) is still very involved and organises the Christmas Collections at a number of local supermarkets mainly supporting children’s charities, Skittles evenings enjoyed by all of his colleagues and family’s. Ray can be seen in this photograph receiving his award from Lions Club of Plymouth President Jill Owen




Geoffrey Woodland was awarded a Distinguished Service  Award for his service of 46 years promoting Lions in the community. He was inducted as a Charter Member of Radstock & Midsomer Norton Lions Club, Bath, in February 1977. With a move to Plymouth n March 1980 Geoff transferred to the Lions Club of Plymouth and was a Director of the Club from 1983 to1999. He and his wife Pam have been very active in participation of Club Activities over these 46 years to include many activities and fund raising events over this period. Geoff is seen here receiving his award from Lions Club of Plymouth President Jill Owen


A presentation was made to the MNDA charity represented by Roger and Steve from funds donated at the recent funeral of Lion Colin Stideford, a wellrespected and active member of the Lions Club of Plymouth. Roger and Steve can be seen in this photograph with Lions Club of Plymouth President Jill Owen.


The Lions Club of Plymouth have donated funding of £200.00 to the Goosewell Primary Academy, for specific use for children with special needs to assist with their basic but essential requirements. The cheque was presented to the Head Boy and Head Girl by the Lions Club of Plymouth President Jill Owen in the presence of Past President George Poad and the Interim Head Teacher of Goosewell Primary Academy Mr Marc Leader.

 The Lions Club of Plymouth President Jill Owen presented a cheque to the value of £800.00 to the Island Trust which is a registered charity formed in1973.
The Trust has supported deserving young people for nearly 50 years providing life enhancing residential and day sailing activities for young people with special needs, disabilities and those experiencing hardship and deprivation.
 Disadvantaged young people are awarded the opportunity to widen their horizons and develop skills and capabilities through the joy and challenge of learning to sail. Young people live on board and learn to sail, navigate and experience independent living. All accommodation, tuition and safety equipment is provided on board.
They work with individuals, schools, youth groups, church and community organisations, offering entry-level Royal Yachting Association Training Courses, which contribute to CVs and long-term employment prospects as well as raising aspiration and confidence in young people who are often marginalized and vulnerable.
The Lions Club of Plymouth are proud to assist this trust in their endeavour to improve the lives of young people.
  John Hepburn the trust’s Ocean Discoverability Project Manager.
Lion President Jill Owen with



The Lions Club of Plymouth is one of the service charities who organise and pay for the Plymouth Soup-Run for the homeless of Plymouth every evening. 

Although the name ‘Soup Run’ conjures up just Soup and a ladle, this is no longer the case. Nowadays it consists of collecting and preparing food to meet the present day standards of hygiene with acceptable up-to-date foodstuffs purchased from various food outlets at the best possible price and after preparation, distributing to the various sites in and around Plymouth.    

It is getting harder to raise the money to cover the costs involved for this, whilst endeavouring to continue to support all of the other local charitable cases and local charitable organisations. 

We are therefore looking for sponsors, food donations, or money to help us to continue with this much needed work for an ever increasing number of homeless people in Plymouth.   

If you can help, please call Lion George Poad on 

01752 491 444

your donation and/or offers will be very much appreciated.



 On the 14th September 2022 the Lions Club of Plymouth President Jill Owen
 visited the Plymouth YMCA to present a cheque for £200 to the Plymouth
 Mayflower Specials. The picture below shows the Lions Club of Plymouth
 President Jill Owen presenting the cheque to Mayflower Specials Volunteer   Fergusson Lee
 The Mayflower Specials are a group of mentally and physically disabled young
 people within the Plymouth and District locality who enjoy sporting activities such
 as Bowls, Badminton, Table tennis and many other sports. The donation is
 intended to assist with their general expenditure in maintaining this much needed
 service for talented disabled people to enjoy their chosen sport, which is run by a
 dedicated group of volunteers.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Lions Club of Plymouth would like to announce the appointment of Wendy Constable to Honorary Member of the Club.
Wendy has been a very active member of the club since its inception in May 1964as the wife of one of the founder charter members of the Lions Club of Plymouth. Her husband Jimmie was a Chartered Surveyor/Auctioneer and Senior Partner of Constables Estate Agency. He was President of the club for the year 1969/70 and Deputy District Governor in 1970/71. Over many years both Jimmie and Wendy were veryactive in the forming of the Twinning of the Lions Club of Plymouth and the Morlaix Lions Club of France, this was affectionately called the’ Jumelage’, (French for twinning), in addition to many other, mainly fund raising activities for locally based charities. The present President Lion Jill Owen and members of the Lions Club of Plymouth feel indebted to Wendy for all the fundraising she has been a part of over the years of her association with the club and are proud of her acceptance of the Honorary      


 2nd VDGLion Kevin Moore presented the DG Banneret to Lion President Jill  at August meeting 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Lions Club of Plymouth held their official Presidential Handover Luncheon at the Elfordleigh Hotel, Golf and Country Club on Sunday 31st July.
The outgoing President Lion Jeff Horgan who has had the unusual position of presided over the club for the past two years instead of the usual twelve months due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But even taking this into account he has made a success of his extended term in office. He oversaw a number of successful events to raise funds for local and national communities. In the latter part of his presidency, he has upheld the motto of the Lion International Foundation of “We Serve” by committing himself and the club members to distributing funds to the value of £6,000.00 for the use of local charities whose aim is to serve the community with essential needs. This includes essential personal needs for Women and backpacks for Children at the Women’s Refuge, funds for Derriford Hospital Children’s Charities, Computers of local children and deserving adults, funds for the Brain Tumour Research Team at Plymouth University, Equipment for trainees at St John Ambulance, funds for Local Blood Bikes, and funds for two local foodbanks and also to include a number of individuals in need of financial help.
In addition, the club have provided assistance with the Plymouth Soup-Run, collecting and delivering food from local bakeries to the homeless hostel, plus help with Plymouth and District Mayflower Special Games,
Jeff duly handed over the presidential post together the ‘Chain of Office’ for the year 2022/2023 to Lion Jill Owen who will be the first ever lady president of the Lions Club of Plymouth since its conception in 1964/5 when Lion T.E. Hepple became the club’s first ever President. Jill will also be following in her late husband’s footsteps who was President of the club for the year 2007/8, who incidentally at that time, caused a ripple of discontent as he proposed that the club admit Lady Members.
President Jill Owen has pledged to increase the membership of the club and to this end requested all present members to make an effort to talk to friends and family to encourage new younger members to enjoy not only the service in the community but also the social aspects of the club’s activities to prove it’s not all about work but we can have fun as well!!

The Lions Club of Plymouth are part of Lions Clubs International who over the past century have worked together to encourage peace, enable prosperity and impact lives locally and globally. Today, the calls to improve health and wellbeing, to strengthen our communities and provide support for those in need have never been greater. The members of Lions Club of Plymouth under President Jill Owen’s leadership will endeavour to continue with the motto ‘WE SERVE’.
The new President on behalf of the members of the club presented the outgoing president Jeff Horgan with an engraved Walking Stick complete with a Lions Head handle and an inscription to commemorate his safe tenure of the Lions Club of Plymouth over his two difficult but successful years in office.

 Lion Geoff Woodland 45 Years’ Service Date – July 2022
 Geoffrey Woodland was inducted as a Charter Member of Radstock & Midsomer Norton Lions Club, Bath, in February 1977.
With a move to Plymouth n March 1980 Geoff transferred to the Lions Club of Plymouth and was a Director of the Club from 1983 to1999. He and his wife Pam have been very active in participation of Club Activities over these 45 years to include:-
 In the early 1980's the Lions club owned a caravan which contained supplies necessary for various Fetes and Summer Fayres, he collected, drove, loaded and unloaded the vehicle for all of the events for many years.
He was coordinator for a Lions Club Go-Carting event on Plymouth Hoe which involved the supply and driving a truck to collect hundreds of second hand car tyres to act as safety barriers for the Go-Cart racing track. With with the help of other Lions club members he installed the race track and legally disposed of the tyres after the event.
For many years he was heavily involved with organisation of both Boxing and Race Nights and with the help of other members the events proved extremely successful and raised thousands
 of pounds for charity
Geoff has been regularly involved in the clubs Dartmoor walk both 20 and 10 miles, with the help of other members he arranged the collection of mini buses necessary to act as safety vehicles during each event and for the distribution of pasties for hundreds of walkers.
Both Geoff and his wife Pam were also very active in the Twinning of the Lions Club of Plymouth and the Lions club of Morlaix
 France. This was known as the ‘Jumelage’. The Club’s would visit each other on a regular yearly basis for a weekend duration and enjoy Bar-B-Q’s and visiting places of local interest.
Quote from Geoff, “I have been involved with these activities over the past 45 years, it was always so much fun working with likeminded members who had the same aim, to raise money for hundreds of local charities”.
 Lion Geoff Woodland and Lion President Jill Owen

Yealmpton Show 2022










   The wives and partners of present and past members of the Lions Club of Plymouth have for many years contributed to the local and national charities by organising their own fund raising events independently from the Lions Club.
The last of these donations a Sum of £314.88 has recently been presented to the locally based Children's Charity Jeremiah's Journey, supporting children and their families who are anticipating or have experienced the death of someone special.
 The ladies of the LCOP have been unable to meet or raise funds during the past two years. Times and circumstances have changed and they no longer meet as a formal group. Two of the ladies have since been enrolled as official members of the LCOP. However, records show that
 over the past seven years alone, the Ladies group raised a Total of £11,736.68.


L to R – Pamela Greenwood, Mary Thomas, Georgie Adams (Corporate Events Fundraiser),Jeremiah Bear, Jean Barnicoat, Kathy Turvey.

Quote from outgoing Lions Club of Plymouth President Jeff Horgan:-
“A sad day in many ways the end of an era which the LCOP can be very proud. A lot of hard work put in over the years by ladies very supportive of their Lions Member husbands/partners many of which are no longer with us. Lots of money raised and given to our local Charities many of which were helping Children so it is, I think, fitting that the last to benefit is the locally based Children's Charity Jeremiah's Journey”.

Past President Lion Bob present Lion Graham is 10year chevron whilst on the annual canalboat holiday now he lives in Yorkshire

Lion Ray Foss and Lion David Turvey being presented with their long service chevrons  from Lion President Jeff Horgan. Lion Ray 15Years and Lion David 20 years Congratulations to both








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