The Lions Club of Plymouth were extremely pleased and surprised to receive a call from Jennie Peters of Computers for Charity to learn that we had been chosen to nominate a deserving person to receive a totally updated and refurbished laptop computer for free!!!
 Computers 4 charity is a registered UK technology charity who securely and safely
 refurbish unwanted or redundant laptops, computers or old IT equipment and donate it to charity causes.
They provide secure data destruction, computer recycling and reuse and give a whole new dimension to corporate and individual social and environmental responsibility.
Their ethos is for a holistic approach to computer refurbishment designed around sustainability and ethical donation cycle.
The Lions Club of Plymouth President Jeff Horgan and his Deputy Jill Owen have collected the equipment from Keith of Computers 4 charity (as photo) and the club members will decide soon who should be awarded with this much needed item.

Lion Tony Old being presented  his 40 year chevron by Lion President Jeff Horgan at tonight meeting of Lions Club of Plymouth


  The Lions Club of Plymouth have been active members of the regular Soup – runs for the homeless of Plymouth over a good number of years. The club has been supported by regular helpers who prepare the soup, sandwiches, baps and food parcels at Emmanuel Church Hall in Mannamead and then distribute to various strategic points throughout the city. The club are deeply indebted to these helpers and for this reason, the club president Jeff Horgan presented Certificates of Appreciation to three ladies, Tina Lloyd, Zoe Bond and Janet Marks for their continued support.  L to R Tina Lloyd, Zoe Bond, Janet Marks, Lion President Jeff Horgan, Thomas Pearce, Lion Jill Owen and Annable Bryce

L to R Thomas Pearce, Lion Lionel Marsh, Jeff Billington and Lion George Poad
During the recent soup-run, the ladies regularly involved were assisted by Lion members and friends. In addition to the above, the Lions Club of Plymouth have set up a rota of their members to collect unwanted foodstuff, pasties, pastries, baguettes, baps, cakes and alike from a number of local bakeries within Plympton and Plymstock on a daily basis and transport to the Homeless Hostel in Millbay, Plymouth. The club are very appreciative of the good will of the bakeries, namely Rowe’s, Oggy Oggy and the St Maurice Bakery in supporting this initiative of providing an essential need to the local homeless community. 


The Lions Club of Plymouth were called to assist the Plymouth Food Bank to distribute much needed Christmas food to people in need. The photograph below indicates Chair of Community Service Lion George Poad of the Lions Club of Plymouth on Christmas eve collecting a boot load of food from Andrew Denham at the Plymouth Good Bank ready to set off on a delivery to those in need. Upholding the International Lions Motto for the World of Local Communities “We Serve”

The Lions Club of Plymouth have supplied funds to enable Myaware to send 10 specialist information packs to key clinical practitioners and specialist agencies in Derriford Hospital. The aim of these clinical packs is to help support people living with myasthenia. As Myaware are the only charity in the UK providing support specific to people with myasthenia, it was considered to be important that the clinical packs concerning this neurological condition, which is characterized by fluctuating, sometimes potentially fatal, muscle weakness, a lifelong condition that can affect anyone at any age are in the hands of key clinical practitioners and specialist agencies in Derriford Hospital. Patients rely on receiving a prompt diagnosis and following on from that, specialist treatment and support to help them live life to the full. Sadly, many people with myasthenia can wait up to a year for their diagnosis and then, all too often, are left floundering without the information and practical advice they need to move forward. This can be extremely isolating and distressing for individuals and families, with many left feeling frightened and unsure about the future. With the funding provided, Myaware will be able to distribute comprehensive packs to key practitioners in South West England which will give healthcare professionals a better understanding of myasthenia and its symptoms to help diagnose patients as early as possible. 

L to R, Immediate Past President Lion George Poad, Lion President Jeff Horgan & Lion Roy Russell. (Kate Mulvey Regional Fundraiser for Myaware, was unfortunately unable to attend due to Covid restrictions)

The Lions Club of Plymouth and the Lions’ ladies, Presented cheques to the total value of £600.00, (i.e. £300.00 each) to Sue Rodgers of Derriford Hospital. The ladies donation will assist in the purchase of T.V.’s for the individual children’s wards at the hospital whilst the Lion’s donation will be for the Derriford Children’s Cancer Service. Children in Hospital at this time of year and in particular this year with Covid 19 limiting numbers of visitors allowed is somewhat depressing for the children and families, so it is hoped by providing them with something to help them adjust to this situation will help them through this period. The televisions will of course, also benefit future children patients. The Derriford Children’s Cancer Service is a very worthy local cause

L to R, Pam Greenwood, Sue Rodgers and Immediate Past President Lion George Poad

The Lions Club of Plymouth are fully aware of the input our own British University Research Departments have had with the recent achievement in the development of the Covid vaccination and commend them on their success. The University of Plymouth’s dedicated Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence are carrying out continuous sustainable research into brain tumours, with a view to improve the clinical outcomes for brain tumour patients. The research is vital to achieve the vision of finding a cure for brain tumours for the future. In order to assist with this exemplary aim, the Lion Club of Plymouth have made a donation of £250.00 for this most worthy cause. Lion President Jeff Horgan accompanied by Immediate Past President Lion George Poad, presented the cheque to Rachel Brown, Head of Development.

Note of thanks from Rachel Brown – “This has been a very difficult year for everyone and so we are especially grateful for people’s support at the moment. Thanks to the Plymouth Lions’ members for donating to our brain tumour team of researchers. Donations help us to grow the team researchers looking for treatments and cures – so thank you all.


The Lions Club of Plymouth have donated towards the very worthy charity of all the church denominations of St Budeaux who are working together to provide LARGE Christmas Hamper Bags full of treats for struggling families within their parish. The hamper bags will be distributed during the first week in January 2021. The hamper bags are being packed by the members of the Feast and Fun Charity at St Budeaux Church Community Hall by a team from the various churches and helped by Sara Jayne Barrett, Church Community Worker for St Budeaux Baptist Church. A donation of £300.00 was made by Lion President Jeff Horgan accompanied by Immediate Past President Lion George Poad on behalf of the Lions Club of Plymouth in order to assist with the purchase of the food and treats. +63


L to R – Sara Jayne Barrett, Lion President Jeff Horgan and Immediate Past President Lion George Poad.

Trade Day support Wednesday 23rd September 2020
The Lions Club of Plymouth were requested to repeat last year’s successful assistance at Howdens Trade Day, via Plymouth Lion secretary Tony Old. Howdens Joinery is the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fitted kitchens, appliances, and joinery products to trade professionals.
Customers were encouraged to visit their Cattedown Store in Plymouth on their Trade Day where they were treated to hot dogs, burgers and hot drinks.
The Plymouth Lions Club joined forces with Saltash Lions Club to support the local business community with the supply and service of catering facilities.
The wet weather and Covid-19 threat affected the numbers somewhat but customers who did support the Trade Day nevertheless declared the occasion a success and each thanked Howdens for their welcoming hospitality.
Lions Bob Dight, Ian Hill and Lion President Jeff Horgan from the Lions Club of Plymouth provided assistance at the event and Lion Mark Fox from Saltash Lions Club cooked the food.



In view of the fact that World Homeless Day this year is due on Saturday 10th October, the Lions Club of Plymouth felt that it was an opportunity to declare their passion for helping the homeless of Plymouth.

For the past 13 years the Lions Club of Plymouth have entered into undertaking a monthly slot in the diary of the Plymouth volunteer Soup-run, with the exception of two years when Ivybridge Lions came to the rescue.

The soup-run is organised by Hillary Knight MBE who operates out of the Shekinah Mission Plymouth. Hillary carries out the tireless task of organising the daily run by utilizing various voluntary groups throughout Plymouth and it’s surrounds to distribute hot food, sandwiches, cakes and biscuits to a good number of distribution points where the homeless are likely to congregate during late evening. The hot food is produced and sandwiches made by the Lions and their helpers utilizing the free use of the kitchen at the Emmanuel Church Hall Mannamead and then transported in their own vehicles and set out on tables at each of the agreed distribution points.

All of the food is donated by various suppliers and collected by the Lions club.

A number of new clothing items are also made available by donation from local stores and clean used clothing donated by friends which are given to the homeless.

In addition, sleeping bags are regularly purchased by the Lions Club at reduced prices and handed to the homeless.

Recent comment from Hillary Knight MBE:-

Hilary went out with our soup run last week and made the following complimentary observation. 'Well done Plymouth Lions, the social distancing was excellent'

Thanks to Lions Ian for preparing the fresh soup in batches, Lionel for leading the team with his lady helpers, George, his young friend, and Bob Dight. 48 needy people were fed on the night.

Next month the start time will be brought forward to 8.30 pm. This may raise the attendance at the last stop in Kings Road.

L/R Lion Bob Dight, Lion Lionel Marsh, Lion President George Poad, Glynis Everson, Tina Lloyd & Katie Everson, preparing for a Soup-run

Owing to generous cash donations there are funds available to purchase things like tables and flasks. Not much has been requested for buying food. Money for this is held by the Shekinah Mission.


In addition to the Soup-run, a great deal of help is given by the Lions Club of Plymouth to the Women’s Refuge in Plymouth, where a number of ladies leave their homes with their children and seek refuge for various relationship concerns in a safe, secure environment. Homeless, often with only the clothes they stand in!!

The Lions club of Plymouth over the past 10 years have provided each displaced child with a box/back pack of new toys, important clothing items, books, pencils, etc.  Suitable for differing age groups, which the child keeps.

The ladies are provided with some personal items, make-up and essential goods.

The Lions Club of Plymouth are proud of their ‘Pride’ and give thanks to the many suppliers who provide the club with free goods to enable us to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Please support the 10th World Homeless Day on the 10th October 2020 as best you can.  


The Lions Club of Plymouth proudly announce the handover of the club presidency. The outgoing Lion President George Poad handed the club’s presidential chain of office to the incoming Lion President Jeff Horgan during a social distancing picnic held on Sunday 12th July 2020.
The outgoing president Lion George Poad has had a tough year due to the presence of the Covit – 19 Pandemic during the last four months of his presidential year. But even taking this into account, prior to the pandemic he oversaw a number of successful events to raise funds for the local and national communities and in the latter part of his presidency, he has upheld the motto of the Lion International Foundation of “We Serve” by committing himself and the club members to distributing funds for the use of local charities who’s aim is to serve the community with essential needs. This includes the Plymouth Soup-Run, Two Local Foodbanks, the Women and Children at the Women’s Refuge, numerous Derriford Hospital Charities, the Devon and Cornwall Air Ambulances, the Erme Valley Rangers, the Children of Woodlands Special School, the Plymouth and District Special Olympics Team, Alzheimer’s Research Association and also to include a number of individuals in need of help.
Lion President George was presented with an album covering the many presentation that he had made during his year in office by the incoming Lion President Jeff Horgan, who in turn socially distancing was handed the Lions Club of Plymouth Presidential Chain of Office with best wishes for a successful year


  Virtual Swimathon 2020. 

 Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Lions Club of Plymouth have been unable to stage their annual Swimathon which should have taken place over the weekend of 13th/14th June. However the club did invite all interested teams to stage their own ‘DRY SWIM’ in an effort to carry-on with this event and it was hoped that they would be prepared to raise funds by organising their own friends and/or family in their own garden / lounge / staircase / anywhere! In Swimwear, with or without obstacles on the course, with (safe distancing rules to apply) for 1 hr duration with a team of 1 to 5 people over the same weekend 13th/14th June. The aim was to get sponsorship for the number of laps completed in 1 hr time period in a SAFE and organised environment, for a charity of their own choosing. Unfortunately there was not a lot of interest shown for the event, but the team of Erme Valley Rangers, consisting of a team of 4 Rangers, organised by Sharon Reynolds in Ivybridge and completed 110 Laps of a 25m course with a variation of different swimming strokes and had lots of fun in doing so. They staged the event in Sharon’s home garden and raised the sum of £70.00 for their Rangers club. Lions club of Plymouth were impressed with the determination of these young ladies to serve their own local community and awarded the team with a cheque for an additional £100.00. 
Lion President George Poad presenting the cheque to the Erme Valley Rangers.


Lion President George Poad finds a ‘Fishy’ but legal solution to Cheque Presentation during Social Distancing!!!

Following the receipt of £500.00 from the Lions Club Foundation of the British Isles, to be spent on the Local Plymouth Community during the COVID 19 crisis, the Lions Club of Plymouth decided to present cheques to two charities supporting the Supply and Distribution of food to the homeless and needy of Plymouth.

The first cheque for £250.00 was presented to Andrew Denham of the Oasis Centre Foodbank. 

The second cheque for £250.00 was presented to Alan Jones of the Plymouth North Centre Foodbank. 


Lions Club of Plymouth held their 55Th Charter Lunch at the Staddon Heights Golf Club on Sunday 15th March 2020 which was attended by the Lion District Governor Jim Partridge-Hogbin and his wife Lion Rosemary. Lion Club of Plymouth President Lion George Poad and members extended a hearty welcome to their distinguished guests and representatives of other local lions clubs, partners and friends, whilst District Governor Lion Jim PartridgeHogbin responded with thanks for his invitation to visit the City of Plymouth on this 400th Anniversary year of the sailing of the Mayflower. Presentations were made to individual Lion Club of Plymouth members of service awards and an achievement badge. 




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