There are numerous reasons why a person should become a Lion:
  • It will give you a tremendous sense of self fulfillment while helping those people who are in need of assistance.
  • By being a Lion you will have access to a number of on line programs for self improvement.
  • Lions Clubs International is the largest service organization in the world with over 1.4 million members throughout the world.  So where ever you go in the free world you will find a Lions Club that you can share experiences with.
  • Lions are a large family of people who have something in common (helping others)
  • You have the opportunity to get involved as much as you want and will also have a lot of fun in doing it.  You have the opportunity to provide a needed service to your community.
  • The various service projects that Lions Clubs perform are so many that they cannot be listed, if you have one contact your local Lions Club.
  • LCIF which is Lions Clubs International Foundation is one of the few which gives back to communities 100% of the money that is donated to it.  On more than one occasion it has been named the number one NGO. (non government organization)
  • Lions are one of the first organizations to be on scene whenever there is a major catastrophe and one of the last to leave.  What other organization can say that.
  • Lions Clubs provide free eye care, free eye glasses, free hearing aids and many other services to those who are in need.
  • Lions Clubs in California have had more than 50 years of working with the City of Hope in their research of cancer and diabetes.
  •  Lions Clubs help provide guide dogs for the blind.
  •  Lions Clubs in California and other states help provide service dogs for many different types of handicapped people.
  • Lions Clubs provide eye exams and eye glasses to people of many third world countries.
  • Lions Clubs have worked with drug companies to prevent river blindness in third world countries.

The above were compiled by Lion Ron Hudson

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