A Little About the
Penbrook Lions' History

The Penbrook Lions Club was founded in January 1946. With 13 members present – all local businessmen – the Penbrook Lions Club was chartered in March 1946 by Lions Club International.

At one time, every business owner and every elected Borough Official served the our community and its residents by becoming a member of the Penbrook Lions Club. Can you imagine the sense of pride these members had in our community? Can you imagine bringing that sense of pride back to our community?

Since 1946, the Penbrook Lions Club has provided and/or supported many community projects – some of which include playground equipment, youth athletic teams, school projects, scouting projects, health projects and safety projects.

We are also the proud sponsor of the PENBROOK LEO CLUB. With teens ranging in age from 12 through 18, we are the only local community-based Leo Club in our District. LEO stands for Leadership, Opportunity and Experience.

In our history, Penbrook Lions Club is home to four District Governors: the late Luther Milikin and E. Paul Clark; and PDG Jack Zimmerman and PDG Sarah Clark.

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