Operation Red Nose

This is a national road safety program where volunteers will drive you and your vehicle home.  

We are looking for volunteers to be a pilot car driver, driver or a navigator.  A group of 3 volunteers are a team. For more information contact Lion Jim Wilm at 306-764-3632 or


 The year started out with 37 members. 


A budget committee was established to prepare a budget for the coming year. The Committee established a budget of approx. $30,000.00 which was then presented to the membership for their input and approval. The budget covered all sources of funds expected to be raised by the club and an outline of where these funds would be expended. The membership approved the budget as a guideline to the year?s commitments to the community.


The AED ( Automatic Heart Defibrillator ) purchased by the Prince Albert Lions club in 2006 was received and installed at the entry of the Prince Albert Exhibition Association main building. This was placed through Lyle Karasiuk from Parkland Ambulance who would also arrange for the training in use of it. Many of the Exhibition Association staff, Volunteers and members of the Lions Club were trained in the use of it. The Lions are proud to be a part of making our community safer for the citizens.


The club hosted its 14th Annual Craft & Antiques Sale on Oct 17 & 18.  Thank you to all the businesses who donated toward this project.  Thank you to the vendors & customers.  Proceeds will go towards local projects.


The annual Christmas Supper for the Blind and Sight Handicapped will be  held on Dec. 8th hosted by the Prince Albert Lions Club and the Prince Albert Exhibition Association.  




 Orders for the Lions Easter bunnies were received by the club and once again over 400 cases were ordered by the clubs in the District.  The Easter bunnies were then delivered to the clubs who ordered them and from here each set up their sales in the community.


Sixteen members of the club provided 159 man hours of time selling Lions Easter Bunnies in Gateway mall. This is an excellent fund raiser for the club as the demand for the product goes up each year. Advertising is done through all the media?s and a number of phone calls are received about the Lions Easter Bunnies. In excess of 600 Lions Bunnies were sold by the members.


One of the most rewarding projects that the Lions do is the donation of Easter Bunnies to the residents of the homes and the patients in the Hospital. Ten members of the club spent time giving each a Lions Easter Bunny in the Herb Bassett Home, Pineview Terrace Home and Mont St. Joseph Home. Also to all the patients in the Hospital and the Mental Health center as well as all staff in all the facilities. Over 550 Easter bunnies were given out. This also provided time for the members to visit with each as many do not receive family members at special times like this. The club receives many cards of thanks for our thoughts at this time of the year and for our care of all in the facilities


The Prince Albert Lions Club in conjunction with the Youth Volunteer Department of the Victoria Hospital each year recognize the student volunteers who provide through the year 50 and 100 hours of volunteer service. The awards are ordered from Lions Clubs international and this year 33 youth were awarded certificates for 50 hours of volunteer service. As well the Prince Albert Lions club provides two bursaries to students in the amount of $250.00 each for students who are going into an educational field other than medical. The presentations are made at the year end awards program put on by the Hospital with all students and family in attendance.



                New to the Prince Albert Lions club this year is the Annual Exhibition Parade. We have been asked to host the Parade as the former group does not have the membership to handle it. The club feels this can be good publicity for the club and that we will have the necessary members to handle it. Most of the pre planning is done by the Exhibition association and we are needed the day of the parade. Some meetings have been held to date and all looks good to date.

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