Eye Glass Program -Since its founding,Lions have been commited to providing assistance to those individuals with sight impairments. The Ovid Willard Lions Club provides free vision examinations and glasses to anyone who can show financial need. Our Sight First Chairman works closely with School Nurses in the local School Districts to insure that students who need glasses get glasses. In addition, the Club provides transportation when necessary for individuals in need to obtain examinations or low vision testing.

Vision Screenings - Ovid Willard Lions Club goes out to the local schools and Head Start locations and provides vision screening for young children in those locations.This program helps find vision problems in the young children that otherwise might go undetected and untreated.

Emergency Resonse Devices- Ovid Willard Lions Club works with the Seneca County Office of the Aging Agency to provide Emergency Respnse Devices to persons with severe medical conditions which may require immediate medical response. These necklace type devices contain a button which when pressed sends an electronic signal to the Sheriff's Dispatcher for emergency response to that individual's residence.

Seneca Christmas Project -This project provides food,clothing, and gifts during Christmas to approximately 200 families in Seneca County. The Ovid Willard Lions Club supports this project annually to help those in need..

Seniors Dinner - Each year OWL Club sponsors a free St. Patrick's Day Corn Beef and Cabbge Dinner for area Seniors. Our Club likes to reconize the importance of the contributions of Seniors to our community. This is just a small way of saying thank you for good deeds past and present.

Community Support - Annually, the Ovid Willard Lions Club donates more than $6000 to community relief, support and recognition.

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