We Want to Help. The Ormond Beach Lions Club Foundation wants to help those in the Ormond Beach and Holly Hill communities that might not have the resources to address certain health issues.

We are inspired and driven by Helen Keller’s challenge to Lions Clubs International, in 1925, when she challenged Lions to become ”Knights of the Blind in the Crusade Against Darkness.” We strive to make friends with all we come in contact with in the provision of our services…whether it be a child who may need their first pair of eyeglasses, or a senior in need of hearing aids, but cannot afford them.

We are served by some of our community’s most talented and dedicated volunteers, who are in turn, supported by Lions Clubs International Foundation, which helps fund humanitarian projects around the world.

Applicants for assistance must confirm their need, and their financial condition, in order to qualify for assistance.

Vision Screening / Eyeglasses. The Ormond Beach Lions will assist those in the community who have problems with their vision, but cannot afford to schedule a vision screening appointment, or to procure eyeglasses, if screening confirms the need.

Eye Surgery. On rare occasions, vision screening may reveal the need for cataract surgery, or surgery to address other sight conditions. The Ormond Beach Lions will assist in arranging for eye surgery, working with its local partners, and the Florida Lions Foundation for the Blind.

Eyeglasses Collection. Lions have recognized the urgent need for corrective lenses and, as such, collect re-usable eyeglasses to support the Lions Recycle for Sight Program. The Ormond Beach Lions have more than a dozen eyeglass collection boxes, located primarily at Optometrist offices around Ormond. Collections are sorted to determine those that are re-useable, then processed, and sent to a central repository for storage and distribution to optical missions around the world. The collection box locations are published on the Club’s website, Donations Page.

Hearing Aids. The Ormond Beach Lions mission with respect to hearing, is to demonstrate concern, and respect for, the dignity and independence of people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or who have speech disorders, with a goal of helping to improve their quality of life. Individuals with limited resources are sent to local Hearing Centers for testing and fitting of recycled, or new hearing aids, which is financially covered by the Lions.  The Club also collects used hearing aids to be recycled. To make a hearing aid donation call the Club Secretary.

Diabetes Screening. The purpose of the Club’s diabetes screening program is to identify individuals who may have diabetes, and may not know it, and refer them to qualified healthcare professionals for additional assessment. The Ormond Beach Lions conduct diabetes screenings at select community events around the calendar. Screening dates are posted on the Club’s facebook page.

Annual Food Drive. The Ormond Beach Lions participate annually in the Lions, Region 3 Food Drive, aiding Volusia County School children of families with limited means, over the Spring Break. One hundred bags of food are distributed and delivered to Ormond Middle School and Seabreeze High School in time for distribution before the Spring Break

Scholarships. The Ormond Beach Lions award up to two, $1,000, Andy Romano Memorial Scholarships, annually, to deserving Seabreeze High School seniors. Applications for the scholar-ships may be picked up at the school Counsellor’s office during February. The applicant’s transcript must accompany the application in order to qualify for consideration. Applications must be received by March 31.

Seabreeze High School Leo Club. The Ormond Beach Lions support the Seabreeze High School, Leo Club. Leo members have the opportunity to acquire skills as project organizers and motivators of their peers. They discover how teamwork and cooperation can bring about change in our community. Leos develop positive traits and receive recognition for their contributions. Membership is open to young people with good character, who have an interest in serving our community

SHS Student-Athlete of the Month. The Ormond Beach Lions honor seven Seabreeze High School, Student-Athletes of the Month each school year. Students must excel in both academics and sports to qualify. Candidates are screened and selected by the School’s Principal. Honorees receive a special plaque commemorating their selection. Corporate sponsors of the program include: Manny’s Pizza, Ryan Ochipa State Farm Insurance and Harry Wendlestedt Umpire School.

Beach Wheelchairs. The Ormond Beach Lions provide two special-designed beach wheelchairs for use by visitors, or local residents, during visits to the beach. The wheelchairs are stored at the lifeguard station located at the Cardinal Drive Approach, a block North of Andy Romano Beachfront Park.

Join Us In Service. 1.446 million Lions worldwide, in over 200 countries, serve their communities. 1.6 million people worldwide, received assistance of some form, from Lions during the 2016-2017 Lions Year.

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Service Contacts

Sight  Joan Best 302-841-3214
Hearing Joan Best 302-841-3214
Diabetes   Hank Lunsford 941-284-3241
Scholarship   Trish Vevera  386-453-3721
Leo Club Trish Ardler 804-514-1947
Membership  Trish Vevera 386-453-3721
Secretary      Trish Vevera 386-586-0253


DONATIONS. Our foundation is a tax-exempt 501©3 charitable organization. We accept donations with great appreciation, 100% of which help fund our community services. To make a donation, contact our Club Secretary. We thank you for your consideration to support our community.


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