Message from our President 

As much as Covid-19 continues to frustrate people, the more optimistic among us can find good and positivity in the stresses and strains it has brought. 
Those of us who are Lions club members have found adversity has brought the community closer together, encouraging more co-operation among service clubs, community groups, churches, and first responders. We've marveled as we watch teenagers help out their families, classmates, neighbors and the community at large. The Lions and Lioness Lions are working side by side with the Legion, the Baptists with the Anglicans, Catholics and United Church, the Scouts with the schools, and the volunteer firemen with everybody. 
And those of us who live in small communities, such as the Omemee area, give thanks that we do, watching locals helping locals, people doing their best to follow health guidelines and, as a result, earning more social freedom than those who live in larger communities where things were not so pleasant and life was more of a grind.  
We may not be financially as well off as some of our more urban neighbors, but socially we are more so.                                           
In the waning days of winter, things seem to be brightening and restrictions are lifted and our traditions are slowly returning to what they once were.                  
The Omemee Lions, however, never run out of projects and the desire to keep serving.   The Lions motto is We Serve and, as a community, we all serve much better when we do it together and even in these past years in new and different ways..

President Georg Jack



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