WHY A LION? Watch and see the depth of Service LIONS give back to communities...all over the world. Come Join US! Contact any Okauchee Lions Member or EMAIL US AT INFO@OKAUCHEELIONSCLUB.COM or call 262 560-0532 to become part of this AMAZING organization! WE SERVE!


Every club needs members in order

to achieve its service goals!

Is it not the perfect time to reach out to the Okauchee Lions Club and give the gift of service to your community and Lake Country.   Okauchee Lions Clubs has but one purpose, and that is to give to those who will never be able to pay you back.





In addition to regular membership, LCI offers special membership programs for families, college students, former Leos and young adults.

Regular Member

This is our “standard” membership. Regular membership is for community members interested in volunteering, serving the community and making our world a better place. Regular members pay membership dues annually (US$90).  To join there is an additional one time entry fee of (US $35).

Family Member

The Family Membership Program provides families with the opportunity to receive a special dues discount when they join a Lions club together. The first family member (head of household) pays full international dues (US$90), and up to four additional family members pay only (US$45.00) plus the $35.00 one time entry fee per new member. The Family Membership Program is open to family members who are

(1) eligible for Lions membership                                                                                         

 (2) currently in or joining the same club                                                                                 

 (3) living in the same household and related by birth, marriage or other legal relationship.   

To receive the family membership dues rate, complete the Family Unit Certification Form and submit it with the MMR, or complete the certification on MyLCI.                             

Student Member

Leo Club may be started. Call 262-560-0532 and leave us a message and we will follow-up with more information.



For prospective members who may not be able to meet the obligations of active membership, LCI offers several membership categories to fit their needs.

Active Member

Active membership is the “typical” category of Lions membership. Active members receive all benefits, and must meet all requirements, of Lions membership.

Affiliate Member

An affiliate member is someone who is not able to participate as an active member of the club but desires to support the club and its community service initiatives.

Associate Member

An associate member has active membership in one Lions club and associate membership in a second club in their community of residence or employment.

Honorary Member

An honorary members is not a member of the Lions club but may be granted honorary membership by a Lions club for having performed outstanding service

Life Member

A life member is a Lion who has maintained active membership for at least 20 years, or at least 15 years if the member has reached age 70.  Life membership may also be granted to a Lion who is critically ill.


A member-at-large is a member of a club who is unable to regularly attend club meetings but desires to retain membership in the club.

Privileged Member

A privileged member is a Lion who has been a member 15 or more years but must relinquish active status because of illness, infirmity, advanced age or other reason. 



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