Welcome to the heart of the Norwalk Lions Club's service initiatives! Delve into our diverse array of projects, each crafted with care to address pressing needs and uplift our community. With a legacy spanning over 70 years, our commitment to service remains unwavering, fueled by the generous support of individuals like you!



We support and help fund the following programs, please select the blue hyperlink to learn more and download applications.



CAUSE: Vision & Hearing


Sight Conservation: We are preserving the gift of sight through community outreach and education. Select hyperlink to be redirected to a vision event near you.

APPLICATION for Free Glasses: We provide essential eyewear to those in need, ensuring everyone has access to clear vision. Select hyperlink to download our application for free eyeglasses.

LEFSC-LEISC: We support the Lions Eye Foundation of Southern California and the Lions Eye Institute for Sight and Hearing, advancing vision care research and treatment. Select hyperlink to learn more.

Health Fair: We promote wellness and offer vital health services to our community in conjunction with partnerships developed through our city. Select hyperlink to be redirected to our latest events.

Wayfinder Family Services (Formerly Jr Blind of America): We are empowering young individuals with visual impairments and those facing other challenges to thrive through specialized programs and support. Select hyperlink to learn more.

Canine Companions: We are enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities through the companionship and assistance of trained service dogs. Select hyperlink to learn more.

LHFSC: We support the Lions Hearing Foundation of Southern California in its mission to improve hearing health and accessibility. Select hyperlink to learn more.

Camp Teresita Pines: We support creating memorable experiences for individuals with disabilities through inclusive camping adventures. Select hyperlink to learn more.



CAUSE: Hunger


Community Food Pantry, Thanksgiving Dinner, and Distribution Events: We are addressing food insecurity and providing essential resources to individuals and families in need. Select hyperlink to be redirected to the our latest distribution events.



CAUSE: Education and Youth Support


APPLICATION for Spirit of Community Scholarship: We are investing in the future by providing educational opportunity for students with shared values in volunteerism.  Select hyperlink to download scholarship packet and apply.

Student Speaker Contest: We are nurturing public speaking skills and fostering confidence in our youth through annual speaker competitions.  Select hyperlink for contest details.

Student Speaker Foundation: We are providing resources and platforms for student voices to be heard on important issues and encouraging youth development.  Select hyperlink to learn more.

APPLICATION for Arts, Music, and Sports Grants: We are investing in youth supporting art, music, and sports programs fostering personal development, building strong communities, preserving cultural heritage, promoting social and economic well-being, and physical health.  Select hyperlink to apply.

Public Safety Cadets: We support the mentoring and preparing of young individuals for careers in public safety and community service. Select to learn more.

Sheriff's Youth Foundation: We support law enforcement's efforts to provide a safe, supportive haven where youth can interact with positive role models and receive guidance, factual information, life skills, educational enrichment, physical activities as well as participate in after-school and esteem building activities.  Select hyperlink to learn more.

Teen Alliance Program:  We support youth through the development of valuable working skills, social skills, interpersonal skills, and gain a sense of accomplishment, while giving back to the community through volunteerism.  Select hyperlink to learn more.



CAUSE: Community


Angel Tree, Santa Sleigh, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Festival: We are bringing joy and holiday spirit to families in our community through our support of festive events and traditions.  Select hyperlink to be redirected to the City of Norwalk's event calendar.

Mayor's Prayer Breakfast: We support the uniting of our community members in fellowship and reflection.  Select hyperlink to learn more.

Summer Concerts: We support the celebrating of culture and community pride through music and festivities in our community. Select hyperlink to be redirected to the City of Norwalk's events page.

Norwalk Chamber Of Commerce, Friends of the Library, Norwalk Community Coordinating Council, Rancho Los Amigos Foundation, City of Hope: We are collaborating with local organizations and initiatives to uplift our community and support worthy causes. Select hyperlinks to learn more.

APPLICATION for Cat Spay and Neuter Program: We are addressing the issue of overpopulation among felines, reducing the number of unwanted kittens and improving the overall welfare of cats in the community.  Select hyperlink to apply.


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