We Serve" People in many of the following ways according to the needs of our local community and Lions Clubs International:

  •           Eye Glasses For Those In Need
    • Schools For Blind With Another Disability
    • Camps For Visually Impaired Children
    • Eye And Tissue Banks (All Organs)
    • Eliminate 80% Of Blindness Worldwide
    • Drug Training For Teachers(Lions Quest)
    • Community Health Fairs
    • Youth Exchange Programs
    • Support Recreational Programs
    • Youth Drug Prevention Programs
    • Support Girl And Boy Scout Programs
    • Sponsor And Sponsor Little Leagues
    • Three Eye Banks In Florida (Over 90% World Wide)
    • Community Leader Awards (Outstanding Citizens)
    • Scholarships For Worthy Students
    • Services For Senior Citizens
    • All Types Of Eye Testing And Screening
    • Screening For Glaucoma & Diabetes
    • Diabetes Research
    • Corneas For Transplants (Over 50,000 In Florida Alone)
    • Medicine And Food During Disasters
    • Hearing Aids For Those Who Are In Need
    • Hearing Dogs For The Deaf (At No Cost)
    • Guide Dogs For The Blind (At No Cost)
    • Eye Surgery For Those Who Can't Afford It

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