The North Augusta Lions Club received its charter at the club's second meeting January 17, 1936.  It was the first civic club in the community, and early on it focused on supporting education, sports and people in need in the community.  The variety of the club's projects ranged from providing lights for the old football field to building an entirely new field for the community.  The field was named Lions Memorial Field but called simply "Lions Field" and has been the site of high school, middle school and Parks and Recreation football, the Annual Lions Club Community Benefit Horse Show and even a 4th of July fireworks display.  The field was reworked and rededicated in 2001 with a flagpole and plaque provided by the local Lions.  The club built, operated and maintained Lions Field for 25 years.  North Augusta High School used the field for its home games until the new stadium was built on the new high school's grounds in 1976.

To raise money for its various projects the members put on minstrel shows, womanless weddings, a horse show, golf tournaments and auctions in addition to the regular Lions Broom Sale and Candy Day sales.

Over and above its contribution to Lions projects such as Sight Conservation, the South Carolina Eye Bank and the Leader Dog School, the North Augusta Lions Club has provided significant supportto the Nancy Carter Library, the Boy Scouts, Dixie Youth Baseball, the Salvation Army, area school bands and glasses for the needy, to name a few.  The club provides annual scholarships to needy and talented high school students.  Club members have maintained the gates and sold tickets for all North Augusta High School home season and playoff games.  The club also organizes, directs and provides awards for the annual North Augusta Christmas Parade. 

In 2005, the club provided the initial funding for a sensory garden in the North Augusta Living History Park.

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