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As an individual you can have a limited impact but as part of a worldwide organisation, such as Lions Clubs International, you could achieve so much more - in your community, in your country, and in the world.

In an increasingly complex society, Lions meets one of the most basic human needs; for friends and friendship.  It gives us the opportunity to meet other like-minded people, locally and around the world with whom you can expect to establish close, life-long relationships.

As well as catering for the needs of others who may be less fortunate than ourselves, Lions have fun, with regular social events not only in their own club but with other clubs in their locality, nationally and internationally.

Lions is a 'service organisation'.  Our motto is simple, but says it all; 'We Serve'.  Here in Northampton Eighty Lions Club we help local youth groups, special schools, sports clubs, groups that care for the disabled, visually-impaired or homeless.  Nationally we support the Blind Veterans and MedicAlert as well as promoting awareness of medical conditions such as blindness and diabetes.  Internationally, Lions have been responsible for improving the sight of millions of people in the third world and for helping to eradicate measles and giving many others access to clean water.

Anyone over the age of 18 who wants to contribute to the well-being of others and, at the same time, experience the feeling of satisfaction that comes with giving something back is welcome.

Why not join us? - WE SERVE - you could too!

Our monthly meetings are held at the Working Men's Club in Sheep Street, Northampton on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.45 p.m. for 8.00 p.m.(Map) .

If you would like to join us or wish to meet one of us for a chat about Lions then get in touch. You can find contact details in the 'Contact Us' menu on the left-hand side of this page.

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Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service club organization with more than 1.4 million members in approximately 46,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas around the world.

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