Eye Glass Project: Mark Valenzuela

Holiday Clothing Project: Manny Montano

Operation See: Buck Clark and Dina Sanchez

Junior Olympics: Fernando Parra, Dina Sanchez 

Adopt -A-Highway: Len Egley

C. Kirby Smith Exchange Program: Manfred Cripe, and Board of Directors

Guest Speaker Program: Greg Lucero

Youth and Community Project: Bill Spater, Dina Sanchez

Membership/Orientation: Bill Stout

Flag for First graders: Skip Vellom

Nomination Commitee: Buck Clark, Manny Montano, Dina Sanchez, Bill Stout

Peace Poster Contest: Fernando Parra, Luis Parra, Aissa Bonilla

Public Relations: Marcelino Varona

Misc. Fundraisers: Luis Parra

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