Charter Founder Message

The 9/ll attack in our community prompted me  to do something good for the less fortunate while in life.  

  There is no greater satisfaction one experience when looking back and see that we have done something that made a difference in someone's life. 

Doing something good for others is something that my husband and I enjoy, and I am very fortunate to have a partner who places high value on volunteerism and community involvement. Being a Lion continues that tradition, it allows us to serve others and network with Lions members from all over the world – something we are very passionate about.

When we were attacked on 9/11, we lost many friends and people who live in our residential complex in Gateway, our homes and offices were damaged and jobs were lost. From our apartment windows, I watched in horror people standing on the windowsills of the towers and others hanging down trying to escape the heat, and those hanging down from the windowsills falling one by one.  I stood there petrified watching them fall streight down in piruets and those who opened their arms and legs fall all over the buildings and street in in front of our windows.  It was a horrible feeling seeing all this and not being able to help.   When the second plane hit the Sourth Tower, all those standing by the windowsills and those inside, started jumping out the windows, in groups holding hands and falling over the buildings and streets around us. Our Braves and Finest were in desperation, running all around, trying to save them, but it was in was too much to handle... From the windows of our apartment I watched them coming up and down the streets with stretches that contained almost nothing, but pieces collected from whoever they found. 

Our community felt lost and did not know what to do or where to run. It is the most horrible feeling that I'll carry through my live: being there, watching, taking pictures and doing nothing, has haunted me ever since and will forever.  The very same day we were attacked my husband was called on active duty, we lost our business, were evacuated from our apartments for four months, and soon later I was unable to move and had horrible pain that lasted two months until Dr. Falkenstein found the reason for my condition (caused by trauma) and put me on a treatment with steroids that enabled me to walk in 3 hours and slowly recuperated my strenght. It was during these days in bed that I promissed myself that I would do something good in helping those in need.  It was then that I realized that we take all for granted and don't think, don't feel and don't look around to see that there are so many people who suffer and need help.  It was a wake up for me and after I got better I searched for organization I could give my time, but then I chose Lions Clubs International and decided to form a Charter of Lions Club in our community.  And with the support of our friends in our community we formed the New York Financial District Lions Club "NY FiDi Lions"

TNY FiDi Lions,  has given me the unique opportunity to work with an amazing group of professional men and women in serving our community.  We are proud and honored to be members of such respectful organizations where all serve for a common cause, without personal and financial rewards always following the Lions Moto "WE SERVE!" 

Terry Paladini-Baumgarten, Charter President/Founder

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