Emily Nickolai, Our 2018 Neenah Lions Thomas E Thorsen Memorial Scholarship Award Winner. Congratulations Emily!  Emily will be attending UW - Eau Claire in the fall studying Special Education.

Just a reminder, Neenah Lions collects used Eye Glasses and there are many collection areas conveniently located in Neenah. Thank you for your recycling generousity.

Rose Sales 2018 was again a great success.Thank you to all who purchased them. We delivered 460 dozen on April 6 and 7th. It was a fun day and we enjoyed creating many happy faces.

Dictionaries were given to all Neenah 3rd Graders again this year. We visited 32 classrooms and handout 660 dictionaries this year. 

CommunityFest 2017 was a beautiful day. Families enjoyed the day from the parade, singing, dancing, food, rides, games, and the Fireworks. Neenah Lions served our famous Brats, Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Nachos. We thank you for stopping by and enjoying our Food and Service. Thank you CoummityFest workers, planners, and attendees. 

460 dozen Roses for 2017 were delivered on April 7-8th by Neenah Lions to Neenah, Larson, Winchester, Clayton, Fox Crossings and Vinland. What a fun day and brings so much joy to everyone. Happy Spring! Thank you for participating in Lions' Rose Fundraiser in the Fox Cities.

Neenah Lions distributed ditionaries to all 3rd graders in 2017 visiting 33 classroom for a total of 875 dictionaries. The kids really enjoy them and its great to visit every school and every classroom. Thank you for participating. 

CommunityFest 2015 and 2016 was a success on July 4th in Riverside Park.What a beautiful day. Many families enjoyed Activities in the Park all day ending with the massive fireworks show that night. Neenah Lions served our famous Burgers, Brats, Hot Dogs, and Nachos. Thank you for supporting us. A fantastic time was had by all. . 

Streetball 2015 and 2016 in downtown Neenah was another huge success on Saturday June 13th. Neenah Lions prepared ground chuck hamburgers, cheeseburgers, brats, 1/4 pounder all beef hot dogs, Nacho and with the works, and drinks. All our profits go back into the Community for eye glasses, ramps, vision care, and to send kids free to our Wisconsin Lions Camp. Thank you. 

Neenah Lions distributed 500 dozen roses on Friday April 24th and Saturday April 25th. We sold 330 dozen this year. Thank you to all those who participated. Our quality and colors this year were awesome. Neenah Lions conducts this fundraiser every year starting in January and sales end in March. If you do not participate, we hope you will in 2016. Thank you. 

Dictionaries for all Third Graders have been ordered. Neenah Lions will be distributing them in November 2015 once recieved. We will visit 32 classrooms and hand out 600 dictionaries. A worthy cause and fun time.

CommunityFest at Riverside Park on July 4, 2014 was well attended and enjoyed. We sold out of burgers and brats about 8:30pm. Everyone enjoyed the sunny day and planned activities. The fireworks were awesome. Thank you for supporting The Neenah Lions.

Streetball 2014 was well supported by Basketball teams and fans. We served our famous burgers and brats to all. Thank you for your support! Saturday was a huge success. Sunday was slow but we endured and supported the teams. 

Recently installed Ramps paid by Neenah Lions on Gruenwold Ave and Columbian Ave.

Neenah Lions had another fantastic 2014 Rose Sale Fundraiser. Thank you. We delivered 400 dozen to homes and businesses on April 11 and 12. Always FUN bring smiles to those receiving them. Again thank you.

Neenah Lions deleivered 600 dictionaries to all third graders in the Neenah School District. We met with 550 children, in 28 class rooms, and 14 schools. We had a blast talking to them about what Lions do and previewing the Students Dictionary. Each Dictionary has 350 pages of words, math tables, sign language, longest words, presidents biograpghies, Declaration of Indenpendence, Constitution of US, Amendmends, States, Solar Systems, and Countries.

Neenah Lions again helped Salvation Army Christmas Collection Bell Ringing at Neenah Festival Foods on Saturday December 7th. What a joy to serve for such a worthy cause.


Dictionaries for all Neenah third graders have been ordered and will be deivered early in 2014. This program serves 15 schools, 38 classes, and almost 500 students. Our third graders love them and use them throughout grade school.


On Saturday July 13 Neenah Lions teamed up with A Fish Tale & More to teach about 55 Children how to fish. It was a beautiful morning and many caught perch, one nice walleye, and one huge catfish. We ended the morning having hot dogs, water, chips, and cookies. All children appeared to have a fantastic time.


July 4th was a huge success celebrating CommunityFest 2013 at Riverside Park in Neenah. Childrens games, bicycle parade, boat parade, singing, dancing, and fireworks that ended the day at dark. We sold out and everyone enjoyed the beautful warm and sunny day. The fireworks were spectacular. Thank you ALL from the Neenah Lions.  


June 8th and 9th Neenah Lions attended our Future Neenah 2013 Streetball Event preparing and serving hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats for the basketball players, families, and friends that attended the two day event. The weather was partly sunny and a very enjoyable two days. Thank you all for supporting the Neenah Lions!


May 2013 Neenah Lions awarded Rian Lennon with our annual $1,000 scholarship at the Neenah High School.


Saturday April 27th Neenah Lions had our pancake breakfast from 8-11am at Applebees Neenah. Thank you for yur support!


January thru March 2013 Lions sold Roses for $15 per dozen delivered. They come in a variety of beautiful colors.  Another successful year and we thank all our supporters. We delivered 455 dozen on Saturday April 13th. What a fun day bring happiness and joy to all recepients.Thank you for your Neenah Lions support. 


December 2012 Neenah Lions purchased The Students Dictionary and delivered to 14 schools - 28 classrooms a dictionary to every third grader. We have so much fun sharing what Lions do and discussing the content of the dictionaires. The kids, teachers, and Lions have a great time. 


December 2012  Neenah Lions helped Salvation Army and rang bell on December 1st for their worthy cause. We had twelve Lions and some family members work the whole day at the new Festival Foods in Neenah. Such a fun and fullfilling day.


October 2012 Neenah Lions teamed up with Younker Community Days and sold coupon books in the store on several days and also sold to our family and friends. A very successful fundraiser. Thank you. 


July 2012 Historical Society Day serving Hot drinks and food items to all thise who enjoy visiting Neenah's Historical Society.


July 2012: Neenah Lions with A Fish Tale and More enjoyed teaching about 50 children how to fish at Fritse Park. It was a sunny day and all children caught a perch or two. We ended enjoying grilled hot dogs, chips, and drinks.  A great time by all on this beautiful sunny day.


CommunityFest 2012: An extremely hot day at Riverside Park. Food and Game vendors and non-profit organization weathered the day and served those who attended the event. Unfortunately, not many families attended this year due to the excessive heat. But those who did enjoy the days activites. Neenah Lions served Brats, Burgers, Pulled Pork, Hot Dogs, and Nacho from 10am till 8pm. Thank you to all who enjoyed the events and helped support the Neenah Lions. See you at Oktoberfest!


Streetball 2012: Neenah Lions had a great time with two beautiful days of basketball and serving Burgers, Brats, Hot Dogs, Nacho's, and pulled Pork sandwiches. Thank you for your continued support! Karli Woods, our Neenah High School Scholarship winner of $1,000 help both days. Good Luck Karli at LaCrosse! 


Dictionaries 2012: Neenah Lions delivered 800 dictionaries to all Neenah Third Graders at Alliance, Clayton, Coolidge, Hoover, Lakeview, Spring Road, Tullar, Wilson, Fox Valley Christain, Trinity Lutheran, St Margaret Mary, and Martin Lutheran. It's a fun time and we also teach them about Diabeties Awareness.


Roses Sales 2012: Thank you Neenah for your support! We sold 320 dozen and delivered 536 dozen this year.


Fish Tale and More 2011: Neenah Lions sponsor a day with A Fish Tale & More teaching children how to fish at Island Park. This year 50 children fished and everyone caught at least one. We ended the morning with a hot dog barbeque. It was enjoyed by many. All bait and equipment was furnished. And free to all children.


CommunityFest 2011: What a beautiful day on July 4th at Riverside Park. The activities were many and the families of our communities enjoyed the day and evening at Riverside Park. Again, thank you for supporting the Neenah Lions. We served our specialties which included hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, Nacho's, and pulled pork. It was a fun day enjoyed by all!


 Streetball 2011: We had a fabulous time cooking brats, burgers, hot dogs, and pulled pork for the basketball players and all the wonderful citizens who supported the players and community. Our Nacho's and pulled pork sandwiches were a big hit!


Rose Sales 2011: Thank you Neenah and Fox Cites for your support. Neenah Lions sold 340 dozen and delivered 480 dozen to our Neenah Community.  The Roses were beautiful again this year.


DARE 2010 at the Leach for The Battle of the Bands was a cooler and overcast day. Neenah Lions teamed up with Oshkosh Lions and cooked Burgers and Hot Dogs, and prepared Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Popcorn, and Nacho's along with cold drinks. We had a fun day serving, and the Leach is a fantastic place to have events.


CommunityFest 2010 July 4th was a fantastic day at Riverside Park. The weather was beautiful and attendance was good but down from the prior year. We had a fantastic turnout and cook Burger, Brats, Hot Dogs, and served Nacho and drinks. As usually we had terrific supporters and a great fundraiser day. Thank you Fox Cities for your continued support in the Lions.


Streetball 2010 was fun, exciting, and enjoyed by many. Neenah Lions cooked and served Hamburgers, Brats, Hot Dogs, and Nacho's. We had a great fundraiser and thank you everyone who enjoyed our food and drink. We owe a special thanks to Rich Batley, owner of the Ground Round, who gave their position in StreetFest to Neenah Lions, so Neenah Lions could fundraise for their community projects...... thank you Rich!  We also want to thank Badger Energy who donated propane to the Neenah Lions for their grilling.


Thank you Neenah. Rose sales for 2010 was a huge success. We sold 350 dozen and delivered 500 dozen.


On July 18th the Neenah Lions and A Fish Tale & More served 50 children hot dogs and fished off Island Park from 9:00 - noon. The children caught some fish and had a wonderful time.


Our main projects for this year includes Rose Sales, Streetball, OctoberFest, Wine Tasting, and Community Fest. Community support includes: Ramps; Wisconsin Lions Camp; Boys & Girls Brigade; Leader Dogs; Eye glasses & Hearing aids recycling;  Mission to Mexico; Dictionaries to all Neenah third graders; Roosevelt Soupster; Brigade Christmas Family Sponsor; and large format books for Neenah library.



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