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September 23rd the Murray Business Lions Club is hosting our 4th annual Color for a Cause Paint Run/Walk.  The Murray Business Lions are very excited to organize this fun event for you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or post your questions on the “Murray Business Lions” Facebook page.  Online registration will be available online until midnight on September 23rd at midnight.  Runners can register on their home computer or smart phone at

The Paint run will be held in Chestnut Park (across the street from Pagliai’s Pizza). 

7:00 Late Registration, packet pickup, and Zumba will begin.
8:00 Last minute runner instructions.

All runners at this event will receive a Get Colored for a Cause event shirt and the first 300 runners to register will receive a free pair of sunglasses.

We ask the runners to wear protective eyewear and light-colored clothing.  Bathrooms will be available for a quick wardrobe change.  The Murray Fire Department will also be at the starting line to sprinkling all of the runners as you get started to help the color stick.  If you don’t like getting your hair wet, please bring a running hat or whatever keeps your hair safe. 

We ask that you leave your pets at home for this event since the dogs may react badly to their owners being covered with water and colorful cornstarch.  Just make sure to bring them back to the dog park later!

This is not a timed run so even though we have a course, you are not required to stay on it.  Runners will be released in small groups so that everyone is not bunched up.  Each color station will host a different color powder and different era of music.  Runners can choose to run the course as many times as they like – it’s a fun run!

We love seeing runners dress up but just be sure to dress in light colors so that the color starch will show up and look great in photos.  If you would like the color to stay on that piece of clothing, just spray it with vinegar, let it dry, and iron the shirt before washing.  I have not tried this but read a few articles on the internet so it must be true.  Parking will not be assigned.  Registration and Zumba classes will be held on the basketball court so no areas will be roped off.

Be safe and have fun,

Murray Business Lions Club 

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