September 2020

SEPTEMBER 10 MEETING: Our meeting will be held in the pavilion at the back parking lot of the church weather permitting. We’ll continue to make the meeting brief, a 45 minute maximum. Please bring a mask in case of inclement weather requiring us to use the church basement. There will only be one meeting per month for the remainder of 2020.

SUB SALE: Our Friday and Saturday sub sale for September: September 11 & September 12. Our regular sale will be delayed one week due to the Labor Day weekend on the first weekend in September. We’ll continue the members’ only sale for Friday, September 11 and Saturday, September 12; and we’ll sell in Norvelt @ 8:00 AM. Please check your emails for the information on sales. Thanks to all who purchased and sold the subs. Please consider purchasing subs for your friends, family members and neighbors. You’ll need to deliver them or make arrangements for members to deliver them to you. Our October sale: Friday, October 2, and Saturday, October 3. A few of our members sell on Friday and Saturday. If a few additional members came on Saturday morning, those members won’t need to work that morning. We’ve also been very successful with swelling brooms at the Saturday morning sales.

2020-2021 DUES: Dues for FY2020-2021 are now due. We have 12 members who still owe dues. Are you one of them? Your dues statement for 2020-2021 was included in your June newsletter. Annual dues remain at $64.00 or $32.00 semiannually per member. Your immediate payment is appreciated.

GOOD HEALTH: Please remember our members and their family members who are currently experiencing health issues.

GOLF OUTING: A special thanks to the members who played in the outing along with those who volunteered that day. The profits from the outing, $3400, will be given to the WCBA in August; and none will be retained by our club.

FY 2020-2021: Hopefully, you have read the July newsletter as the issues we may be facing throughout this fiscal year were reviewed. Most Lions activities for our club, Lions International, PA State and District 14-E have been curtailed or cancelled.

MEMBERSHIP: We did not enroll any new members in the last fiscal year. We have 60 members, and 34 are over 65 years old. If we do not bring in new members soon, all the wonderful things we have previously accomplished will diminish and eventually disappear. Undoubtedly, obtaining new members will be very difficult at this time; but if you know of potential candidates, please discuss a future membership. New members are welcome at any time.

FINANCIAL: As noted in the July newsletter, our FY 2020-2021 will be financially difficult. We’ve been successful with our sub sales in July and August. We sold 200 items and made $400 in July, and we sold 300 items and made $500 in August with the additional donations each month. We hope more members will obtain sub preorders and also buy our items. Hopefully, we can sell at least 350 items per month since a few more companies will be added to our Friday sales.

VOLUNTEERING: Currently, our only fundraising activity is the Friday and Saturday sub sales. We need 4 or 5 volunteers on Friday and 8 to 10 on Saturday. Please call Ed Ungvarsky @ 724-423-3643 if you are willing to volunteer on a monthly basis or even occasionally if you haven’t been volunteering for the Saturday sub sales in the past. We really don’t need 15 members to come on a Saturday morning. We aren’t sure of the status for the November 22 pancake breakfast at Roosevelt Hall with the Norvelt VFD. Current regulations will determine all fundraising. Stay Safe and Healthy!

DISTRICT GOVERNOR VISIT: The District 14-E Governor for 2020-2021, Chuck Tompkins, will visit our club on Thursday, October 8. We’ve decided to forego the annual buffet dinner at the United Club for simply pizza in the church basement. The food will be pizza, beverages and a dessert (brownies). Hopefully, we’ll be able to have this meeting along with the food. We’re eliminating salads. We will also present the various awards to our members who were to receive their awards at the 2020 charter night that was cancelled in March. Reservations will be needed since we’ll have food.

VIKING PRIDE LEO CLUB: Unfortunately, Jen Bradley, a club member and teacher at the MPAHS, has transferred to teach at Ramsey Elementary. The Leo Club needs someone in the HS to assume the leadership role for the club. Please contact Sam Snively if you know of anyone who might volunteer to assume this role. This needs to be resolved by the end of October or our club will need to withdraw sponsorship, for lack of a faculty advisor. The Leo club has been very successful, and it would be very sad to see the club suspended. That individual does not have to be a Lion.

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