‚ÄčAdopt-a-Highway project is replaced by ...

Waterford River Clean-Up

20-Minute Make Over campaigns

Co-Chairs: Lion Betty Dunlop & Lion Andrew Ledwell

The annual highway clean -up has been replaced by other environmental stewardship projects, due to highway safety concerns. Lions now assist the City in their annual Waterford River Clean-up and the annual May - June 20 minute make-over campaign.  Lions commit to spending 20 minute blocks of time, to clean-up an area of their City.  Lions choose where, register their event and report its completion; and the City picks up the filled garbage bags! 


Chair: Lion Gerald Coombs

This Lions Club Committee works with the City of Mount Pearl and other local organizations to establish and implement a plan for assistance during a local disaster.  During the aftermath of hurricane Igor, Lions responded within hours to a request by the City to provide hot food for any of the thousands of citizens who were without electricity for several days.  Lions, family and friends eagerly accepted the task and prepared a hot meal for 400 people.  During the Badger flood, MP Lions assisted with the City's efforts to meet urgent needs. Thankfully, we have not seen many occasions for intervention, however, it is important to always be prepared to help our City and our province-wide neighbours!


Mount Pearl Frosty Festival

Co-Chairs: Lion Roxanne Oates, Lion Claudette Coombs, Lion Gerald Coombs

Mount Pearl Lions support the City's annual winter carnival by hosting a community wide event.  Past events have included a community supper of baked beans, bologna and toutons and the long-running youth Battle of the Bands.  The event for February 2018 was a children's movie night with the movie "Muana"! It was a great success and plans are underway for Frosty February 2018! Details will be released in the months prior to the Festival.


Blood Donor Clinics

Chair: Lion Alex Noseworthy

Members: Lion Betty Dunlop; other Lions as needed

Lions assist with the regular Blood Donor clinics sponsored by the Canadian Blood Services.  They put posters in public buildings, promote blood donations and serve refreshments to donors.  THere is a significant need for blood supply and our donor numbers are decreasing.  Consider contributing your blood to this public service.

Choices For Youth - Christmas Stockings

Chair: Lion Claudette Coombs

For Christmas 2017, Lions packed 30 Stockings with personal and gift items for youth living in compromised conditions.  For some this was their only gift at Christmas.  MP Lions joined with Waterford Hospital Lions Club to offer a Christmas dinner & party and gifts for 27 youth and staff in one of the CFY programs.  MPLC also provided Santa for the Christmas dinner hosted by the Salvation Army Citadel, fro 200 youth.


Christmas Hampers

Chair: Chair of the Santa Claus Parade

Lions contribute annually to the Christmas Hampers provided to families during Christmas by the Community Food Sharing Association and St Vincent De Paul Society.  During the Lions Christmas parade coins and food are collected and given to the two charity groups for their use and distribution.  Several tons of food and approximately $4-6000 are donated annually. Scotia Bank matches the amount donated by the Lions Club and collected from people attending the parade. Families who could benefit from such support can contact either organization.

Citizenship - Lions Pride Heritage Celebration

Chair: Lion Claudette Coombs

This project is designed to promote the involvement of all Grade One students in Mount Pearl in Canada Day celebrations.  Lions go to each school and present information on Canada, provide flags, colouring sheets and posters and bookmarks to approximately 400 children.  They discuss the role of Lion volunteers within the community and encourage children to take pride in their country while helping others.  Mary Queen of the World Elementary, Morris Academy, Newtown Elementary and St Peter's Elementary students and staff look forward to the event each year.  The plans for 2019 include engaging seniors in Mount Pearl to offer historical presentations to the children.

Club Twinning

Chair: Lion Claudette Coombs

Several years ago the Mount Pearl Lions Club officially "twinned" with the Lauderdale-By-The Sea Lions Club.  That has expanded to an additional twinned relationship with the Charlotte-South Park Lions Club in Charlotte, North Carolina and includes an informal relationship with the Mount Holly Lions Club in North Carolina. This means that ideas and materials are shared by the Clubs to enhance the work of humanitarian service by each club.  Email and the sharing of Club and District minutes and newsletters has continued to keep the Clubs connected between visits.  As a result of the Club visitations and Twinning experiences, MP Lions participate in a used postage stamp project with the American Clubs. Since 2005, Mount Pearl Lions annually deliver approximately 8,000 -10,000 used postage stamps for wounded veterans' rehabilitation projects.

Daffodil Days

Co-Chairs: Lion Betty Dunlop, Lion Margaret Burry

Lions assist with the Canadian Cancer Society fundraising efforts through the sale of daffodils at local venues.

Dance & Auction

Chair: Lions

This major fundraising event had been held annually for several years.  It offered a social evening for Lions and friends while raising thousands of dollars to support the various youth, community and humanitarian projects sponsored by Lions.  The event was changed to exclude the auction and was still a successful fundraiser. The dance lasted until the energy ran out!


Diabetes Cavalcade

Chair: Lion Betty Dunlop

This annual parade takes place in a community determined by the District Governor.  All Clubs are invited to participate and bring their annual donation to the reception that follows the parade. Total annual contributions range from $15,000 to $25,000.  The Mount Pearl Lions Club donates $1000 annually to go towards Diabetes education and treatment.  In addition, the Club promotes physical activity and healthy nutrition.


District N-4 Disaster Fund

Mount Pearl Lions contribute to this fund, collected by the District.  All 50+ of the Lions Clubs in the Eastern half of the island are invited to donate to this Disaster Fund.  It has been established to provide immediate, emergency funds to communities facing a crisis.  Lions Clubs International has a similar fund and provided $10,000 immediately following hurricane Igor for distribution by local Lions Clubs to communities hardest hit by the hurricane.


Environmental Awareness

Co-Chairs: Lion Betty Dunlop & Lion Claudette Coombs & Lion Janet Kent

In a spirit of environmental stewardship, the Mount Pearl Lions promote recycling, composting and a reduction in the products that end up in land fill.  With financial support from the Avalon East Wellness Coalition,  MPLC sponsored a public forum at City Hall, in partnership with the Multi Materials Stewardship Board, Mount Pearl Parks & Recreation and MUN Botanical Garden.  The audience learned about reducing trash through recycling, choosing reusable products instead of disposable ones, and composting.  Lions also provided each class at Mary Queen of the World Elementary School with a blue recycle bin and donated trees and shrubs to the Mount Pearl Senior High School landscaping project and outdoor classroom.  In 2016, Lions participated in a public forum to plan for better community response to the City's recycling program. In May 2017 Lions hosted an environment display at its Open House, and supported the 1st Mount Pearl Lions Scouting Group in planting 2000 trees. In 2018 MP Lions assisted the City with the clean-up around Powewrs Pond, in addition to their annual Clean-up activities throughout the City. 


First Mount Pearl Lions Scouting Group

Chair: Lion Steve Kent & Lion Janet Kent

Mount Pearl Lions provide an annual $500 grant to the Scouts as well as providing Lions emblem crests for their uniforms.  This partnership has provided many opportunities in fundraising and community projects, to work together in service and growth.


Focus on Youth Awards - City of Mount Pearl

Lions: at the request of the City

Each year the City of Mount Pearl provides an opportunity for youth and youth leaders to be recognized for their voluntary, humanitarian or leadership efforts.  MP Lions are involved in this annual event in soliciting nominations, serving as judges, and attending the prestigious Banquet and celebration.


 Eyeglass Recycling

Chair: Lion Gerald Coombs 

Used eyeglasses are collected from optical outlets, churches and individuals.  Lions package them and send them via RCMP vehicles to the Bishop's Falls Correctional Facility where trained residents refurbish, identify the prescription, and prepare glasses for redistribution by Lion volunteers and optometrists, in developing countries.  Over 200,000 pairs of used eyeglasses have been processed at the Facility since the project started there two years ago!  MPLC collected 2702 pairs of eyeglasses in the Lions year 2015-16; 5000 pairs in 2016-17 and more than 4000 in 2017-18. The first batch of Newfoundland-collected glasses had been delivered by Newfoundland Lions to Haiti and given to individuals in need in 2016.  Later trips also included to Nicaragua.  In February 2017, two Mount Pearl Lions joined Team Broken Earth in a medical and vision trip to Haiti.


Lions Clubs International Foundation

Chair: Immediate Past MPLC President

This fundraising division is designed to meet world-wide needs due to major environmental disasters; address health epidemics and crises; develop and offer school-based educational and skills development programs; and, support initiatives to reduce world hunger.  This has included the tsunami in Indonesia, the earthquake in China and has contributed millions of dollars for relief in Haiti.  MPLC contributes annually to this fund.


Lions Foundation of Canada - DogGuide

Chair: Lion Chris Anderson

This foundation was established to support the training of dogs for individuals with vision or hearing impairments, autism, epilepsy, diabetes or other special needs.  These dogs are provided to individuals at no cost to the recipient.  The training school is in Oakville and the new owner and dog spend a training period together before the dog is given to the owner.  The Mount Pearl Lions Club paid for "Benson",  a canine Vision dog to be given to the next person on the waiting list.  In 2014 the MPLC donated $5000 to assist with the extension of the dog training facility to accommodate the training of Diabetes Alert dogs.  MPLC donates annually to the support of the Dog Guide School and participates in the annual fundraining "Walk for Dog Guides".  MPLC has raised the funds to provide another dog to the next person on the list - anywhere in Canada!  That presentation will be made at the Lions Convention in Marystown in October 2018.


Lions-VOCM Cares Radio Bingo

Chair: Lion John Oates; Lion Betty Dunlop

This fundraising activity is the major sources of income for the Mount Pearl Lions Club charitable projects. Lion & Betty deliver and collect the Bingo cards from 13 business venues.  The Bingo game is aired on VOCM on Saturday evening at 6:30pm. A portion of the money from this Bingo comes back to the Lions Club.  This is the largest single fundraiser for the VOCM Cares Foundation.  The remainder of the profit funds are used by the VOCM Cares Foundation in meeting charitable needs.


Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp & Trailway

Chair: Lion Gerald Coombs

The Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp is owned and operated by Lions of Newfoundland & Labrador.  It relies on donations and support from Lions, family, friends, corporate sponsors, NewTel Pioneers or anyone else wishing to be involved in contributing to the operation and maintenance of the Camp.  The Lions Camp on the Exploits River is a multi-million dollar facility and is completely accessible for individuals with a variety of physical and cognitive challenges.  Camps are held annually for children and adults with: Autism, haemophilia, vision or hearing impairments, as well as Open Camps for individuals with unspecified limitations.  The Camp boasts wheelchair swings and a wheelchair-friendly river boat; a swimming pool with a lift; playground equipment and a gigantic model train built by residents of the Bishop's Falls Correctional Facility.  During the off season, the camp is used for Lions events and fundraisers such as motorcycle and snowmobile trips.  The facility is also rented to schools and organizations holding educational or social events.  A trailway has been constructed around the perimeter of the 25 acre Camp property with rest locations and educational areas along the way.  Fifty park benches were added, at $500 each, to honour or memorialize special individuals.  MP Lions continue to serve on the Camp Board and participate annually in the "work-weekends" to maintain the Camp property.


Organ Donation - Transplant Games

Under the direction of the late PDG Lion Phil Field, the Mount Pearl Lions Club became engaged in, and strongly promoted, Organ Donation.

Ben, a Lion's son, received a liver transplant and has been a vibrant advocate of the transplant program.

He has shown its success through his personal accomplishments, healthy lifestyle and his many medals won at the national transplant games.

Although this is no longer one of the Club's active programs, it is a proud part of our earlier activities - thanks to Past District Governor Lion Phil. Field.  Lions currently work with other organizations to assist individuals with medical expenses related to receiving an organ transplant.  MP Lions also support youth presentations on organ donation through the Lions' sponsored public speaking programs.


Peace Poster Contest

Co-Chairs: Lion Janet Kent, Lion Gerald Coombs

This Junior High art contest has a different theme each year but the focus is always on some aspect of peace.  The Mount Pearl Lions Club sponsors a contest at St Peter's Junior High and Mount Pearl Intermediate.  Winners are selected from each school and their posters are sent to a District N-4 contest where posters are submitted from all participating schools in the District.  The Club provides a financial award to the winning student and a financial gift to the school in support of the art program.  The 2011 winner of the CBS Lions Club contest, also won the District, then the Multiple District level and his poster was submitted to Lions Clubs International for competition at the world level.  More recently, MPLC entries have progressed to the District level competition.


Playground Equipment

Mount Pearl Lions were able to secure a $15,000 provincial government recreational grant to assist with the development and equipment for a playground for the Mary Queen of the World Elementary School.  Lions also provided financial support for playground equipment at the Atlantic Provinces School for children with vision and hearing challenges. In the 2015-16 and 2016-17 Lions years, MP Lions donated trees and park furniture to the City of Mount Pearl for its renovation of St David's Field.  This site is in the geographic centre of Mount Pearl and houses the City's War Memorial.


Red Shield Appeal

Lions assist the Salvation Army with their Christmas fundraising drive through the Christmas kettle campaign, by spending a few days with a kettle!


 RCMP / CLB Klondyke Night

Several years ago the Lions were recipients of funding from this RCMP Charity event.  Because of their enthusiastic participation and willing support, Lions have been invited each year since then, to help in the Klondyke event.  Although the RCMP has since given the event over to the Church Lad's Brigade, the MPLC is still involved in assisting with the operation of the event.  Lions enjoy yet another opportunity to work with an agency engaged in public fundraising to supply resources to those who can benefit from such assistance.


Santa Claus Parade

Chair: Lion Gerald Coombs

Lions have organized and hosted the Santa Claus parade in Mount Pearl since 1955!!  Each year they contact churches, community groups, schools and businesses to invite their participation in the parade.  Cheerleaders, Scouts, sport teams, cadet bands, Newfoundland dogs and animated characters are among the many groups that walk the 3km parade route from Mount Pearl Intermediate School to Mount Pearl Square. City floats, Nativity scenes, festive business vehicles are decorated in the spirit of Christmas and travel the route to bring joy to the thousands of by-standers.  Lions pack and distribute 3500 bags of candy; and, serve 800 hotdogs, donated by the City of Mount Pearl, with soft drinks donated by Browning Harvey, Hot Chocolate and Tim Bits donated by Tim Horton's, to parade participants.  Lions with the support of the Girl Guides and Coleman's Grocery Store, collect a truckload of food for the St Vincent de Paul Society.  Lions add to the loonies collected by volunteers and matched by Scotia Bank, to give approximately $5,000 - $6000 to the Community Food Banks.







Scholarships - Senior & Junior High Schools

The $150 Lions Memorial scholarships are awarded to two students in both Mount Pearl Senior and O'Donel high schools.  They are awarded based on the student's academic achievements and contribution to the school or community. Cheques are presented by the President.

The $100 Lions scholarships are provided to Grade Seven students who meets the criteria set by the school in both Mount Pearl Intermediate and St Peter's Junior High schools.


Reading Action Program - Mary Queen of the World

Chair: Lion Claudette Coombs / MUN Campus Lions Club
Mount Pearl Lions visit Mary Queen of the World Primary / Elementary School and read to about 100 students every month, as part of the Lions Clubs International emphasis on literacy. This world literacy program encourages all ages to read and to read to others. MUN Campus Lions have taken the lead role in this program, within MP.


Ronald MacDonald House - Meals-at-Home

Chair: Lion Russ Durant

Lions prepare and serve meals quarterly for the family residents at RMH.  The event is such a positive experience for the Lions and the family residents of RMH, that Lions have registered personally to provide meals throughout the year, in addition to those provided through the MPLC.

Speak Out - Senior High School & Junior High School

Co-Chairs: Lion Gerald Coombs & Lion Claudette Coombs

The senior high event is held in late February each year as a competition between six students: three each from Mount Pearl Senior High and O' Donel High School.  Judges and Questioners are: retired teachers; MUN or Department of Education personnel; or, others in the education field.  Parents and the general public are encouraged to attend the event.  All speakers receive plaques or medals and a financial award.  The three top speakers receive special awards.  The first place winner represents the Mount Pearl Lions Club at the Regional Speak Out with seven speakers from other Clubs of Zone 8 & 9.  The next level of the competition is the District N-4 Speak Out in Gander in mid April, while the final competition level at the Multiple-District N Convention in mid May, which is held in one of the four Atlantic Provinces hosting the convention for that year.

The junior high competition between six speakers of Mount Pearl Intermediate and St. Peter's Junior High is usually held in early May.  Judges and Questioners are selected with similar qualifications as those for the Senior Speak Out.  All participants receive a plaque or medal and a cash award. The top three speakers receive special awards.  The winner goes to a Zone 9 Junior Speak Out with speakers from four other Lions Club competitions: St Vincent's, Trepassey, CBS and Waterford Hospital Lions Clubs.


Special Olympics - Opening Eyes

Chair: Lion Gerald Coombs

A group of eye professionals under the direction of Dr Richardson and a group of Lions coordinated by Gerald, hosted the Opening Eyes clinic during the July 2009 Special Olympics in Mount Pearl.  Hundreds of athletes were tested and fitted for glasses or designer sunglasses - some for the first time, others to replace glasses that had long been lost, while others received glasses that they would not have been able to afford!  For two days, all volunteers gave freely of their time, talents and especially their compassion.  Lions are enthusiastically awaiting the next Opening Eyes Clinic.

Since then, Lions have been involved in Summer and Winter Special Olympics games and events.


Sport Team Sponsorships

Annually the Mount Pearl Lions Club donates to sports teams in the City. 

These have included soccer, figure skating, swimming and the Lions own Atom Division Hockey  & soccer teams.




Teen Challenge 5 k Run

This 5km walk around Octogan Pond raises funds for the Teen Challenge Addictions Treatment Centre.  Since its first run, MP Lions have been involved as Course marshalls, water servers, event support and snack servers.  The MPLC donates financially to the run.


 Used Postage Stamps for Wounded Veterans

Chair: Lion Claudette Coombs

This project represents part of the sharing relationship between the Mount Pearl Lions Club and its twinned Clubs in Florida and North Carolina.  Used postage stamps are collected and delivered to veterans hospitals for fundraising and therapeutic projects to benefit wounded military veterans.  Lions, family members, friends, co-workers and even strangers are invited to share in this heart-warming project.  The only requirement is to save the stamps and give them to a Lion of the Mount Pearl Lions Club!  We'll even pick them up!  Annually, Mount Pearl Lions deliver approximately 8,000 - 10,000 stamps for this project.


VOCM Cares Happy Tree

Co- Chairs: Lion 

Each year the Mount Pearl Lions hold a Christmas social for Club members and their guests.  Although they schedule a visit from Santa, traditionally gifts are not collected for each other, but for delivery to the VOCM Cares Happy Tree.  That contribution has had an approximate value of $800.  The MPLC contributes financially to the Happy Tree while Lions individualy contribute through gift-giving.


Youth Opportunities Fund Foundation

Chair: Lion Gerald Coombs

As a contributing member to this foundation, the Mount Pearl Lions Club has a member on the YOFF Board and assists in decisions about funding proposals.  Grants have been given for school mentoring, mom & tot reading and activity programs, youth organizations for equipment / training / travel, and other programs as deemed appropriate by the board.

WATOTO Children's Orphanage 

Co-Chairs: Lion Betty Dunlop; Lion Gerald Coombs; Lion Claudette Coombs

The Mount Pearl Lions joined with the Church of the Good Shepherd, the Mount Pearl Youth opportunities Fund, Pipers Department Stores, local groups and businesses and other community partners to host 33 children and chaperones from the Ugandan orphanage.  Children were treated to accommodations with families in private homes; practical educational and fun gifts to take back to their orphanages; city sight-seeing; educational support and a trip to the Johnson Geo Centre.  Chaperones were given quilted tote bags, hand-made by former Lioness President Florence Anderson and daughter Donna Holloway.  Together the Lions Club and Church of the Good Shepherd held a fundraising dinner and donated $2500 to the orphanage, in addition to a gift of $2000 given by residents through the church.

Syrian Refugee Support

Co-Chairs: Lion Betty Dunlop; Lion Claudette Coombs; Lion Gerald Coombs

MP Lions have supported the international efforts to provide new homes for displaced Syrian Families.  Lions have held two fundraisers to provide financial assistance for resettling and have contributed household and personal items for those arriving in Mount Pearl.  MP Lions continue their support physically, emotionally and financially.

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