The first paragraph, of the first recorded minutes of the Minnow Lake Lions Club reads;


“Through the untiring efforts of Deputy District Governor, Dave Kaitchen, of the Little Current Lions Club, a meeting was held of  public spirited citizens on Friday evening October 5th 1951, This meeting was held in the fire hall, (Bellevue Ave) for the purpose of hearing the story of Lionism and to make a decision as to whether or not a Lions Club should be organized.”

From that first meeting, the Minnow Lake Lions Club was formed, with the sponsorship of the Lions Club of Sudbury. The Charter President was Lion Pear Love and the Guiding Lion was PDG Lion Arnie Rittari from the Sudbury Club. The A5 Governor in that year was Doctor M. Mitchell also from the Lions Club of Sudbury.

The community of Minnow Lake, was at that time in McKim Township and not part of the City of Sudbury.

The first Charter Night held by the Minnow Lake Lions Club was held in February-1952, at the Caruso club. As a point of interest, the price of the four piece band for that evening, was $32. 

The first regular meetings of the club were held at the Plaza Hotel in Minnow Lake, other meeting places from time to time, were at a member’s home and the Kingsway Hotel, and from 1966 until 1983, the members met at the Sorrento Hotel.

The first fund raising activities of the Minnow Lake Lions, were Bingos in the basement of the All Saints Church. (The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same)  The members also sold Christmas trees, Brooms, and Candies and sold tickets on a draw for a Diamond ring.

The club’s first service activity, was to work with the Minnow Lake Athletic Association to build outdoor rinks for the local children. The club would later work to establish a Tot Lot and Playground area, where the Carmichael Arena now stands. The Minnow Lake Lions Club in those early years, was also instrumental in providing eye glasses to many students in the area schools.

In February 1966 through the efforts of Lion Andy Roy, a Stanley Cup Hockey Pool was established with a net profit the first year, of $656.

This fund raiser, would grow to become the Minnow Lake Lions Annual Hockey Pool and combined with its Millionaires Night, was to be for years, the club’s major fundraiser.

The club also made a number of Crown and Anchor wheels, mainly for use at the Millionaires Night, but with the rental of these wheels to other clubs and organizations, they became another source of income for the club.

In 1971, a building was built at the back of Lion Paul Martin’s property at 141 Moonlight. This building was used to store club Paraphernalia, and a place to hold the club’s board meetings.

In 1972 Lion Mark Cornish Sr, became the first A5 Governor from the Minnow Lake Lions Club. He was followed in 1978 by Lion Albert Routliffe.

Another community activity, was the Club’s participation in the Sudbury Winter Carnivals, and in 1975 they built a portable steam bath, that was used for years at these Carnivals held on Minnow Lake.


The club members also have been regular participants in the Lions Christmas Telethons, and in the delivery of the Christmas toys.

Two major Community service activities accomplished by the Minnow Lake Lions Club, was the donation of a Zamboni ice making machine to the Carmichael Arena, in 1969 and the installation of a two lane Bowling Ally to the Pioneer Manor Seniors home, in 1976. This Lions club has also made substantial donations to Sudbury’s hospitals to help purchase needed equipment

In the late 1970s, again through the efforts of Lion Andy Roy, the Minnow Lake Lions Club brought the first Electronic Bingo to the city of Sudbury, which at the start were held weekly in the Carmichael Arena.

By 1980, it was found that because of the amalgamation of both the McKim and Neelon Townships into the City of Sudbury, and of the expansion of business in the area, the activities and functions of both the Minnow Lake and New Sudbury Lions clubs were beginning to overlap.

And so in 1980, with the consent of the members of both clubs, the Minnow Lake and the New Sudbury Lions clubs merged. The name Sudbury North East was chosen, because it was felt at the time, that it best described the area of the city that we served, and so we  have remained, for the past 21 years.

After meeting for years in various restaurants throughout the New Sudbury area, the club  leased from the City of Sudbury, a former playground building at 3088 Claude St, where we now meet, on the second and fourth Monday of the month. It is also used by the people in the area, as a small community center.

In the past few years however, it was seen that the name Sudbury North East, was being confused by the public with the other Lions Clubs in the city, that have Sudbury in their name.   

So in March of this year 2001, a presentation was made to Lions Clubs International asking permission to have our name changed back to what it was on the original Charter.Now 50 years later, in striving to give ourselves a more distinct identity we have gone, back to our roots.

We have had a proud and active past and ahead of us a bright and serving future and here we are, once again, the Minnow Lake Lions Club.









1998 marked the 50th anniversary of the MCTV- LIONS Christmas Telethon. This telethon started in 1948, on CKSO radio and switched to the Television Station when CKSO-TV made its debut in the early 1950’s.


It was originally called the Christmas Toy drive, and its name was later changed to the Christmas Telethon.


The Sudbury Barbershoppers were the first group were the first group to work with the TV station on this event, and continued until the end of 1971

In 1972 Gerry Albert who worked as a sales rep for CKSO, and was also a member of the lions club of Sudbury was asked if he and his club would be willing to take on the running of the Telethon.


Lion Gerry and his club agreed, and for the first year ran the Telethon on their own, with lion Gerry as chairman. The first year 1973 the telethon made $7000, and they soon realized that more manpower was needed.

The second year, 1974, lion Gerry knowing that he needed more help invited the MinnowLake (later part of the Sudbury North East) and the Coniston lions clubs to join and their combined efforts raised $1700 for the Telethon


The third year 1975, there were 7 clubs involved and $37000 was raised, and we have never looked back.


Lion Gerry Albert served as Telethon chairman until 1981 and was by this time a past District Governor (77-78)


In 1982 Lion Albert Routliffe, also a past District Governor (78-79) became the second Telethon Chairman and continued until 1984. Lion Albert was also instrumental in founding our Coordinating council.


In 1985 past Governor (83-84) lion Roger Brideau became the third Telethon chairman, and remained until 1994


In 1995 Lion past Governor Len Collin of the Warren lions club, became our present Telethon Chairman


Each year we have seen an increase in the amount of money raised at the Telethon but at the same time there has been an increase in the cost of buying the toys and in running the Telethon.


At present there is a committee, formed to find ways of spending whatever excess funds, raised at the Telethon if and when they become available, and it is agreed by all concerned, both Lions and MCTV (now CTV) , that the money be spent on something to benefit children.



 Eye Glass Collection

The eye glass collection began in by the MLLC in 1996 and chaired by Lion Keith Able.

Then chaired by Lion Bob Wallace, 2000 to 2008.

Lion Ed Williams 2008 to2012.

Lion Walter Karen to present.

As of June 2014 55,794 pairs of eye glasses have been collected .

For the past 6 years the glasses have been stored and shipped out by Lion Brian Sgagnetti.

At present we have 12 locations.

At this time I would like to thank my able assistant Lion Leanne Furchner, Lion Brian and all who have assisted.

Trusting that the above is of some assistance,

Lion Walter


Number of Eyeglasses Collected

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