President 2018- 2019  Maggie Bobowicz 

My mission is to :-

  1.  feed the hungry
  2.  support the disabled
  3.  improve quality of life for the less fortunate in our society
  4. encourage and support youngsters through academic and physical activity
  5. support the La Cala Lions Diabetic Support Group
  6. support animal welfare
  7. support LCIF Sight First and Disaster appeals
  8. endeavour to ensure greater integration with the local community
  9. apply for grants wherever possible, local or International

Needs are constantly changing, and I trust we will respond accordingly.

Remember Kindness Matters and together we can achieve more.


Message from Julie Barry

President 2017 -2018

The Lions Club in La Cala de Mijas was founded in 1998.
I am sure that 20 years ago, our founding members could not have imagined, in their wildest dreams, that by this year we would have donated nearly 800,000 euros to our community.

We are now donating in excess of 60,000 euros every year.

What a fantastic achievement this is !

We are celebrating two big milestones this year, 20 years of our Club and 100 years of Lions Club International.
I am very proud to have been this year’s President, and would like to thank the Club Members for their support and friendship during my Term of Office. I would like to give an even bigger thank you to all our volunteers who staff the shop and help us to raise money.
We are always looking for new members and volunteers. All you need is time, kindness and a willingness to help us to make a difference.
The last thank you, I give to all to the wonderful people on the Costa Del Sol for their continued support. We could not have done it without you.


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