Eyeglass Recycling - our Club collects and recycles used, unwanted spectacles from other Lions Clubs plus a variety of other places located around the local area. Each week a dedicated 'Spec Sorting Team' sifts through several hundred pairs and identifies those which can be re-used in 3rd world countries.These are then sent to be calibrated before onward transport to areas of the world where they are most needed.

Any gold in frames is stripped and sent off. The revenue generated is used solely for eye related causes. This donations for research into diseases and malfunctions of the eye and local clubs for the partially sighted. 

If you have any old pairs of glasses lying around your home please take them to one of our collection boxes and we will recycle them and get them to a person in need.

In 1926, Helen Keller challenged Lions to become Knights of the Blind and as a result the Lions Clubs International Campaign Sightfirst11 was launched. since then more than $200 million has been raised to continue the work of the original campagn to combat preventale blindness throughout the world.

The Lions Club of Midhurst is proud to support this programme.

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