New President for 2019-2020

   Incoming Melton Lions President Geoff Tate is congratulated by Lion Derek Whitehouse.

District Governor Ian Gott Visits the Club

The club welcomed the District Governor of District CW to their August Business Meeting.

Ian Gott congratulates Conroy Godber and presents his Zone Chair chain of office for the coming year.

Vice President David Houghton receives his chain of office from Ian Gott

On behalf of the club, President Geoff Tate receives the District Governor's bannerette

Treasure Hunt

Family and friends of Melton Lions enjoyed the loosening of Government guidelines by partaking in a Car Treasure Hunt on Sunday 5th July 2020.
Lion Barbara Fraser and her husband Derek kindly set the Hunt and with their close connections to the Scout movement, were able to make use of the Campsite Facilities at Holwell Pastures. This allowed cars to arrive and be set on their way without contact outside of their group.  Derek had put a twist on the clues by converting them into rhyme to test the “little grey cells” further.  Even the weather supported us with sunshine and a breeze.
19 cars took part and all made it round the trail, finishing back at the campsite where everyone could enjoy a picnic in their isolated groups. It still meant we could catch up with friends by socially distancing in the fresh air. 
The winners who answered all 24 clues correctly were Dave and Alison Wyles and their granddaughter Megan.


David Houghton has been very busy as our District Lions - Young Farmers Link. Here is a brief synopsis of his role.

In 2019 an agreement was reached between Lions Club International MD105 and the National Federation Young Farmers Clubs to work together for the betterment of the community. To this end District 105CW decided to have a Lions Link for every county within the district to develop a working relationship with every Young Farmers County Organiser.
As the Young Farmers Liaison for the District and also the link with Leicestershire YFC my role is to communicate progress as it is being made to the other Lions Club – YFC Link within the district and also keep the relationship with the Leicestershire YFC moving forward. In addition to this I have been asked to help other Districts within MD105 develop the relationship with the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs.
Various power point presentations have had to be generated to introduce Lions Clubs International to Young Farmers Clubs within 105CW, to introduce the initiative to Lions Clubs and their members and also make other districts aware of the potential relationship between the Lions Clubs and YFC. These presentations have been given on various occasions such as the Young Farmers County Executive meetings within district 105CW, Lions GAT & GLT sessions, various Zone Chair Meetings across MD105 and other district meetings within MD105.
The aim of this initiative is to create an environment where the Young Farmers Club members perceive that Lions Clubs International are the service organisation of choice to join once their membership of the YFC expires at 26 years of age. This initiative is not a short-term recruitment fix for the Lions but a medium-term project where a good working relationship can be developed to help create future Lions Club members.


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