Eyeglasses and Hearing Aid assistance

Medical Lake Lions Club offers eyeglasses and hearing aid assistance to those in need in the Medical Lake community. In 2015-16 Medical Lake Lions Club provided 5 sets of glasses along with exams and 3 sets of hearing aids, also with exams.  To apply for assistance please email:



Leader Dogs for the Blind

Lions Club and Leader Dogs for the Blind have been partners for over 75 years and Medical Lake Lions club actively supports this partnership.  Leader Dogs for the Blind empowers people who are blind, visually impaired or Deaf-Blind with skills for a lifetime of independent travel, opening doors that may seem to have closed with the loss of sight.  All programs are provided free to clients, including meals and housing during training, travel and equipment.  To donate or get more information on this amazing program


Community Trash Cleanup

Medical Lake Lions Club is aware of the beauty of it's community, and maintaining a clean environment is important to us. We have informal weekly cleanups of main streets, and twice a year we form an organized group of volunteers to clean focused larger areas.


Senior Citizen's Christmas Dinner

Every December Medical Lake Lions Club hosts a Christmas Dinner (full turkey Dinner with all the trimmings) for 100-125 senior citizens in Medical Lake.  The Medical Lake High School Junior ROTC presents the colors, and the High School Choir sings holiday favorites.  This event is a wonderful opportunity that brings Medical Lake teenagers together with senior citizens.


Medical Lake Senior Meals

The Medical Lake Senior Meals program was started about 35 years ago.  It has been known also as Medical Lake Nutrition Program.  It was started as a way for seniors to get together, socialize and have a pot luck meal.  Initially, it was held in homes around the community.  Shortly it became so popular that a larger facility was needed.

When the new Medical Lake City Hall was completed, the second floor community room was used.  This was about 23 years ago.  Because the smell of cooking food and the noise associated with cooking was objectionable to the City Court,  most of the cooking was done at home and brought to the meals.  For awhile, maybe 3 years, a professional cook was hired.  But for most of  the program's history, all cooking has been done by volunteers. 

Medical Lake's Lions Club became involved as the program's sponsor in 2009.  Until that time the program was sponsored by The Medical Lake Food Bank.  The Food Bank provided liability insurance and other support basic to the program.  In 2009, the Food Bank decided that the program did not fit their mission and the support was dropped.  For a period of four months, it was thought that the program would have to be closed.  The Medical Lake Lions Club was approached and the club whole heartedly accepted the program with full support.

The program has averaged 2,200 meals to seniors per year for the past 8 years.  Annually, 550 meals are served free.  A $4.00 donation is asked for (it has remained at that price for 23 years) but no one is ever turned away.

The program is strong only because of Medical Lake Lions Club support and it has become an integral part of the club's service mission.








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