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                                              Lions Club Of Mattumagala  
   25th Charter Anniversary, 22/08/2015, group photo with our own DG Christie Nanayakkara MJF   
L-R seated Emil Liyanage, Sanath Manuwendra, Lal Rodrigo, Lalith Jayewardena, Rohan Goonetilleke MJF, Ranjith Dias, Irosha Karunasena, 01st Lady Siransi & DG Christie Nanayakkara MJF, President Sarath & Lady Shiranthi Kothalawela, Priyan Arsecularatne, Basil Jayawardena, Jeyakumar Manuel MJF, S M A Saliheen, Neil Amaratunga, Sunil Perera, Manjula Jayasooriya,
L-R standing Sunil Fernando MJF, Anilal Fernando, Niromi Amaratunga, Preethi Jayewardena, Chandra Jayawardena, Florida Rodrigo, Theja Goonetilleke, Irosha Karunasena, Kumari Manuwendra, Deepthi Liyanage, Viranjanie Fonseka, Luckshmie Manual, Chrishanthi Victoria, Nirmala Dias, Manori Boteju, Ramani Arseculeratne, Ayomi Jayasooriya, Angel Amarasinghe, Bernadette Perera,Sakeena Saliheen,Nirmala De Silva, Kithsiri De Silva, Ranjith Fonseka, Mala Fernando
Not in the Photo    Charles Wickremaratne, Emmanuel Ratnayake(at large),Krishnan Jeyakumar,

                                                          District 306 B1 Sri Lanka

                                                                Club No    : 50220

Club History in a nutshell

Lions Club of Mattumagala was extended by the Lions Club of Wattala, on the 12th December 1989 and the Chater presentation took place at The Galle Face Hotel, Colombo 03 on the 06th May 1990. Late Lion Terrance Suraweera was the Charter President, while Lion Basil Jayawardena and Lion Christie Nanayakkara were Hon Secretary and Treasurer respectively. Prominent businessmen, Engineers, Bankers, Company Chairperson and Directors, in and around Mattumagala, a small town six kilometers north of Colombo, were members. In this quarter century of Community Service, The Club  boasts of having six of their Charter Members, who are highly active and committed, whose guidance and advise is sought always.

They are Lions


  1. Basil Jayawardena
  2. Ranjith Dias
  3. Rohan Goonetilleke
  4. Christie Nanayakkara
  5. Sanath Manuwendra 
  6. Emmanuel Rathnayake


Presidents / Secretaries / Treasurers of yesteryear

          Year         President Secretary Treasurer
01st - 1990/1991 Terrence Suraweera Basil Jayewardena Christie Nanayakkara
02nd- 1991/1992 Basil jayawardena Jeyakumar Manuel Bradman Quyn
03rd - 1992/1993 Ranjith Dias Nirmal Jayasooriya Stephen Motha
04th - 1993/1994 Rohan Goonetilleke Christie Nanayakkara Jeyakumar Manuel
05th - 1994/1995 Jeyakumar Manuel Sanath Manuwendra Ignatious Camillus
06th - 1995/1996 Bradman Quyn S M A Saliheen Sarath Gunasekera
07th - 1996/1997 Christie Nanayakkara Sarath Gunasekera Shanth Senanayake
08th - 1997/1998 Ignatious Camillus Rohan Goonetilleke S M A Saliheen
09th - 1998/1999 Sarath Gunasekera Lalith Jayewardena Ranjith Dias
10th - 1999/2000 S M A Saliheen Neil Amaratunga Frank Dharmaraja
11th - 2000/2001 Anne Gunasekera Frank Dharmaraja Lalith Jayewardena
12th - 2001/2002 Lalith Jayewardena Frank Dharmaraja Jeyakumar Manuel
13th - 2002/2003 Frank Dharmaraja Neil Amaratunga Jeyakumar Manuel
14th - 2003/2004 Sanath Manuwendra Sarath Gunasekera Kithsiri Silva
15th - 2004/2005 Neil Amaratunga Roshni Camillus Lal Rodrigo
16th - 2005/2006 Roshni Camillus Ignatious Camillus Rohan Goonetilleke
17th - 2006/2007 Lal Rodrigo Lalith Jayewardena Jeyakumar Manuel
18th - 2007/2008 Sunil Perera Emil Liyanage Rohan Goonetilleke
19th - 2008/2009 Emil Liyanage Neil Amaratunga Jeyakumar Manuel
20th - 2009/2010 Shanth Senanayake Hiran Diyago Rohan Goonetilleke
21st - 2010/2011 Luckshmie Manuel Jeyakumar Manuel Christie Nanayakkara
22nd - 2011/2012 Irosha Karunasena Rohan Goonetilleke Manjula Jayasuriya
23rd - 2012/2013 Manjula Jayasuriya Emil Liyanage Luckshmie Manuel
24th - 2013/2014 Dushantha Boteju Rohan Goonetilleke Jeyakumar Manuel
25th - 2014/2015 Priyan Arsecularatne Shiranthi Kotelawala Irosha Karunasena
26th - 2015/2016 Sarath Kothalawala Irosha Karunasena Dushantha Boteju

26 continuous years under 26 different presidents.





Twinning Clubs ( International & Local )

Our Club maintain a local twinning programme with L/C Nawalapitya and Internationally with Lions Club of Tune, Norway. Each year a meaningful project is being carried out jointly with the Nawalapitiya Club, and with the financial assistance of Tune Club, tremendous amount of social upliftment programmes are conducted at a remote fishing village called Dickowita. 

Extension of a New Club - Lions Club of Chavakachcheri

Due to tremendous and untiring efforts of Lions Christie Nanayakkara, Jeyakumar Manuel and Rohan Goonetilleke, equally supported by the Club Memebers under the leadership of Lion Dushantha Boteju, a new club was extended in the Nothern Peninsuala - Lions Club of Chavakachcheri. The Clubs day to day functions and progress is closely monitored by the Two Guiding Lions, Christie and Rohan, and also the extension chairman Lion Jeyakumar.


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