Wilma Bush - 20 Lindisfarne Way, Markham ON L3P 3W7 -  905-471-5515

Janice Deline - 349 Highshore Rd., Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-3317

Allen Fluke - 18 Maloney Street South Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-3395

Carolyn Fluke - 18 Maloney Street South Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-3395

Mary Jane Goodchild - 124 McCleary Rd., Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-2372

Lloyd McCoy - 257 Highshore Rd., Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-242-0568

Wendy McCoy - 257 Highshore Rd., Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-242-0568

Russ Mitchell - 30 Maloney Street South Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-3415

Leo Provost - 74 Centerline Rd., Marmora ON - 613-472-2377

Pat Provost - 74 Centerline Rd., Marmora ON - 613-472-2377

Vera Wylie - Box 23, 113A Hastings Ave., Marmora ON - 613-472-5102



Lyle Bright - 19 Madoc Street Box 669 Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-644-2028

Marie Bright - 19 Madoc Street Box 669 Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-644-2028

Murney Carman - 43 Matthew Place Apt. 101 Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-0369

Bill Cole - 127 Norwood Road Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-1097

Isobel Cole - 127 Norwood Road Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-1097

Bonnie Danes - 119 Highshore Road Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-6107 

John Embleton - 289 First Rd. Marmora ON  613-970-3672

Jeanette Goodchild - 124 McCleary Rd., Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-2372

Charlie Murchison - 16 Crawford Drive Box 452 Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-5178

Alvine Murchison - 16 Crawford Drive Box 452 Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-5178

Cythia Reid - 20 Forsyth Street Box 217 Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-920-3728

Kevin Roy - 81 Baldwin Street Madoc ON - 613-473-2028

Judith Stone - 22 North Hastings Street Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-3150

Murray Stone - 22 North Hastings Street Marmora ON K0K 2M0 - 613-472-3150

Wilson White - 11 Queen Street Havelock ON - 705-778-1545

Winston Wylie - Box 23, 113A Hastings Ave., Marmora ON - 613-472-5102



BUDGET & FINANCE - Chair Russ Mitchell

CONSTITUTION & BY-LAWS - Chair Russ Mitchell



President: Wilson White

1st Vice: Helen Yahn

2nd Vice: Allen Fluke

Treasurer: Russ Mitchell

Secretary: Mary Jane Goodchild

2nd Year Directors: Marie Bright & Carolyn Fluke

1st Year Directors: Jeanette Goodchild & Cythia Read

Membership Chair: Kevin Roy

Lion Tamer: John Embleton

Lion Tail Twister: Murray Stone

LCIF Coordinator: Russ Mitchell

Immediate Past President: Charlie Murchison


Initial Lions had been members of the Marmora & District Liona Club ( formed in 1973 under the sponsorship of the Havelock Lions). Some of these members started a new local club, THE MARMORA CROWE VALLEY LIONS approved April 10, 1997 by Lions International, sponsored by A3 District Lions Cabinet. There were 41 Charter members. Since that date ten have deceased, one transferred and there are still 11 original members.

President's have been: 1997 - 1998  Dan Bateman

                                      1998 - 1999  Russ Mitchell

                                      1999 - 2000  Vic Provost

                                      2000 - 2001  Brian Goodchild

                                      2001 - 2002  Lloyd McCoy

                                      2002 - 2004  Elaine Jones

                                      2004 - 2005  Allen Fluke

                                      2005 - 2006  Wilma Bush

                                      2006 - 2007  Barbara Fisher

                                      2007 - 2008  Stewart Fisher

                                      2008 - 2010  Kevin Roy

                                      2010 - 2011 Barbara Fisher

                                      2011 - 2013 Russ Mitchell

                                      2013 - 2014 Kevin Roy

                                      2014 - 2015 Stewart Fisher

                                      2015 - 2017 Charlie Murchison

                                      2017 - 2018 Wilson White

                                      2018 - 2019 Wilson White

                                      2019 - 2020 Wilson White

The first meetoing was held in March 17 in the William Shannon Room with initial membertship of 35. Founding executive was chosen April 17, 1997 with Guiding Lion Richard Cooper in charge of proceedings.

The 1997 Executive; President Dan  Bateman

                                   Secretary: Janice Deline

                                   Corresponding Secretary: Pam Halford

                                   Treasurer: Jean McKenzie

                                   Membership Chair: Carolyn Fluke with a committee of Bill            Sommerville and Karen Stephens.

                                    1st Vice: Russ Mitchell

                                    2nd Vice: Vic Provost

                                    1st Year Directors: Lioyd McCoy and Brian Goodchild

                                    2nd Year Directors: Pam Halford and Gordon Bennett

                                    Lion Tamer: Mickey Maloney

                                    Tail Twister: Marilyn Maloney

Seven members attended the April A3 Convention. Marmora Crowe Valley Logo was drawn by Andrew Rose, a Madoc Grade 10 student. It has a radiant sun rising over a tranquil river valley under the watchful eye of a lion perched at a vantage point.

Charter Night - May 17 at the Marmora Community Centre.MC for the evening was PDC Dave Hanson. The Offical Charter was presented by DC Jon Moore. Entertainment was provided by Cape Diem. The Marmora & District Lioness attended this there last function as they disbanded.

1997 - Held a Duck Race on the Crowe River in conjunction with Canada Day. The First meetings were held in the Robert Empey Hall. Lion Lloyd McCoy continues to co-ordinate the local Terry Fox Run. Formed a baseball team to play in Keene Lions Ball Tournament. Helld a photo ID session, sponsored by the Marmora IGA and Kraft Foods. Donations included the $500 toward the purchase of a new piano for the Marmora Town Hall and to Fire Victims. Completely redecorated the Robert Empey Hall.. Held a Grocery Shopping Spree.

1998 - Catered to Marmora Snofest Banquet, have done so for many yearts since. Held Casino Night. Sold chocolate Easter Bunnies. Co-ordinated Canada Day Parade and activities. Won A3 Visition Contest for clubs with 30 or more members. PDG Russ Mitchell was honoured for 25 years as a Lion. 2 members attended & reported on International Lions Convention in Birmingham, England. Began to hold meetings in Deloro Community Hall. Began holding Peace Poster Contest in local schools.

1999 - Began sponsoring Eujchre Parties in Deloro Hall on a weekly bases. Hosted & participated in Fun & Talent Night in Marmora. Signed agreement with Municipality of Marmora & Lake to maintain and record events in Deloro Hall. Began volunteering weekly at the Belleville Lions Bingo Hall. Lion Gordon Bennett, WW11 veteran, received a certificate of congratulations on his 80 birthday from Ontario Premier and local MPP. Lion Mickey Maloney was feted at Marmora Town Hall as Most Prominent Senior of the Year for Hastings/Peterborough area. For a few years Marmora Crowe Valley Lions provided rides to residents of Caressant Care Nursing Home on the second Thursday of the week during the summer to Booster Park for a picnic. Were supporters and participated in the Heart and Stroke Big Bike Ride. Lion Vera Wylie received Ontario award of International Year of Older Persons. Funds donated from the Duck Race donated to Mars groujp for playground equipment for Marmora Memorial Park. Donated $5000 to Trails Project ( Marmora Economic Development Team ).

2000 - Made plans for Marmora Memorial Park such as moving picnic shelter to site beside Crowe River. Held a farewill party for long time Lion couple who had been very active in the community ( Lions Gordon & Stella Bennett ). After visiting Hawaii one member provided a banner from Honolulu Kai Lions and one from the 83 rd Internationl Convention in Hawaii.

2001 - Purchased purple & black Lion jackets with Club name on front & member's name on the sleeve. Won first prize in February Fun & Talent Night. Some members began participating in Relay for Life for a few years. Lion Glen Foster was granted a Melvin Jones Fellowship , joining Lions Russ Mitchell and Mickey Maloney. In October paved Marmora Memorial Park and finished work at Marmora Reception Centre.

2002 - Celebrated 5th year as a club with a Dinner Cruise. Had Christmas party for residents at Caressant Care Nursing Home for a few years.

2003 - Hosted the A3 Convention theme Prospecting for the Future in Lionism. 3 Club members with beards & 2 live mules performed. Began organizing Marmora Country Jamboree in September with Boyd Warren,  

2004 - Trail from old steam engine in Mamora Memorial Park to the boat launch done as well as the covered bridge.

2005  - Lion Marilyn Maloney donated the late Lion Micky Maloney's huge collection of Terry Fox pins to Lion Lloyd McCoy ( Chair for 15 years to date ).

2006 -   Marmora Crowe Valley Lions began holding their own Country Music Jamboree in June.

2010 - Finished picnic shelter by boat launch on Crowe River.

2012 - Trail from boat launch to north end, along Crowe River being done. Sponsored new Madoc Lions Club. For the 2nd year in a row a Marmora student won the District A3 Lion Peace Poster Contest ( Hannah Maynes ). Music in the Marmora Memorial Park on Tuesday nights during the summer began. Monthly Sunday afternoon Country Music Jams from October to May. Ongoing improvements & additions to the Marmora Memorial Park ( trails,lights,tables etc.).

2013 - Spearheading fundraising for replacement of Town Clock. Helen Kellar Fellowship Awards to Barbara Fisher & Isobel Cole. Brian Stevenson Fellowship Award s to Charlie Murchison & Bill Cole. Charter member Lorna Fluke passed away on August 22. October Lion Leo Provost won Hastings County Tourism MVP Award for his dedication & work with Lions. Hannah Maynes won at Marmora level in Peace Poster ( 3rd year in a row ) our world our future and at A3 Lions level ( 2nd year in a row ) . Sent $500 to Philippine Disaster in Dec.

2014 - Jan 2  3 new members: Joyce Herman, Helen Yahn & Wilson White. They were inducted in March. Held Irish Stew supper in March. In April 2 new members were inducted Murray Stone and Judy Stone. Awards in April to Lion Leo Provost the Judge Brian Stevenson Fellowship. Lion Stew Fisher & Lion Wilma each received the Helen Kellar Fellowship. Lion Charlie Murchison a Melvin Jone Fellowhship. PDG Lion Russ Mitchell the President's Appreciation Award. Purchased new sink for the Community Hall kitchen. 2 new members Bill & Shirley Wells. Country Music Jamboree in June. Music in the Park July & Aug. Sept we had our fish fry and appreaction dinner for volunteers. Oct we hoste Zonw 43E meeting at our dinner meeting. In November Marmora Public Scho student Aksheya Shanmugasamy came first in Marmora Lions Peace Poster Contest 2nd at A3 District theme was "Our World, Our Future". 1 new member Jason Coveney.

2015 - Johanne King joined the club bringing the membershp to 39. Lion Leo Provost thanked the club for nominating him for the Tourism Award. Awards: Judge Brian Stevenison F.ellowship to Lion Lloyd McCoy ( for years chairing the Terry Fox Run ) and to Lion Charlie Murchison ( 2nd presentation of this award ). Helen Keller award  to Lion Marie Bright and Lion Bill Jones for chairing June Jamborees & looking after the eye glass collection. Lions Quest award to Lion Russ Mitchell. Chevron for 25 years as a Lions member for Lion Winston Wylie and a Chevron for 30 years for Lion Wilma Bush.

2016 - Music in the Marmora Memorial Park Tuesday nights during the summer months. Monthly Sunday Country Jams October to May. No longer serving the Snofest Banquet in February. Membership down to 31. Held a successful Special Lions Day in Marmora Memorial Park free hotdogs, free books & games for children & adults. We finally have a Lions Arch erected in Marmora Memorial Park thanks to the efforts of PDG Russ Mitchell. Above 2 items in preparation for Lions International's 100th in 2017 as well as Marmora Crowe Valley Lions 20 th Anniversary.

2019 - Our 2019 Executive was inducted at our June dinner meeting. We sponsored the Canada Day parade and the festivities at the Memorial Park.  On August 1st President Wilson White and Lion Jeanette Goodchild presented a check for $1000 to John Croskery to help wih expenses for their baseball team, the Springbrook Royals who are travelling to Quebec for the Eastern Ontario softball Championships from Aug 15 18. Our Fish dinner will be held on Aug 24th at the Community Centre. We have passed a motion to give the Marmora Public School $5000.00 a year for 4 years ($20,000.00) for playground equipment.


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