Twenty Two Years of Lions Club Manipal

Lions Club Manipal was inaugurated on 29th May 1992 sponsored by by L C Udupi when Ln Dr Koteshwara Rao was its president. Our Extension Chairman is Ln Dr Manoranjandas Hegde and our Guiding Lion is MJF Ln U Damodar. Our Charter President was MJF Subhas Shenoy, Charter Secretary Naveen Kumar & Charter Treasurer U Ashok. The Greatest achievement in the then undivided district was that our club was the BEST CLUB in the district 324 D4. A feat repeated by LC Southern Star recently. Subsequently Our club was Best for a Hat trick of times from 2007 to 2010 by MJF Lion Dr Rajesh Bhakta, PMJF Lion Santosh Kumar Hejmady and MJF Lion Dr Raviraj Bhandary. Our Lioness Club was inaugurated by Late MJF Lion H S Vadilal on 6.12.1993 with Lns Geetha Dinesh Pai as its president. Our Lioness Club was also adjudged Best in the District in 1996 when Lns Vidya Pratap was the president, then in  2008 when Lns Dr Archana Bhaktha was the President and Ln Sarita Santosh in 2009

We have had a illustrious Presidents such as MJF Subhas Shenoy, Dr B H Anand Rao, MJF Lion Shashikanth Shetty, Professor Bhaskar Rao, PMJF Lion Dr H Ganesh Pai for 2 terms, Ln Dr Pratapkumar, PMJF Lion Vincent Pinto, Dr H Divakar Shenoy, MJF Lion Mattar Ramesh Kini, Ln Dr Kallya Rajgopal Shenoy, Mr T J Praveen Anchan, Ln Benjamin T Kunder, Mr T R Nagendra Rao for 2 terms, MJF Lion Dr Rajesh Bhakta, PMJF Lion Santosh Kumar Hejmady, MJF Lion Dr Raviraj Bhandary, MJF Lion K Narayana Kudva and MJF Lion K Nagesh Kamath,Ln Sandeep Nayak & Ln Chowdari Prasad We are expecting greater things from a youthful  Ln T Keshavaraya Pai, who is the president for 2014 – 2015 supported by Lion Chandrashekar Adiga (Secretary) & Ln Damodar Pai (Treasurer)

We have achieved many administrative milestones one of them being sponsoring 3 fantastic Clubs, L C Parkala, LC Udupi Indrali and LC Udupi Mid Town. The proof that they are Fantastic is in front of your eyes. Each of the clubs has produced District Governors or Vice District Governors. We had also started 4 Leo Clubs out of which one, the Leo Club of MIT is still operating unofficially. We have 3 Progressive Melvin Jones Fellows and a dozen Melvin Jones Fellows. We have hosted two of the Best District Conferences in our District so far, The First one was when I was the president in 1994 – 1995. We have hosted many Regional meets, Zone Socials, PST seminars, cabinet meetings, Leadership workshops, District Level sports meet, Inter District Inter Club meetings. We are the only club in the district to have hosted 7 chess tournaments ably conducted on our behalf by Ln Dr Rajgopal Shenoy. Our Path breaking Image building project was the Marathon held when PMJF Santosh Kumar Hejmady was our president. Likewise the Water cooler at the Tiger Circle is a land mark created by by our lioness Sarita Santosh. We have also constructed classrooms at the Badagubettu, put Welcome boards in Manipal along with Traffic signs. We have also donated 10 computers to schools.

Our initiative of awareness programmes for Anemia Free India, Care for the Girl Child, Nutrition started by Ln Dr Pratapkumar is unparalleled. We have given over 200 artificial limbs, constructed 9 Home for Homeless, the tenth of which will be inaugurated next week during the cabinet installation day... the first of which was constructed when PMJF Lion Vincent Pinto was our president. We also conducted 4 music concerts; again Ln Dr Rajgopal Shenoy was the man behind these projects.

Our Lioness Club is currently Led by Lns Divya Hegde supported by Lns Raksha Pai (Secretary) & Lns Dr Deepa Patwal (Treasurer)


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