The first Leo's Club in Vermont in many years was chartered on Nov 10th 2008 with 8 new members. We started working on the club in August 2008 when BBA started back to school. We were very lucky to be able to have Vermont State Gov. Jim Douglas at our gala celebration at the Equinox Hotel in the Colonnade room. 46 guests were in attendance. Our new Leo’s were inducted by the Vermont Lions District Gov Patrick McWilliams in a formal ceremony.
Some of the projects the kids have done are:
Cell phones for the troops
4 Food drives
Manchester Car show
2 Raffles
They are so busy with everything they do other than the Leo’s Club but they make time for it and most show up for the activities. They are the greatest to work with and I am so blessed to be there advisor. 

Lion Pam Nichols  

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