Monthly Dinner Meeting at City Tavern in Manassas - Lion Pam Carpenter and Lion Rhonda Thompson.

Induction of new members Jennifer Mullins and Taylor Glaze by District Govenor Lion Wilma Murphy with sponsor Lion Rhonda Thompson at the March 2019 Dinner Meeting.

Program speaker Tracy Soforenko, President of National Federation of the Blind with Lion Beth Oravec.                                  

October 2019 Dinner Meeting welcomed our District Govorner Lion Scott McMurrain seen here with                                                         our Club President Lion Rhonda Thompson.

"Girls Night Out" Holiday Party - Lions Gail Cooper,  Katheryn Williamson, Chanchala Dangol and Susan MacAuley.

"Girls Night Out" Christmas Craft Night - Lions Anita Waggy, Linda Tax, Gail Anderson and guests.

"Girls Night Out' at Olive Garden in Manassas.

Lion Sheryl Bass of the Manassas Host Lions Club installs 2019-2020 Club Officers.  President Lion Rhonda Thompson, Vice-President Lion Katheryn Williamson, Treasurer Lion Karen Thompson, Secretary Lion Katheryn Williamson, Director Of Public Relations Lion Cindy van Knoppen, Director of Sight and Hearing, Lion Melissa Stoltz, Lion Tamer LionGail Anderson, Tail Twister Lion Linda Tax and Newspaper Editor Lion Susan MacAuley.

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