25. WHO Director-General to Keynote Our 2012 Convention

For more than 90 years, Lions have gathered to celebrate at our international convention. Plan to join us at this year's event in Busan, Korea to renew acquaintances and make new friends. Learn about other club and district projects. And make personal connections with our leaders and staff members. This event also gives you the chance to attend plenary sessions. Take part in the Parade of Nations. And enjoy highlights, including keynote speaker Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Get Our Latest News and Events Information Online

To give you easy access to the biggest stories from international headquarters, we recently updated the News and Events section of our Web site. As part of the redesign, the section homepage includes a Latest News area with links to recent news releases, blog posts and LION Magazine online. There's also a Current Events section that brings you updates about the international convention, forums and more. In addition, you'll find links to new videos in the Recent Videos section. Visit our News and Events section today.

Use Google to Find What You Need on the Lions Clubs International Web Site

If you wish there was an easier way to find information on the Lions Clubs International Web site, here's great news! Our Web site now uses the same technology as Google to help you find information fast. Rather than navigating through our site, simply type the topic you're looking for in our site's "Search" box to display a list of pages that include your topic. The "Search" box is located near the upper right corner of every page on our site, including our homepage. Try it today.

April is Leo Club Awareness Month

Sponsoring a Leo club brings new energy to your Lions club and can increase its community exposure by attracting new audiences such as young professionals and parents. April is Leo Club Awareness Month, the perfect time to consider sponsoring a Leo club that will provide members with the camaraderie and growth that come from taking part in service projects, social functions and leadership development activities. Through Leo clubs, you'll have a positive influence on today's youth and young adults.

Mobilize Your Community to Collect Eyeglasses

May is "Lions Recycle for Sight Month" - a chance for your club to mobilize your community to donate unused eyeglasses and sunglasses. Glasses you collect and send to a Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center can help bring sight to children and adults throughout the world. To get started, contact local businesses, places of worship, schools, libraries and offices and invite them to host a collection box. You can also use our "Recycle for Sight" resources to enhance your collection efforts.






24. Dear Lion,    


A few days ago, we marked the one year anniversary of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. I am sure that many of you, like me, were deeply struck by this tragedy. I knew that, immediately, Lions throughout the world and our Foundation would quickly respond.


Today, the relief efforts have transitioned into rebuilding efforts and the financial support has grown to more than US$21 million. With more than 100,000 Lions in Japan, Lions continue to help those in need through long-term relief efforts. Lions' response to disasters is incredible - from the recent tornadoes in the U.S., to the earthquakes in New Zealand and Haiti, and the floods in Thailand. 


Now, we need to respond to a quiet disaster that causes 450 children to die each day. Through our One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative, we can help to save the lives of 157 million children this year through measles vaccinations. It is easy for you to help these children - for less than US$1, we can vaccinate one child for life. I want to thank you for the generous donations that we have already received.


I continue to be amazed and impressed at the positive difference we are making in the world through all of our great initiatives. Last month in Haiti, the newly constructed National Nursing School was inaugurated. More than 400 students will study there annually. Lions Quest has expanded to three new countries, teaching more students than ever the value of social and emotional skills; and SightFirst continues its inspiring work in saving sight around the globe.


I thank you for your continued support.


Serving together today for a better tomorrow,


Sid L. Scruggs, III

Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation

A Year in Review

Last year, LCIF and Lions were able to help change the lives of 350 million people, thanks to you. Because of you, Caterina in Italy learned positive life skills; Yvette in Haiti is dreaming of the future after a disaster; Marcelo in Brazil had his vision screened; and Patrick in Madagascar has a shot at life after receiving a vaccination through the Lions-Measles Initiative pilot program. Read through LCIF's Annual Report to learn how your donations to the Foundation changed lives and gave hope to millions of people around the world. Thank you for your support!

Lions Quest Expands in Africa

Lions Quest recently expanded to five countries in Africa with a US$150,000 grant from the U.S. State Department. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Botswana each began Lions Quest training workshops in March, which will train up to 1,000 teachers to provide positive life skills and a safe learning environment for up to 35,000 students. The materials for the students will be translated and adapted to local cultures. Lions are also training two Lions Quest trainers per country, aiding the expansion of Lions Quest in these countries.

Zeiss USA Partnership Creates Fundraising Opportunity

We are happy to announce LCIF's partnership with Zeiss USA, a leading provider of optical products. Through this opportunity, local Lions clubs can raise funds by purchasing lens cleaner kits to be offered as a fundraising product. The cleaning solution is of the highest quality and safe for all glasses, smart phones, monitors, tablets and more. In addition to the fundraising opportunity for clubs, LCIF will receive $1.50 for every kit sold. Several clubs have already used this fundraising opportunity to generate significant financial support for the Lions Measles Initiative and local community needs. To learn more, visit the Web site at or call 866-560-1727.




23. Dear Lion,


You know that keeping your Lions family strong depends a great deal on inviting new members to join. But it may be even more important for clubs to hold onto those members after they become Lions.


Retaining members, new and old, takes effort but it is not complicated or difficult. Mostly, it requires paying attention to three common-sense ideas:

  • Welcome
  • Involve
  • Nurture

(It's no coincidence that, in English, these initials spell-out "WIN." They can make your club a winner!)


"Welcome" means making new members feel welcome and a part of the group. This begins with something as simple as saying "hello" and learning new members' names quickly. It also means listening respectfully to their ideas and needs. Ask yourself the questions and follow the tips in the My Club, My Family Pocket Guide. "I Believe" these simple steps can endure long-term success.


"Involve" means giving new members meaningful responsibilities from the very beginning. People become Lions because they want to take action. Members who feel that they are making a significant contribution are likely to stay. I encourage you to ask all members what they want to be involved with. Find out how your club's projects can match their skills and meet their needs.


"Nurture" includes leading by example but also means giving new members an effective orientation and involving them in the Lions Clubs International Mentoring Program. Support and encouragement from the Lions family is key during the development of new Lions members. Long term care and support keeps members involved and service ongoing. View the My Club, My Family brochure for program ideas for your Lions family.


You can also make sure that your club is making its best effort by embracing the Family Club concept and using the four workshop guides provided by Lions Clubs International as part of the President's Retention Campaign.


I believe that you can use your final three months of leadership to finish with strong membership results. To do so, it is vital that district governors continue their efforts to charter new clubs in underserved areas. For club officers, it is important to continue to reach out to the community and invite new members to join. But it is equally important to pay attention to the concepts of welcome, involve and nurture that will make your Lions family even stronger. I believe you can do it!


Thank you for all you do for your fellow Lions, your community and the world.




Wing-Kun Tam

International President



Individual Lions are usually engaged in the world, have strong relationships with others and value working together toward a common goal. So too, does our international organization.


Ever since our founder, Melvin Jones, and two of our past international presidents helped write the United Nations charter for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Lions Clubs International has sought out high quality partners to work toward common worldwide goals.


In October 2011, I took part in a special event in Nairobi, Kenya in which Lions and the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) together pledged to plant 1.5 million trees in Kenya. The ceremony launched a new global partnership between Lions Clubs International and the AKDN that will focus on disaster relief, health services and environmental sustainability.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a strong partner with Lions Clubs International Foundation in the effort to eradicate measles, which still takes the lives of 450 children each day worldwide. The Gates Foundation has challenged Lions to raise US$10 million to support this effort and will provide US$1 for every US$2 mobilized.  This US$5 million challenge grant will be the largest gift ever received by LCIF.


In January 2012, LCI has signed a new cooperative agreement with the World Health  Organization (WHO) to aid global efforts to fight unnecessary blindness and to tackle newly emerging threats to vision health from diabetes and other conditions. As part of the expanded collaboration, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) will invest more than US$3 million dollars to help WHO develop 26 Child Friendly Eye Care Centers in lesser developed countries as part of the "Lions-WHO Project for the Elimination of Avoidable Childhood Blindness."


On March 16, I will be in New York to help commemorate our longstanding relationship with the United Nations at Lions Day With the United Nations. This year we will focus on how we can work together toward the U.N. Millennium Development Goals, especially as they relate to childhood survival and environmental sustainability. I hope that as many Lions as possible will join me at this annual event.


These and other partnerships are crucial to maintaining Lions worldwide impact. Partnerships can also help your district or club magnify its service to the community and offer great opportunities to invite the family. I hope that you will take every opportunity to seek out quality organizations with which to partner and work toward common goals.



Leo Lion Summit

I firmly believe that Leos are the future of our association and that today's Leos will be tomorrow's Lion leaders. Elevating the status of Leo clubs and strengthening ties between Leos and Lions has been a high priority of my presidency.


The culmination of that effort will be the first ever Leo Lion Summit at the 2012 International Convention in Busan, Korea. The summit, scheduled for June 22, will give Leos an unprecedented voice in our organization and help Lions better understand the needs and ideas of our youngest family members. The summit is open to any Leo or Lion attending the convention but registration is required. Lions should register for the Leo Lion Summit via online convention registration. Leos should use one of these two forms. I encourage you to financially support Leos to enable them to attend this event. The deadline to register is May 1, 2012!


Global Service Action Campaigns

Protecting our Environment, the year's fourth Global Service Action Campaign scheduled in conjunction with Earth Day, April 22, is much more than an opportunity to help improve the environment.


Your club could:

  • Partner with local environmental authorities to save an endangered animal, forest or water source
  • Conduct community-wide clean-up projects
  • Recognize a local environmental leader
  • Work with a local school to organize a contest that will challenge students to offer creative solutions to solving environmental issues
  • Plant trees and flowers

Environmental action is an excellent way to involve Leos and other young people in Lions activities. It is also a prime opportunity to partner with other community groups and showcase the effectiveness of the Lions worldwide network of service.


Begin planning your club's participation now! Visit the Lions Clubs International Web site for more project ideas and a step-by-step planning guide.


Tree Planting

One of the most stunning examples of Lions concern for the environment has been the outstanding success of the Million Tree Planting Campaign. Lions and our partners have surpassed our goal by 600 percent and planted trees on every inhabited continent!


Trees are important for renewing the atmosphere, preventing soil erosion and keeping communities cool and livable in hot weather. The environment benefits greatly from every tree planted, but Lions clubs reap benefits as well. Trees are a highly visible expression of Lions commitment to community improvement and can be a lasting legacy of your leadership.


It is not too late for your club to take part in one of the most amazing achievements in Lions history. Visit the LCI Web site to learn more about the benefits of trees, download a planning guide, or contact a partner organization.




One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative Update
March 2012

22. Dear Lion,


Thanks to your generous support, 10 million more children now have the chance at a healthy life. Mothers and fathers in Nepal no longer have to fear that their child will suffer from measles. These children are among those in nearly 30 other countries who will receive measles vaccinations this year through Lions' efforts.


Nepal measles ScruggsIn Nepal, I met Punya Lahke, who shared with me the burden she faced when her 23-month-old son, Bipul, had measles. Red spots covered his tiny body and she did not know what was wrong. He was fortunate to receive timely medical care and treatment.


Yet, too many other children are not as fortunate as Bipul. In fact, 450 children die each day from this disease. Even one death is too many. Lions, we have the power to ensure no other families suffer this fate. That is why we have launched One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative.


By joining with other leading non-governmental organizational partners, we are giving life to 157 million children this year. The Gates Foundation has issued a challenge to us, Lions. I am confident we can meet and exceed this challenge. The Gates Foundation will match every US$2 we raise with US$1, to help us meet our goal of providing US$15 million this year.


Lions Clubs: One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative Challenge Grant MessageI invite you to hear directly from William H. Gates, Sr. on the  

importance of our partnership

program. You will also see some the impact we are having on the babies and families we have already helped. I know after viewing this heartwarming video, it will inspire you to want to help even more children. It certainly had that effect on Judy and me.


To those of you who have already accepted this challenge and made a contribution, thank you. We have received several generous donations from individuals, clubs and districts, helping us to surpass US$1 million raised.


Lions, please give what you can. Families around the world are counting on us. Every donation will have a great impact. Donating is easy and can be done directly on our Web site. Our funds will be combined with the funds raised by our partners, getting us closer to the goal of eliminating measles. For less than US$1, we can vaccinate one child for a lifetime.


Serving together today for a better tomorrow,


Sid L. Scruggs, III

Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation



21. Filipino Girl Wins Lions International Peace Poster Contest
2011-2012 Peace Poster Contest WinnerWe're pleased to announce that the grand prize winner of the Lions International Peace Poster Contest is Trisha Co Reyes. The Manila Centennial Lions Club sponsored Trisha, a 13-year-old girl from the Philippines, in the contest. As the grand prize winner, Trisha will receive US$5,000 and attend an award ceremony at Lions Day with the United Nations (LDUN) in New York City. Learn more about Trisha and order your kit to participate in the 25th annual competition, "Imagine Peace." Your town might be the home of our next winner.

Young Girl Wins International Essay Contest

Mikaela Smith, a 12 year-old girl from Indiana, USA, is the grand prize winner of the Lions International Essay contest. The Chesterton Lions Club sponsored Mikaela in the contest. During this month's LDUN event, Mikaela will receive an award and the US$5,000 grand prize. In her essay, Mikaela wrote, "I believe the simplest way to define peace is to ask or watch a child." Read Mikaela's essay - and learn how your club can sponsor the 2012-13 Lions International Essay Contest for visually-impaired students, ages 11-13.

Pre- and Post- Busan Convention Tours

Lions attending our convention in Busan may wish to visit Yeosu, Korea the venue for EXPO 2012, a world's fair-type event. The EXPO theme, "The Living Ocean and Coast," strives to provide education about the importance of balancing the environment and ocean/coastal development. Millions of international visitors are expected to attend the EXPO - and our preferred tour operators can help you plan your visit there. Not registered for convention yet? Advance registration closes on May 1, 2012. Register to attend today!

Leo Lion Summit in Korea

As part of Lions' commitment to youth, we want to ensure that Leos have a voice in our organization. To help us reach this goal, the first ever Leo Lion Summit will take place during the 2012 Lions Clubs International Convention. This Summit will encourage more dialogue between Lions and Leos - and allow Lions to better understand those who will one day lead our association. Learn more about this special event.

Get Ready for the Camping Season

Lions recreational camps give youth a chance to be included without limitations. That's why so many parents hope their children with diabetes or other special needs will be able to attend camp. And you can help. Our partner, Diabetes Education and Camping Association, has great resources for Lions who want to start or improve diabetes camping programs. You can also assist an existing Lions camp by providing camperships, helping prepare camp facilities, or planning a special activity for campers. Find a camp near you.





20. Dear Club Officer,


I hope that your term as a leader of your club has been an exciting and rewarding one. Before the year is out, I wanted to personally thank you for all you have done for your community and the Lions in your club.


I also want to ask you to take one more step to cement your legacy of leadership and ensure that your club is in the best possible condition to continue in its mission of service. I am sure that you know from experience that having more hands to help produces more and better service to your community. Please remember that the reverse is also true: more and better service will result in more helping hands.Effective, well-planned service projects keeps your members engaged and makes your club an attractive option for the many people in your community who want to make the world a better place.


I strongly believe that the best way to ensure that your club is serving the needs of both its community and its members is by participating in the Club Excellence Process. If your club has completed the process, I congratulate you and wish your club every success in achieving the goals you set through the action plan you developed.


If not, please consider asking the zone chair in your area to help you complete a CEP Request for Resources. When the request is received by your Global Membership Team district coordinator, a trained CEP facilitator who will guide your club through the process and conduct the four-part workshop in the format and setting of your choosing. The process, which includes the Community Needs Assessment and the How Are Your Ratings?survey, can be customized to help your club in any aspect it wishes to improve.


I hope that you will take this opportunity to enhance your club's service to the community and to further the goals of the My Club, My Family initiative.


Thank you again for all you do.




Wing-Kun Tam

International President




19. Dear Lion,


Over the last few months, you have heard me talk about our expanding partnership program with the Gates Foundation to save children from measles. This month the program expanded to Nepal.


Last week I had the opportunity to meet with governmental leaders and some of our partners in Nepal, including UNICEF and the World Health Organization. We have a long history of working together on other programs, and they expressed their appreciation that we are now joining in the fight against measles. Together, Lions and the Measles Initiative will vaccinate 10 million children in Nepal, and a total of 157 million children worldwide this year.


As a young child in the United States, I had measles. I was fortunate to have excellent timely medical care and no complications. My children and grandchildren have also been vaccinated against measles. Yet in places like Nepal and other developing countries, this is not the case. Medical services and vaccines can be expensive, and it is often difficult to deliver them to the children who need them most. Lions are helping teach mothers about the dangers of measles and why a vaccination is so important. Many of these measles vaccination campaigns also vaccinate against other diseases, such as rubella in Nepal.


Measles is not the only program we are expanding in Nepal. We recently launched Lions Quest as well. I continue to be amazed at the many ways that Lions around the world are ensuring a bright and healthy future for our children and grandchildren.


A grassroots organization the size of ours has the power to make a significant impact in ending measles. We are already well known for our SightFirst efforts to end preventable blindness. We now have the same opportunity with measles.


For just US$1 we can vaccinate one child. The Gates Foundation is challenging us to raise US$10 million. They will match every US$2 raised with US$1. I am asking you to join us in saving children's lives. The children of the world are counting on us.


Serving together today for a better tomorrow,  


Sid L. Scruggs III
Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation

Fighting Preventable Blindness with WHO

Lions and the World Health Organization are strengthening their commitment to prevent blindness. At a signing ceremony in December, Lions executive officers and WHO officers signed an agreement to continue and expand blindness prevention efforts through SightFirst. This includes increasing programs for the prevention and control of diabetic eye disease and childhood blindness. Lions will also work with WHO to strengthen 26 childhood blindness centers around the world.

Lions Clubs Strengthen PhilanthropyLions in Turkey

A new study shows what we Lions already know: Lions volunteer and give more generously than the general population. The study surveyed Lions in 12 countries worldwide in partnership with Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University and CCS. The study coincides with Lions Clubs' 95th anniversary. Topics also included leadership and women. Read the full survey online.

Join Us Online

This month, the One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative program is launching Facebook and Twitter pages. Learn more about the program, read news updates and share stories of how your club is helping to meet the Gates Foundation Challenge Grant.

Lions Quest Awards Grants to Expand Program

Thanks to your continued generosity, LCIF is able to award more grants to help those in need. Lions Quest awarded 10 grants for US$382,345. This includes grants to launch Lions Quest in three new countries - Burkina Faso, Guatemala and MD300 Taiwan-bringing this positive life skills program to a total of 73 countries. District 22-A, Maryland, USA, was awarded a grant to continue Lions Quest in Baltimore. View the success of this program online. A Community Partnership Grant was also awarded to District 24-E, Virginia, USA, to bring Lions Quest to all elementary schools in two districts.





18. Dear Lion,


As we began the year, I asked you to treat the members of your club and the Lions in your district as you would the members of your own family. Reports show there currently is an increase in members around the world due to better member retention. It is because leaders like you are embracing the My Club, My Family concept. By now, most of you have taken positive steps towards this concept, but let me underline its importance to membership retention and the health of our clubs.


One club I know lost a member in a most tragic way. One of its senior members became very ill and could not attend meetings for more than six months. When he recovered, one of his first acts was to deliver a letter of resignation to his club president. During his lengthy illness, not one member of his club had visited him or inquired about his health.


Here is one lifetime of service that could have been preserved with a simple telephone call, a card or any expression of concern. I can't say I would have acted differently than that senior Lion. But I was lucky. When I first joined the Mt. Cameron Lions Club in Hong Kong, the senior members made me feel welcome, let me take meaningful responsibility and listened to my ideas.


That is one reason why I regard club presidents around the world as my own Lions family and developed the President Meets Presidents Program. I have met with more than 7,000 club presidents, have listened to their ideas and been inspired by their enthusiasm for service and respect for their fellow Lions. I was especially pleased to hear President Dennis Sew of the Hampstead Lions Club in Hampstead, Maryland, USA say:


"My Lions rally together to work annual fundraisers, support our causes and celebrate holidays and charter nights as a family would."


President Jalila Harchaoui of the Lions Club Blida la Rose in Algeria put it succinctly:


"One hand, one heart, we serve with a smile for better future. We serve because we believe more than ever!"


And I am confident that the Lions Club of Tumut, New South Wales, Australia, has a bright future because President Phyllis Darragh told me that:


"We are fortunate to have four of our charter members still with us. We do, however, need to attract members who can actively participate in our community activities. I will be making use of those more experienced than me in our Lions organization for guidance and assistance."


I plan to meet with many more club presidents before the end of our leadership year. In the meantime, I would be grateful if you would share the stories of your clubs service and membership successes by sending them to Submit Your Story.


As Lions, our main focus is and must always be on service. But let us remember that our fellow Lions are no less our neighbors and no less deserving of our care and concern than those we exist to serve. I believe this is crucial to making a strong finish to our leadership year. Our ultimate success as Lion leaders may well depend on reaching out to them outside the context of meetings and official occasions.


They are your Lions family as you are all my Lions family.




Wing-Kun Tam

International President




17. Dear Lion,
In the time it takes you to read this message, a child will die from a measles related complication. In the following 24 hour period, 450 more children will die. More than 13,000 children will die by months' end. My fellow Lions, we cannot stand by and do nothing.  
I am reminded of Helen Keller's words: "I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do." The most effective way to help is by making a gift to the One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative effort. I have already made a commitment, along with International President Tam and the other officers.
Lions, we can and must do something to help these children. We have made great strides against measles in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mali and Nigeria, and have started work in India. I recently visited the Democratic Republic of Congo, meeting with Lions' African leaders and hearing the desperate call for support of this initiative within their country and their community.
Following the All-Africa conference, I visited Nepal, where the One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative has expanded. There, we are working to vaccinate and save 10 million children from contracting measles. Representatives from the World Health Organization, UNICEF and Nepal's Ministry of Health all expressed their gratitude for our help saving the lives of children in Nepal. When I met with President Ram Baran Yadav of Nepal, he told me that "this is very necessary work; health and social services are neglected areas in my country and we are happy to have your help."  
This is great work, but we need to do more. As our efforts expand, Lions have the opportunity to help children in all countries where measles remains a heavy public health burden. For less than US$1, we can vaccinate one child for life. Through our collaboration with Measles Initiative partners, we can save 157 million children this year!
The Gates Foundation is challenging Lions to mobilize US$10 million by providing a matching grant of US$1 for every US$2 raised by Lions. LCIF has received several large donations to help meet this challenge, including US$250,000 from Multiple District 300, Taiwan, and US$10,000 from International Director Seiki Yamaura from Japan. With these generous gifts and other donations, we have raised just over US$810,000 in donations towards meeting our goal of US$10 million. All Lions are encouraged to support this program and help meet the challenge. Donations are eligible for Melvin Jones Fellowship recognition and qualifying clubs will receive banner patches based on a per member average.
You can help us save the lives of these children and ensure they do not become a statistic. Be a part of the solution through the One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative.
Serving together today for a better tomorrow,
Sid L. Scruggs, III
Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation


US$1 =
1 shot =
1 life saved
from measles

Follow One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative Online



16. Dear Lion,


In an era in which membership in all types of civic, service and social organizations is declining, Lions Clubs International posted membership gains for four consecutive years. In the past four years the number of Lions clubs members worldwide has grown by 50,000.


We are indebted to all who worked so hard to make this possible and we recognize that this success is due in large part to the steadily growing numbers of women in local Lions clubs. More than 300,000 women are now Lions, making up 23 percent of our total membership.


Perhaps just as important, women now make up approximately the same percentage of Lion leaders. Having women advance into leadership positions in proportion to their overall numbers is a tremendous success and a source of pride for our association. It helps ensure that membership in a Lions club will be an even more attractive option for dedicated, energetic women who wish to serve their communities and the world.


I have asked some of our most accomplished women leaders to play a special role in making this happen. International Directors Sonja Pulley, Gudrun Yngvadottir, Claudette Cornet, Carolyn Messier, and Board Appointees Alice Lau and Thersa Mann are serving on the Women's and Family Membership Development Task Force. For the remainder of our leadership year, these women will be attending women's workshops, participating in symposiums and talking with individual Lions to gain insight on how to increase female membership and advance women into leadership positions.


Preliminary reports back are indicating that it is all about providing needed services in their community. I believe what we learn now will provide guidance for all clubs to prove greater service to their community. I look forward to seeing their findings and receiving their recommendations which will be shared with you so that we can make the most of this important resource for our communities.




Wing-Kun Tam

International President




15. Lions, LCIF Continue to Help in Haiti Two Years Later

Help in Haiti Two Years LaterLCIF marked the second anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti with several redevelopment projects. LCIF recently opened the only nursing school in the country. LCIF is also working to complete housing in the Port-au-Prince neighborhood, Cite Soleil. These projects are possible due to the generosity of Lions around the world. To date, Lions have donated more than US$6 million to support our relief efforts in Haiti. Read news release.

Lions International Essay Contest Helps Visually-Impaired Students Imagine Peace 

For the third year, Lions can offer visually-impaired students, ages 11-13, an opportunity to express their feelings about peace through the Lions International Essay Contest. Support local visually-impaired youth and promote your club by contacting local schools to identify young people who are interested. One grand prize winner will receive an award and US$5,000. This year's theme is "Imagine Peace." Each essay must be submitted in English with a completed entry form. Learn about the contest and download the complete rules and entry form.

International Convention Preview Video
It's that time of the year again! For more than 90 years, Lions from around the world have shared fun and fellowship at our international convention. We hope you'll join us June 22-26, 2012, in Busan, Korea to enjoy convention highlights including the spectacular Parade of Nations, exciting Plenary Sessions and the unique culture, charm and warm hospitality of our host city. Get a "sneak peek" of this year's event - watch our new Convention Preview video now.

Eye Donor Awareness Month in March

Each year in the United States, cornea transplants help restore the eyesight of more than 52,000 people - and Lions Eye Banks play a major role!  Lions eye banks also help save eyesight by supporting important research to find cures for other blinding diseases. If your club would like to plan a community activity to promote eye donation during March, please contact the Lions Eye Bank near you.  

Online Tools and Resources for Club Projects 

Our Web site features helpful tools and resources that you can use to plan service activities. Whether your club is participating in a community event, organizing a food drive or collecting eyeglasses, our Activities and Programs publications can help you get started. You can also find additional program information and project ideas in the Planning Projects section of our Member Center. And be sure to use our PR tools and templates to tell your community about your service activities.




14. Dear Lion,


As I write to you, Judy and I are traveling to the FOLAC Forum in Mexico. We have had the pleasure to meet so many of you at the other area forums these last few months. I have enjoyed sharing with you the great successes we are achieving together through our Foundation and highlighting our exciting new and expanded initiatives. More importantly, I shared with you stories of how we are changing lives - each and every day, all over the world.


Our partnerships enable us to change more lives and help even more people in need. By working with organizations that share our mission, we are able to leverage our funds and have a larger impact. This month, as we remember the 2 year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, we also celebrate several new projects in collaboration with other organizations.


I am especially proud of LCIF's newest partnership, One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative. Lions all across the globe are working hard to end deaths from measles. Next month, Lions participating in this important program will help to ensure that nearly 10 million children receive life-saving vaccinations in Nepal. This is just the beginning. I am excited at the response of Lions so far toward the challenge issued by the Gates Foundation to raise US$10 million, to match their US$5 million. In the coming months, I will be encouraging you to show the world what we as Lions can do to support this cause. Just imagine the look of gratitude on the faces of the mothers whose children we will save!


Everywhere Judy and I travel, we hear countless times "thank you." These individuals are not thanking us; they are thanking all of you, the Lions of the world, for making a difference. I am also thankful to you. It is through your continued support to our Foundation that these projects and programs are possible. I thank each of you for continuing to contribute to our Foundation's life-changing work!


Serving together today for a better tomorrow,


Sid L. Scruggs, III
Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation

Lions Giving Hearts and Hands in Haiti Two Years Later
Yvette is among the many Haitians who now have dreams for the future. She hopes to be the first in her family to attend college. She is among the 1,000 families who have a new place to live and new outlook on life because of Lions. Rebuilding homes and lives in Haiti continues two years after the January 12, 2010 earthquake. This month, Lions will officially inaugurate the National Nursing School of Port-au-Prince, where 350 students will study annually. Lions are also launching a project to build 400 additional homes and a community center to provide vocational training. Eight new classrooms are being constructed at the Notre Dame School, allowing 361 students to return to school. Several projects are also nearly complete, including 600 homes for families once living in Lions' tent cities. Many of the projects are in partnership with other organizations in order to leverage Lions' funds. The projects have recently been highlighted in several news stories. View our fact sheet and visit our Web site for more information.
Partnership with Special Olympics Expands to Help More Families 
Aphiwe Qonya of South Africa is one of the 250,000 Special Olympics athletes who can now see better. With new glasses, he could read all of the words and numbers in the book for the first time, rather than guessing. For 12 years, Lions and Special Olympics have been partners in improving health and the quality of life for Special Olympics athletes through Opening Eyes. With the recent expansion of Lions' partnership with Special Olympics in his country, Aphiew can now benefit in other ways. Through Opening Eyes, athletes receive free vision screenings and eyewear. The program relies on thousands of volunteers, particularly Lions. LCIF has provided US$13 million in support of this partnership program. To build on the mission of improving health for athletes is the Family Health Forum. Lions help coordinate the forums where families learn about Lions Clubs, Special Olympics and the Opening Eyes program. They also learn of the challenges that athletes and their families face, while exploring ways to help facilitate better access to health care, education, social services and inclusion. This expansion program began in October with forums in South Africa as well as Namibia, Nigeria and Tanzania.
Sight for Kids Partnership Celebrates 10 Years of Saving Sight
Eight-year-old Viraj Madusan of Sri Lanka would have gone blind by age 14 without Sight for Kids. With timely treatment and eyeglasses, he is now seeing well. His story is similar to the 15 million other children helped in 10 Asian countries. This year Johnson & Johnson and LCIF celebrate 10 years of partnership on the Sight for Kids program, which provides vision screenings, eyeglasses, other treatments and eye health education for children. There is a great need for this program: an estimated 1.4 million children in the world are blind and three-quarters of them live in the poorest regions of Asia and Africa, most lacking access to eye care for often easily treatable conditions. A hands-on team effort, the screenings are coordinated by local Lions, Johnson & Johnson staff and local medical personnel. Johnson & Johnson has committed US$2 million to fund Sight for Kids.




13. Dear Lion,


Best wishes and Happy New Year to you and your Lions club!


As we begin 2012 we are also beginning the second half of our year together as Lion leaders. What we have accomplished together thus far is remarkable. I commend you on your accomplishments these past six months - meeting the tree planting goal in just three months, volunteering countless hours towards Global Service Action Campaigns and bringing new faces into your Lions family. As I look to the future "I Believe" we can accomplish even more.


The beginning of a new calendar year is a good time to evaluate our clubs, to reflect on the previous year's accomplishments and look ahead to your club's future opportunities.

Have you ever thought about what your club or district will look like 10, 20, even 30 years from now? Who will be there to provide the vital services your club offers to the community today?


I spend a good deal of time thinking about the future of Lions Clubs International and I can tell you that the answer is people who are now in their late teens to late twenties.


Recruiting young people is not only vital for the future but provides concrete benefits to our clubs today. Bringing young people into a Lions club can renew its spirit with fresh ideas, create a club that more closely mirrors the community and help it precisely assess today's community needs.


It can be challenging to reach young people who are typically busy and have many options for using what free time they do have. But it might easier than you think. Today's generation of young people is more committed to volunteer service than any that came before it. If we Lions are to be true to our own commitment to service we cannot let any of that youthful energy go unused or allow their desire to serve go unfulfilled.


LCI is providing your club and district with the tools it needs to recruit young adults into your Lions family. Download My Club, My Family for a checklist on welcoming new members. I hope that you take advantage of these tools and do all that is necessary to revitalize your club and ensure its future.




Wing-Kun Tam

International President


block1Member Retention

When Lions planted more than 7 million trees this year, they knew it was a long-term commitment. Saplings cannot be expected to thrive on their own. Neither can new Lions. Saplings require careful nurturing from those who set them in place. So do new Lions.


Do you know that more than a third of new Lions resign between their first and third years as club members? Many feel they have not been heard or that their ideas have not been taken seriously. I ask all club leaders and senior Lions to reach out to the newest members of your club, find out their needs and listen attentively to their ideas. I believe that listening to these new members will keep them engaged strengthen your club.


That is the "member care" part of the equation:

Involvement + sense of worth + member care + family atmosphere = club success.


Download My Club, My Family for more ideas about strengthening club membership.



block1International Convention

All Lions are invited to attend the 95th International Convention in Busan, Korea.


International cooperation and friendship is a key to Lions success and nowhere is it more prominently on display than at the international convention. At every year's convention Lions enjoy camaraderie, share ideas with other members, learn about other cultures and discover what we all have in common. This year you can join our Lions international "family reunion" in Busan, a sparkling cosmopolitan city that boasts many of Korea's cultural treasures, both ancient and modern.


Come celebrate our accomplishments and help pave the way for our future this June in beautiful Busan!


block1Global Service Action Campaigns

Protecting Our Environment

This year Lions left no doubt about their concern for the environment. They committed to the ambitious goal of planting one million trees worldwide, then surpassed that goal more than six times over. That's what happens when Lions believe that they can change the world, even when changing the world means changing the very face of Planet Earth!


Help Lions keep the momentum of the tree planting campaign by preparing your club and the clubs in your district to participate in Protecting Our Environment, the year's final Global Service Action Campaign scheduled for April.


The Lions you lead can:

  • Help build a safe water system
  • Organize a community wide clean-up
  • Raise awareness of "going green"
  • Volunteer at a recycling center  

To help you get started, more project ideas and a planning guide are available to help plan your club's environmental activities. Don't forget to share your club's activities using the Service Activity Report.




12. Dear Lion, Scruggs in Joplin


As 2011 comes to an end, it is a time to reflect on our many successes during this year. Last year our Foundation was able to help millions of people around the world. Our Lions Quest program has grown to six more countries, now totaling 69 countries, and is reaching more than 12 million children around the world. Our SightFirst program has expanded to include new program areas, such as education, rehabilitation and research. Our partnerships have increased, including a record donation from the Gates Foundation to help us fight measles. We have helped rebuild lives following some of the worst natural disasters in recent history. These are just a few of the numerous highlights in the past year.


It is because of your generosity that LCIF is able to expand to meet even more needs worldwide. Last fiscal year, donations were up by 40 percent. I am excited to tell you that through the first four months of this fiscal year, our donations are up an additional 62 percent, from US$15.1 million to US$24.1 million. As a result, many more people worldwide are benefiting from your kindness and humanitarian service. Nearly 1 million people will benefit from the grants awarded at the October board meeting alone.


This coming year promises to be another remarkable year. I look forward to sharing with you additional successes in the new year and thank you for your continued support.


Serving together today for a better tomorrow,


Sid L. Scruggs, III
Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation
One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative Update
Every day a quiet storm needlessly takes the lives of 450 children. Yet for less than US$1, we can provide life-long immunity and the chance at life. Lions, we can save 157 million children through One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative, a partnership with themeasles Measles Initiative. The Gates Foundation is challenging Lions to mobilize US$10 million with a matching grant of US$1 for every US$2 raised by Lions. Last month LCIF received two large donations to help meet this challenge: US$250,000 from Multiple District 300, Taiwan, and US$10,000 from International Director Seiki Yamaura from Japan. All Lions are encouraged to support this program and help meet the challenge. Donations are eligible for MJF recognition. Many others around the world are also expressing their support. Last month International President Tam met with the President of Nepal and Vice President of Kenya, both of whom pledged their support to vaccination campaigns planned in their countries.
Disaster Relief Update
Nearly two years following the earthquake, Lions in Haiti remain committed to rebuilding lives and the economy. The nursing school is now complete in Haiti and students will move into the facility this month. The school includes four classrooms, a practice labratory and a resource library. The homes being built in collaboration with the organization HELP are nearly complete. In addition to the 620 families who are benefiting from a new home, 102 Haitian construction workers are benefiting through employment from this project. Read more online about additional projects completed or underway in Haiti.
Lions Quest Expansion Pilot
Lions Quest continues to expand beyond typical school programs. LCIF is beginning to pilot our new Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence Out-of-School-Time (OST) program in six community schools in the Chicago Public School system, in partnership with the YMCA of Greater Chicago, Illinois, USA. This marks the first step in bringing Lions Quest to community centers, afterschool programs and other organizations -- the very places where Lions help youth every day. Lions Quest is eager to partner with Lions clubs everywhere to expand this new initiative. Lions continue to play a key role in expanding the program worldwide. A training was recently held for Lions leaders from South Asia. In January, meetings will be held in Europe and Africa. The meeting in Africa marks the formal launch of our US$150,000 project with the U.S. State Department to expand the program in five countries.

Relieving Hunger
During December and January, Lions are encouraged to participate in the Relieving the Hunger Global Service Action Campaign. There are a number of resources available to assist in planning and promotion of activities that address local and global hunger. LCIF has awarded a number of grants for large-scale projects that fight hunger, including delivering food supplies in the Horn of Africa during a massive famine, a feeding program for 65,000 people daily in South Africa and re-establishing kitchens and food facilities following the disaster in Japan.



11.Dear Lion,


First of all, in this season of belief, let me offer best wishes to all my fellow Lions, their loved ones, friends and families.We have come a long way in five months. My belief in the power of what every Lion can do to change the world is as strong as ever.


The early success of our campaign to plant 1 million trees makes me both proud and so humble. Whether it's planting trees in lands scarred by the tsunami in Japan or tornadoes in the United States, or planting trees to restore our planet's critical forests in Africa or South Asia, we have succeeded in unifying Lions all over the world. These acts of service are fun and rewarding to do. They bring clubs together and bring smiles to ourselves and to people in the communities we serve.Through mid-November, together we planted more than 5.7 MILLION trees in more than 60 countries. Isn't that amazing?


Some Lions ask me if I will set another target.I politely say "no" because I believe the target lies in each of our hearts. It is the Lions who determine how far we go and how many trees we plant. Every tree counts, even if you can plant only one. Every member matters, too.


Planting trees is certainly good for the environment. But to me, it's also a strong symbol of our association's commitment to the future and a reason to invite friends, families and others to join us in making it happen.


You see, if we as Lions can identify the right tree saplings, plan them in the right place, and take care of them - then certainly we can also invite a new member, give them a meaningful role in our club, and nurture them like we would a member of the family.


This is why I am also proud and humbled by Lions' response to this year's "My Club, My Family" initiative. We have strong membership growth this year, exceeding a 16,000 net gain through mid-November. But inviting new members is easy; treating them as if they were family and involving them in meaningful service will ensure they stay.


So my fellow Lions, with all we have done in five months, I am now happy to say that "I Believe" has clearly transformed into "We Believe."It's because of you and your belief in what we can do. Your belief, and more importantly, your actions, have given me the greatest gift of all as your international president.


Consider this special issue a holiday gift to all Lions. The story's message is that Lions are indeed a precious gift to our communities.May the warm glow of family be part of your regular household and your Lions club as you believe in our great service mission.




Wing-Kun Tam

International President



10.Register for Convention Before December 31 and Save

Step into "the world of the Lions Clubs International Convention" and enter a place of fellowship and fun when we meet in Busan for our 95th convention, June 22-26, 2012. As the second largest city in Korea, Busan is a thriving seaport that attracts visitors from all over the world with its beautiful beaches, modern hotels, cultural sites and more. More than 15,500 Lions worldwide have already registered, pacing Busan to be one of our largest conventions ever! Register before December 31 to receive your "early bird" discount and secure an affordable hotel room near the convention center.

Share New PSAs with Friends, Family and Local Media

As part of our ongoing PR efforts, we're proud to announce the availability of four new PSAs that show who Lions are in a fresh and fun way. Three of the PSAs are safari-themed spots that use humor to let viewers see how Lions help others through vision, feeding, and environment projects. The fourth PSA is an airport-themed spot that features a security x-ray machine to show viewers there's "a little Lion" inside of all of us. View PSAs now - and be sure to share them with your family, friends and local media outlets.


Lions Provide Relief for Earthquake Victims in Turkey

Turkey EarthquakeA recent earthquake in Turkey killed hundreds, injured more than 1,300 and caused extensive property damage. Lions are bringing aid and comfort to the people affected by this disaster. LCIF approved an emergency grant to fund Lions' relief efforts. Our members are using these funds to provide relief supplies, including food and water. Read blog.

Lions Partner to Plant 1.5 Million Trees in Kenya

We've joined forces with The Aga Khan Development Network to plant 1.5 million trees in Kenya, a country with one of the highest rates of deforestation in Africa. International President Wing-Kun Tam and Prince Hussain Aga Khan announced the partnership last month during a tree planting ceremony in Nairobi City Park. Read news release.


Lions Can Offer Hope and Help to Children in Need

You can expand your reach to underserved children through hands-on service projects in your community. The Lions Children First Program can provide you with easy-to-use resources and materials, including a club activity guide, sample project idea sheets and community posters. There's also a Lions Children First Facebook Fan Page where you can connect with other Lions  who are serving children in need. You can also join the Relieving the Hunger Campaign to fight hunger affecting children in your community.



9.Dear Lion,


I would like to share with you some exciting changes to our donation procedures that will enable us to help even more people. Many of you have shared with your Board of Trustees and me interesting ideas for expanding giving opportunities to our Foundation. As a result, you can now choose from five general categories to designate your donations and receive Melvin Jones Fellowship recognition for each donation:


Area of Greatest Need: Donations in this category will support all program areas and allow LCIF the flexibility to supplement initiatives where additional funding is necessary or where the need is most urgent.


Disaster: Donations designated here enable LCIF to direct the funds to the areas most in need following disasters in order to provide for immediate, mid and long-term relief.  


Sight: Donations here seek to support hundreds of sight-related activities ranging from equipping eye clinics to providing Braille computers for the visually impaired.


Youth: Donations in this category support the Lions Quest program and other initiatives such as educational infrastructure improvements and programs to assist at-risk youth.


Humanitarian Needs: Donations here will fund projects that meet diverse community needs beyond sight, disaster and youth, such as the measles program, water wells and vocational training programs for the disabled.   


I know you will agree with me that these positive changes will help LCIF to provide aid to even more people in need around the world. These changes are effective immediately for all future donations. Donating is as easy as before - details on each program can be found online.


I thank you for your continued support.


Serving today for a better tomorrow,


Sid L. Scruggs, III

Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation



8.Dear Lion,


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya, where more than 2,000 trees were planted by Lions and representatives of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). These trees are just the beginning of a new partnership between Lions and the AKDN that will result in the planting of at least one million trees in Kenya by December 2012. Think of it -- our entire worldwide goal for tree planting equaled in one nation alone!


This is certainly cause for celebration, not only because it will provide great environmental benefits, but also because growing and nurturing those trees will provide employment opportunities for young Kenyans.


It reminded me that growing and nurturing the Lions family is the most important work we do as Lion leaders. I am proud to report that this work is going very well. More than 337district governors have qualified for Excellent First Believer awards by chartering two new clubs or achieving positive membership results, or for Superior First Believer awards by chartering five new clubs and achieving positive membership on October 31, 2011. View the list at the Lions Clubs International Web site.


District governors' teams share the work of growth and nurturing with the worldwide Global Membership Team and Global Leadership Team. The Club Excellence Process provides additional nurturing for Lions clubs around the world.


I hope that you will join me in congratulating the First Believer recipients for their success in helping to grow our Lions family. I also hope that you, your club or district will take full advantage of the nurturing opportunities provided by the GMT and GLT and the Club Excellence Process.


Thank you for all you do.




Wing-Kun Tam

International President



7.Dear Lion:


We are always looking for ways to help make each and every Lions club even more successful. Therefore, we are conducting a global membership study in partnership with RSMarketingResearch to learn which things you think are working particularly well for you and your club as well as some things that you would like to improve. Next year we will reveal the results and share success stories from other Lions clubs around the world.


We estimate that the survey will take approximately 15 minutes for you to complete. Rest assured that all responses will be kept completely confidential and at no time will your responses be personally identifiable. Please click the following link to be directed to a website containing the survey:


If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you in advance for your time and input.


Lions Clubs International

Membership and New Club Programs



6.Dear Lions Leader:


New Lions Eye Health Program (LEHP) materials are now available for you online! LEHP is a community-based education program that empowers you to promote healthy vision and raise awareness about eye diseases that can cause blindness.  

  • LEHP provides user-friendly, fact-based toolkits and materials for you to personalize and use with confidence and pride.
  • LEHP is co-branded with the globally-respected National Eye Institute (NEI)/National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP).
  • LEHP resources can be used worldwide, with the guidance of your local professional eye care partners.

Coming soon... more LEHP toolkits and resources!


We encourage you to take a look at LEHP, and if you have any questions, please contact Health & Children's Services Department.


In service,


Marilee Kadar


Marilee Kadar

Manager, Health & Children's Services

Lions Clubs International

Tel: 630-468-6867

Fax: 630-706-9221




Sid fitting glasses

5.Dear Lion,


This month we celebrate Lions World Sight Day and our commitment to saving sight around the world. This month I am also happy to share with you a new health initiative.


I am sure you have heard of the deadly disease measles. The terrible truth is that 450 children die each day from this disease. You may not know that a devastating complication from this disease is blindness. This is just another reason that as Lions we join the fight to stop this disease to save lives and prevent childhood blindness.


Last year we joined the Measles Initiative, a collaborative effort of several leading organizations to eliminate measles. In less than 10 years, this August, the 1 billionth child was vaccinated through this initiative. While measles has been reduced by 78 percent since 2001, the World Health Organization estimates that decreasing support could result in 500,000 more deaths each year if the present progress rolls back to pre-2000 levels.


Our pilot year was a great success! Lions and our partners vaccinated 41 million children in four countries. Now we must expand these efforts to reach even more children in more countries. In a survey of Lions members, 90 percent expressed the desire to continue this program.


This is now possible thanks to a commitment by our partner, the Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation is awarding us US$5 million for the program this year, the largest single donation in our history. The Gates Foundation will do this by matching every US$2 that we raise with US$1. We have set a combined goal of providing U$15 million toward this initiative.


I ask that you encourage your club and district to get involved. Please help us to meet our goal of providing US$15 million for the Lions' Measles program this year. You can support this program at or learn more online. Your donation is MJF eligible. 


Serving today for a better tomorrow,


Sid L. Scruggs, III

Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation



4.Dear Lion,


When we began our leadership year in July, I announced my intention to visit with as many club presidents as possible. Now, with one quarter of the year behind us, I have had many opportunities to fulfill that commitment.


In meeting with presidents in many diverse locations around the world, I have seen that most Lions clubs are alike in very many ways...and certainly in all the ways that really matter. We all believe in Lions power to change our neighborhoods and the world through service and leadership.


In fact, most clubs remind me of the Mt. Cameron Lions Club which I joined in 1981. The members there made me feel welcome, immediately offered me responsible assignments and taught me what it means to be a Lion. They made me feel like a member of a family. Because they did, I became a Lion for life.


I believe that it is the club presidents who have the greatest responsibility and opportunity to make members' experiences more like that of a family. Presidents can set the tone. I hope the tone you set will be one of welcome and respect for the talents and ideas of all members. Presidents who are successful at this will find themselves at the head of a healthy -- and growing -- Lions club. Lions who are fulfilled in their desire to serve and happy with the club's camaraderie are our best recruiting tools.


Club presidents are also the key to motivating clubs to participate in projects like the Global Service Action Campaigns and this year's challenge to plant one million trees worldwide. Already there has been more than 150,000 of hours of volunteer service and 2,518,999 trees have been planted to date.


These projects are already changing the world in meaningful ways. They will be the legacy of our leadership and testimony to the truth of Lions motto: We Serve.


Thank you for all you have done and all you will do to make our world a better place.




Wing-Kun Tam

International President



3.Dear Lions and rap enthusiasts,


Lions and non-Lions everywhere are talking about the newly-debuted Lions rap video "Rockin' the Vest." In the video, real Lions members dance and sing along with an original rap song while they perform community service.


Our hope is to make this rap video go viral, to expose as many people as we can to the great work that we do and excite them about serving their communities. Partnered with four new and fun public service announcements, this rap video is designed to have potential members view us in a new way.


Do you rock the vest? Watch the Lions "Rockin' the Vest" rap video and help us spread the word by sharing this video with your club members, friends, family and neighbors.


Thank you for helping our Lions rap go viral.


Dane LaJoye

Public Relations Division Manager

Lions Clubs International



2.Dear Lion,  


As a parent and grandparent, one area of service that is especially important to me is programs that benefit our youth. Our Foundation offers this service opportunity through Lions Quest. Our kids are learning more than what is printed in a textbook; they are developing vital skills that will fully prepare them for their teen and adult years. I've witnessed the success of this program from my home state of North Carolina, USA, to Thailand.


Lions in these areas and around the world know the value Lions Quest has for kids. It's exciting that this program continues to grow each year, and this is only possible because of you, Lions. Just last month during our Lions Quest Advisory Committee Meeting, we awarded 26 grants for more than US$1.2 million-a new record! Three of these grants are for France, the Republic of Georgia and Slovenia to begin the program, bringing the total number of Lions Quest countries to 69.


We are also working with new partners and organizations to help us in our expansion efforts. In August, a training workshop was held for 31 teachers and personnel from Joint Base Lewis McChord, a U.S. military installation in the state of Washington. These educators will use Lions Quest to positively impact the lives of kids whose parents have been repeatedly deployed for active duty. With grant funding from the U.S. State Department, we will adapt Lions Quest materials for use in Africa and expand our programs in five countries. And many Lions have successfully partnered with their local governments and ministries of education. In Lithuania, for example, the Lions received a 500,000 Euro grant from the European Union to expand the program nationwide.


We are eager to work with you, and I encourage you to appoint a Lions Quest chairperson in your district, if you do not have one, to help lead this effort locally. I invite all of you to learn more about this important program during the area Forums, where we will have a Lions Quest seminar or training. If you are unable to attend, all of these materials will be available on our new LCIF Web site.


Serving today for a better tomorrow,


Sid L. Scruggs, III

Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation



1.My Fellow Lions,


Just two short months ago, I stood on a stage in Seattle, Washington as your new international president, and I asked you to believe in yourselves - to believe in our mission of service to others, and to believe that together we could accomplish anything we set out to accomplish.  That included planting 1 million trees.  I told you if we can plant a million trees, it will reinforce the limitless potential we all know we have to make a difference as Lions.  When I asked "do you believe it" the Lions present that day responded with a resounding "yes."


Lions - I am proud to announce that in just the first 60 days, we have surpassed our ambitious goal of planting 1 million trees.  As of September 7th, the Lions of the world have planted over 1.3 million trees!! 


But we aren't done yet!  I believe we can continue the momentum we have already put in motion.  Any of us can plant a tree. It's a very visible and hands-on way for each and every Lion to make a difference. It's also a great project to invite your community at-large to join your local Lions club in a collaborative effort.  So make tree-planting part of your club or district activities this year, and invite your neighbors, friends and members of the community to join you. What better way to be reminded of our gift of service than to watch the trees you have planted grow year-by-year?  We will continue to report the number of trees being planted on this Web site.   Tree planting and the care and nurturing of our environment remains a cornerstone of my presidential theme.


There is so much more to accomplish.  With care, the trees we have already planted, and will continue to plant throughout the year, will grow and benefit generations to come.   New and current Lions members, nurtured in a family friendly club atmosphere, will benefit the world immeasurably.


Again - thank you and congratulations on surpassing our first goal of planting 1 million trees.


For more on this and other stories, visit Success Stories. For a list of helpful resources in your area, visit the contacts page in the Million Tree Planting section.


Remember that district governors who achieve at least 50 percent participation in the tree planting campaign qualify for the Believers Award. The top 100 clubs in each constitutional area which plant the most trees will also receive a Believers Award.


I believe we can attain each and every goal outlined in my presidential theme brochure. Lions - do you believe it?



Wing-Kun Tam

International President


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