2022 - 2023 Officers and Board

President:  Aaron McCarty

1st Vice President: Kurt Kruse

2nd Vice President: Ray Ortman

Secretary: Ron Eppert

Treasurer: Keith Kudej

Addition Board Members:
Director - 2 Year Term - Carl Duling
Director - 2 Year Term - Larry Sprout
Director - 1 Year Term - Barb Shay
Director - 1 Year Term - Tim Shay

Past President - Kathy Erickson
Lion Tamer - Kathy Walsh
Tail Twister -  Earl Check

Nominating: Kathy Erickson Ron Eppert & Jerry Walsh

1 Year Term- Earl Check
2 Year Term - Jerry Walsh

Boy/Cub Scout Representatives - Lynn Depping/Howard Clegg

 LCIF Club Liaison - Carl Duling

"Lion Tamer" is responsible for meal counts and member notification regarding meetings and events. Also for name badges and meeting gear.

"Tail Twister" finds creative ways to fine members 25 cents for imagined offenses.

Past Presidents link

Club Webdesigner - Carl Duling

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