Lions Club of Longacres was officially chartered on 7th June 2003 with an initial membership of twenty three (23).   In June 2010, the Club clocked seven years of existence. Since 2003, the Club has successfully undertaken many community service projects, which include the adoption of the Children’s Admission Ward at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, support to a Community School and orphanage, eye camp screening, and donation of various goods to women and other vulnerable members of the community. Besides, the Club has also participated in other projects such as supporting health programs, empowering the youth and improving local communities through community and environmental programs.

Lions Club of Longacres is a versatile Club that is proud of its past and confident of a bright future.  Over the years, it has continued to grow in membership and influence. Its current Club membership stands at 40 comprising dynamic  and committed members representing a wide range of professions such as Medicine, Information Technology, Economics, Civil Service, Private Business, Law and others too numerous to mention.

It is worth noting that the Club values the need to have properly trained members who appreciate why they are Lions and volunteers. As such, the Club has developed an orientation programme designed to meet its training needs. Suffice to mention that the training programme has been very successful, to the extent that the Club has produced high flying leaders who have served the Association both at Club and District levels.

The Club has continued to embrace the Lions motto “We Serve”, as confirmed in the seven years of unbroken community service, which has brought joy to many less privileged people.  The Club has touched many lives and this demonstrates the Club’s commitment to serving the less privileged in its society and to provide a bright future.  Because of the satisfaction that Club members derive from serving mankind, they shall continue to be light bearers by offering their talents, treasure and time for the benefit of mankind.

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