by District 4 State Representative and Lion Jeff Hilovsky

As many of you know, on past rides I have aligned with my Lions Club to raise money for a sight related charity.  This year my club suggested Leader Dog for the Blind.

Headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan this organization provides service dogs for those who need them, and training for partially sighted and blind individuals at no cost to the patient.  I ask for your consideration in a few ways:

  1. Please consider joining me and contributing to this worthy cause.
  2. Please add this to your social media page(s) to promote to your family and friends.
  3. Please consider sending the attached (or similar) word doc to an email to your colleagues/former colleagues.

There will be no hard feelings if you choose not to do any /all of the above but hoping you will.  A few years ago, on the Erie Canal Tow Path Ride $5,000 was raised and contributed to the Lions Vision Research Foundation at Johns Hopkins.  The next year $1600 was raised to increase our high school scholarship by asking our club members only.

Let’s get out in front of this and make a difference for those who do not have the sight to do what we take for granted. 

Thanks for your support and help.

Lots of riding on day  1, 70 miles.  Great day lots of open spaces on the prairie. Good friends riding for a great cause. 


Busy riding days but interesting.  So far, we have pedaled 275 miles. Trail conditions are moderate to good. So far, we have had 4 flat tires, but no injuries and great spirits.  There is much to see with lots of open spaces and nice small towns.  Everyone is friendly and we have met many others riding the trail as well.  Much history surrounding Lewis and Clark progressing to the history of the railroad in this area and the riverboats as we ride close to or next to the Missouri River.   

Next to the last day of riding.  Hit some rain today for about an hour making the ride a bit more arduous, but it passed before the ride ended.  Small towns far apart define the term “a country mile!” Rode past a nice military memorial on a private lawn of a farm residence today.  Proud to see it and understand the feeling it evokes for many that ride past.  The paint job on the colorful grain silos were a nice find along the trail as well.  Spirits high with many good-natured humorous comments for all in the group to enjoy. Most everybody has a comment about everything as the miles roll on.

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