Our club has had a very rich history!
Here is a chance to reminisce.


  After going through a lot of material and photographs I am
now pleased to be able to show off the Springbank


We Helped to host the Multiple District Lions Convention in 1977.
We have some great photos from the 


In 1990 we had a very successful Installation night.
There are definitely some familiar faces 


 Our Chocolate Bunny Sales have worked well for


 One Spring we worked with the UTRCA planting


  Euchre Night at Parkwood looked like


This one is labelled "Meetings from the 80's" and it is one of the few displays to actually have members' names! I just had to show this one 

The 1952 District A Convention was opened with
a ceremony at Beal's auditorium. Quite an

 Bear meets and it looks like they had a good time!


Check out the Bike Team ?


When local Business People are willing to help
 out, It is nice to be able to say


In 2007 our club was in Charge of the Walk for Dog Guides 
and it went off quite .


In 1988 we made donations to both the Sunshine Foundation
 and the Kidney  


We were also involved with the Grand Opening
of Ronald McDonald House in


For a number of Years the club used to hold membership displays
 at Westmount Mall, This one was in


In 1998 we were involved with the R.C.M.P.
Drug Awareness


When we turned 90 we had quite a


The bus trip to Oakville was very interesting.
We learned quite a lot about guide


We have had good coverage of our yearly
Christmas parties. I am sharing two here
which have a large number of familiar
faces. The adult one is from  and
the childrens is from



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